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             Senior Project/Experience Calendar Spring 2012
To ensure success, it is essential that students complete tasks for the Senior Experience satisfactorily by the
established due dates. The following steps must be completed and accepted in order to successfully complete
the project. Meeting deadlines is a life skill, do not procrastinate

Activity                                                                      Due Date
Senior Project Agreement form & Plagiarism Policy form                        Jan 24
Topic idea, 50 blank note cards, binder
Senior Project Proposal form                                                  Jan 26
Letter of Intent                                                              Feb 2
Guiding Statement                                                             Feb 6
Do research & create note cards                                               Jan 26- Feb 22
Find Mentor                                                                   Jan 26- Feb 15
5 sources listed on Works Cited page                                          Feb 7
8 Blank interview questions (for mentor or other expert)                      Feb 8
Product Mentor Role & Responsibilities form (not a relative)                  Feb 15
50+ Note Cards                                                                Feb 22

         Be lining things up for product and WORK ON IT!
   Make entries in Log & Journal about product process at least               Feb 6 to end
         weekly (Mentor needs to sign product log 3 times)
Thesis statement and Outline                                                  Feb 27
First Draft of Paper for in class editing (beginning of period)               March 12
Final accepted paper                                                          March 15
Discuss Portfolio in class                                                    March 20
Discuss Presentation in class                                                 March 22
Resume                                                                        March 21
Reflective Letter to Judges (draft)                                           April 3
Work on Presentation, Portfolio                                               March 20 – due date
Portfolio (includes Mentor Thank You, Product Log & Journal)                  April 10
Practice Speeches/Presentation (2 each day)                                   April 18- May 1
Presentation to committee (4 each day)                                        May 7-10
Thank You Notes (mentors, committee members, others)                          May 14
Reflection form & Discuss Evaluations                                         May 15
Presentations Begin May 7. Product MUST Be Completed.

Stay on task every minute.
Work ahead if you get the chance.
Don’t procrastinate.
Graduation depends on it.

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