Mathematical Investigation Systemsof Equations by 307Ng9


									              Mathematical Investigations
A mathematical investigation is—
• multidimensional in content;
• open ended, with several acceptable solutions;
• an exploration requiring a full period or longer to complete;
• centered on a theme or event; and
• often embedded in a focus or driving question.

In addition, a mathematical investigation involves processes that include—
• researching outside sources;
• collecting data;
• collaborating with peers; and
• using multiple strategies to reach conclusions.

    Cullen and Gaymore, Ocean Quest, Teaching Children Mathematics, NCTM,February 2008

The authors provide an example, adapted here as a class lab.

     Solving Problems through Systems of Equations

   1. What do you Know about systems of equations?

   2. What do you Want         to Know about systems of equations?

   3. What did you Learn about systems of equations?

                                    Dr. Cyndi Osterhus
              Mathematical Investigations

In this activity you will begin the design of your own mathematical
investigation and receive feedback from colleagues.

Step 1: Determine a substantive problem for the grade level that you teach.
Here are several websites that will assist you in choosing a problem or
providing example problems from which you can develop your own.

Step 2: Indicate the name of your problem and the website on the board so
that other groups do not use the same problem.

Step 3: Design a presentation to guide your colleagues through an
investigation that will result in a solution to your problem.

Step 4: Prepare any materials needed to present the investigation of the
problem to the rest of the Patterns, Functions, and Algebra class.

                                  Dr. Cyndi Osterhus

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