Weekly Update BAF 3M1 by 307Ng9


									BAF 3M1 Grade 11 Accounting

                                      Weekly Update
Week of : November 9 – 13

Monday :

   1. I collected question 6 from page 202 (assigned on Friday) to check to see how you were doing
      before the quiz tomorrow
   2. We worked on a practice quiz, which was set up in the same format as the quiz you will see


   1. Quiz Day! Journal entries with sales taxes
   2. Lesson on posting with handouts.


   1. Posting practice handout – this was to be completed during class and checked by me.
   2. P. Simpson assignment – this assignment requires you to journalize transactions with sales
      taxes, post to a general ledger and then prepare a trial balance, income statement and balance
      sheet (3-column)---for help on the sales taxes in the liability section see page 270
      A work period will be given tomorrow to continue work on this assignment.
      The assignment is due on Monday.
                                                   For those of you who were not here to pick up the
                                                   package…the assignment is in the assignment folder
                                                   (one level up) and the forms are available two levels
                                                   up in the Accounting Forms folder


   1. Work period on the P. Simpson assignment – due MONDAY!

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