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									Spanish I
Fall 2012
Kimberly A. Smith

Course Rationale: Spanish I is an elective class offered to students in grades 9-12. Students in
Spanish I will study basic vocabulary and grammar. Students will participate in beginning level
conversations, become familiar with the geography of the Hispanic world and learn about Hispanic
culture in each chapter of the textbook. Emphasis is placed on a balance among all four language
skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. A passing grade of Spanish I is a prerequisite for
taking Spanish II.

Grades and Assessment: The grading system in Spanish I is based on four elements.
Outside Work:                 10%          Culture/warm-ups/homework
Midterm/Final:                15%         Nine week assessments
Inside Work:                  25%         Vocabulary/Grammar
Assessments:                  50%          Chapter Tests/Quizzes/Projects

Inside work grades are taken at random, it is critical that all collective work grades be completed. If
a collective work grade is not turned in on the day collected, half credit will be accepted on the
following day (with the exception of an excused absence). It is the student’s responsibility to bring
the half credit make-up to me by the end of class and placed in the make-up basket in order to have it
documented in the INOW system. There will be approximately four Unit tests, 8 quizzes, 9
collective grades and 1 major project per nine weeks.

All tests/projects are announced in advance. Class participation is pertinent.

Make-up policy: Students who miss tests due to excused absences or field trips may make them up
during class on the Friday (following the absence) or after school on Wednesdays. Remember that
checking in or out of school may affect the number of absences if more than half the class is missed.
Students will have three days per each day absent to turn in make-up work. There is a make-up
basket on my desk; all make-up tests and ½ credit assignments MUST be placed in the basket in
order for them to be graded and properly input into INOW. I do not give make-up quizzes! This
portion of the Quiz Assessment will be pulled from the Unit Test if the student has an excused
absence. Any class work or test that is not made up will receive a grade of zero.

Class materials: Students will be assigned an Avancemos I textbook, which remain in my
classroom. *The Avancemos I Book, tutorials and games are also available on line at
Activation Code 2630566-10 Level 1                                2007 Book

A workbook (cuaderno) will be given to each student and should be placed inside their binders.
Students are required to bring (charged) Laptop, workbook, binder and pens (or pencils) to class on
a daily basis.
               - Blue/black pens or pencils
               - One 2 inch 3-ring binder with pockets
               - College rule loose-leaf
               - 5 tab subject dividers: Labeled Vocabulary, Grammar, Culture, Hayes/Worksheets,
                - Earphones
Class Objectives: Objectives for Spanish I are from the Alabama Course of Study
for Foreign Language, the Baldwin County Curriculum Guide and Avancemos materials.
Students will be able to communicate on a basic level about the following:
           1) Greetings & Introductions – asking, answering questions
           2) Descriptions of persons, places things and emotions
           3) Say where someone is going
           4) Day, Date, Time, Weather
           5) Food and Dining
           6) Use adjectives, modifiers, and comparisons correctly
           7) Travel
           8) Cultural events and customs
           9) All related vocabulary and grammar
          10) All related geography

 Classroom rules: Enter the classroom and take your assigned seat. Daily objectives will be
displayed as well as assignments that are due that day. Students will bring needed materials to class
daily, respect all persons in the classroom, speak at appropriate times using appropriate voices and
listen to all announcements. Uniforms must be worn in compliance with code. There will be a
discipline log in which students will sign if infractions occur. After 3 signatures of any discipline
infractions cited from the handbook, a warning goes home and a possible detention will be assigned.
*Food and Drink prohibited in the classroom*

Academic Integrity Violation: Students who are caught cheating on outside of class and/or inside
of class assignments, tests or quizzes will receive a zero for the assignment. The students will not be
allowed to make up the assignment. This includes cheat sheet, same answers, texting, translators or
Laptop misuse.

Parent Conferences are welcome and may be scheduled upon request. You may contact me during
my planning period 3rd Block 11:21 – 1:25 (251-621-6629). You may also contact me via the school
website or my direct email I will return your
phone call and/or email within 24 hours.

Foreign Language Fee: All foreign language students are required to pay a fee of $7.50 due (along
with this signed syllabus) no later than August 21, 2012. Please make check payable to SFHS and
include a physical address plus (2) phone numbers. Lastly, please include student’s name on the
“for” line.

Thank you for the opportunity to teach your child. I look forward to meeting and getting to know
you all. Please sign below to signify that you have read this syllabus.

*A copy of this syllabus can be found at

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