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									                                 My Artist Statement

       My name is Caton Sollenberger, and I am a musician. My expertise currently

lies with the Guitar and the Piano, but I dabble in a number of other instruments as

well. I am currently attending Berklee College of Music to continue to enhance my

knowledge of music, and become a well-rounded musician.

       To understand me, and my goals as a musician, it is important to understand

the scene that I am interested in getting into and other musicians in that scene. I am

very interested in the “jam band” circuit, and I am trying to make my mark there. If

you are not very knowledgeable about the music and the musicians associated with

the jam band scene, I would say the most important thing is the variety of musical

genre’s that are incorporated in even just one band.

       My goal in my music: to create and fuse as many genres as possible in a

musical and creative way. Many of my idols, such as Jerry Garcia and Trey

Anastasio, are masters of a variety of styles, ranging from jazz to bluegrass, and

important pioneers in the jam band scene.

       I believe my current musical project, called The Jauntee, has been the most

musically diverse group I have been a part of so far. Although we are up and

coming, our popularity has been growing quickly due to a series of party/shows we

have been hosting. This is my idea of a way to get into the scene; build it around us.

We invite other bands of various styles, and the people they bring in have no choice

but to see us.
       My musical goals are as simple as enjoying playing the music that I am

creating, and not starving. As long as music is still being created by some part of me,

I am a successful artist.

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