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									                                            Class Discussion
   CATEGORY           4                          3                        2                        1
Knowledge             All students showed        All students showed      Most students showed Most students needed
                      excellent knowledge of     excellent knowledge of   excellent knowledge of note cards to talk and
                      content, needing no        content, but 1-2         content, but 1-2 often to answer questions.
                      cues and showing no        students once needed     needed note cards to
                      hesitation in talking or   note cards to talk or    talk or answer
                      answering questions.       answer questions.        questions.

Questions &           Excellent, in-depth        Questions requiring      Questions requiring      Answers were
Answers               questions were asked       factual answers were     factual answers were     provided by only 1-2
                      by host and excellent      asked by the host and    asked by the host and    talk show members.
                      answers supported by       correct, in-depth        correct answers were
                      facts were provided by     answers were provided    provided by several of
                      all talk show members.     by all talk show         the talk show
                                                 members.                 members.

Interest and          The discussion has a       The discussion is       The discussion is not     The discussion is not
Purpose               clear and interesting      interesting but purpose very interesting and      interesting and has no
                      purpose.                   is somewhat unclear. purpose is somewhat          discernable purpose.

Length of Video       The discussion was         The discussion was       The discussion was 8- The discussion was
                      12-15 minutes long.        11-12 minutes long.      9 minutes long.       less than 8 or more
                                                                                                than 15 minutes long.

Date Created: July 11, 2005

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