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					                                                           Geodatabase Behavior
ArcGIS Desktop III:                                              Subtypes, domains, and geodatabase topology

GIS Workflows and Analysis                                 Editing GIS Data
                                                                 Workflow for creating and editing data
Information and Registration Form                                Working with editing tools and tasks
                                                                 Exploding a multipart feature
                                                                 Generalizing polygons
Overview                                                         Editing using domains and subtypes
                                                                 Finding and fixing errors using topology
This advanced 2-day course teaches how and when to
apply ArcGIS tools to create an efficient workflow         Aligning Spatial Data
that supports GIS analysis. Working with data stored             Common data alignment problems
in a geodatabase, you will organize and prepare data             Spatial adjustment methods
for analysis, create geoprocessing models, and work              Georeferencing workflow
through a challenging analysis project. By the end of            Matching layer boundaries
the course, you will be able to determine which
                                                                 Appending data layers
ArcGIS tools and functions to use in a given situation           Georeferencing CAD data
and apply them to your analyses. The skills taught in            Converting CAD data to a geodatabase feature
this course are applicable to all types of GIS analysis.          class
                                                           Managing Geoprocessing Tools and Settings
This course is for GIS analysts, GIS specialists, and            Types of toolboxes and tools
other experienced ArcGIS users who want to extend                Environment settings
their basic ArcGIS skills in the areas of data creation          Locating tools
and editing, geoprocessing models, and GIS analysis.             Tool parameters
                                                                 Managing geoprocessing errors, warnings, and
Goals                                                             results
Students completing this course will be able to:
 Add data from different sources to a geodatabase.        Analyzing GIS Data
 Create and use geodatabase components that                     Review of common analysis tools
    maintain data integrity and prevent errors during            Extracting data for analysis
    data creation and editing.                                   Analyzing tabular data
 Solve common spatial data alignment problems.                  Proximity analysis
 Use a variety of geoprocessing tools to perform an
    analysis that supports decision making.                Using ModelBuilder for Analysis
 Build a complex model to automate an analysis                  Creating and designing models
    workflow.                                                    Model elements, variables, and parameters
                                                                 Adding tools to a model
                                                                 Feature layers
Topics                                                           Documenting a model

Getting Data into a Geodatabase                            GIS Analysis Projects
            Geodatabase elements                                Analysis process review
            Data conversion methods                             Find the best site for a new shelter
            Importing data through batch and single             Find the mileage of flooded roads
            Creating feature classes from x,y data
            Accessing tabular data using an OLE DB

ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools and Functionality                                                                   Page 1
Prerequisites and Recommendations                            Enrollment Information
Participants should know how to use windows-based            Registration: Please complete the attached registration
software. Prior knowledge of GIS concepts is expected.       form and send it to us by email, fax, or USPS before the
Students should have completed one of the following          registration deadline to reserve your seat in this class.
OR have equivalent knowledge: ArcGIS Desktop I:              (Note: if you fax or email, please bring your original
Getting Started with GIS or ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools and     form, complete with signature, to class.) There is a
Functionality.                                               course limit of 20 students with seats held on first
                                                             come, first served basis. We must receive your
Instructor                                                   completed registration form before your seat may be
Scott Wade is an ESRI Certified Trainer for the following    held. Feel free to call or email us if you want to confirm
ArcGIS Desktop 10 classes: ArcGIS Desktop I: Getting         seat availability. Maps and hotel information will be
Started with GIS, ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools and               emailed to you upon receipt of your registration form.
Functionality, and ArcGIS Desktop III: GIS Workflows and     Parking passes will be provided upon your arrival for
Analysis. He is also an ESRI Authorized Instructor for       class.
Introduction to Geoprocessing Scripts using Python
(ArcGIS 9.x). He holds a M.A. in Geography, is a certified   Please make checks payable to:
GIS Professional (GISP) by the Geographic Information        East Carolina University.
Systems Certification Institute (GISCI) and CTT+ certified
by CompTia. He is currently a full-time faculty member
of the East Carolina University Department of
Geography where he teaches courses in Geographic
Information Science and serves as the Assistant Director
of the Center for Geographic Information Science. Mr.        For further information please contact
Wade has extensive private / public sector experience
                                                             Scott Wade (
within the field of Geographic Information Science.
                                                             Department of Geography
The ECU Center for                                           Phone: 252-328-6029
Geographic Information Science                               Karen Mulcahy (
The ECU Center for Geographic Information Science is         Department of Geography
the sponsor for this class. The Center provides an           Phone: 252-328-4991
organizational structure and a central facility for the
purposes of enhancing research, instructional, and
outreach activities that deal with creation and use of
geographically referenced data. The Center is
dedicated to serving ECU faculty and students and off-
campus constituents. The Center provides educational
opportunities that reflect the community’s GIScience

Classroom and Schedule
This course will be taught in the ECU Department of
Geography’s Spatial Analysis Computing Lab (Brewster
Building, C-Wing, room 201). The class is a two day class
that begins at 8:15 AM and ends at 5:00 PM on each
day. Coffee, soft drinks, water, and assorted
refreshments will be provided at the beginning of each
day and during breaks. Lunch is not provided, but a
variety of eateries are located within walking distance
or a short drive of the classroom.

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Geographic Information Science Seminar:
ArcGIS Desktop III: Workflows and Analysis
Class Dates: June 7-8, 2012, 8:15AM – 5:00PM Brewster Building, C Wing, Room 201
Registration Deadline: Thursday, May 31, 2012

                                                 Instructor: Scott Wade, GISP

NAME AND ORGANIZATION (Please print your name as you wish it to appear on your class certificate.)
Student name:                                              Organization and Department:

Organization Street Address (no P.O. boxes) :                                 City:                                State:    ZIP Code:

Mailing Address (if different from above):

Telephone:                                      Fax:                                             E-mail:

How did you learn about this class?                    Web site           Mailing                Phone


Price: $625.00                                                                                                              __/__/____
                                                           Signature (required – print & sign)                                Date

                                       Make checks payable to East Carolina University.
MAILING ADDRESS FOR FORM AND PAYMENT:                                                                  PHONE: (252) 328-6029
Department of Geography                                                                                FAX: (252) 328-6054
C/O Scott Wade - ArcGIS Desktop III                                                                    EMAIL:
Brewster Bldg. A-227
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858

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