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									6th Grade Parent Orientation 2011
   Moving to Middle School
Building the Foundation for
High School and Beyond
                                Meet the Staff
Mr. Robert Motley, Principal

Mrs. Mary Mussaw, Assistant Principal
Mr. Joshua Wasilewski, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Ashley Harig, 6th Grade Counselor
                                    Meet the Staff
Mrs. Mullen, Reading Teacher, 6th Grade Team Leader
Mrs. Greene, Reading Teacher
Mrs. Jones, English Teacher
Mrs. Berman, English/Special Education
Mr. Jones, English Teacher
Ms. Avila, Math Teacher
Mrs. Seas, Math Teacher
Ms. Kruzic, Math/Special Education
Mr. Lehnerd, Geography Teacher
Mr. Glanz, Geography Teacher
Ms. Collins, Science Teacher
Ms. Kruger, Science Teacher
Ms. Fichter, Science Teacher
Ms. Myers, Special Education Team Leader
Mrs. Norris, ALS/Special Education
Mrs. Bickerton, GT Resource Teacher
Mrs. Eileen Reid, Applied Academics Team Leader, FACS (Family &
Consumer Science)
                         Our Goal

To ensure that all middle school
students attain the knowledge and
skills to be prepared for their
                    What the research says…

        Middle school is a defining point for
         students in the college and career
                        readiness process.

Source: The Forgotten Middle: Ensuring that All Students Are On Target For
College and Career Readiness Before High School, ACT, 2008.
            Middle School Success

  Skills        High        College
               School      and Career
              Readiness    Readiness

Academic Skills
                    What the research says…

      The level of academic achievement
      that students attain by eighth
      grade has a larger impact on their
      college and career readiness than
      anything that happens
      academically in high school.

Source: The Forgotten Middle: Ensuring that All Students Are On Target For
College and Career Readiness Before High School, ACT, 2008.
               All Sixth Graders Take

English                   Physical Ed
Reading                   Art

     Science              Health

Social Studies Forward
        Challenges        Core Plus

Science              Family & Consumer Science
             Some Sixth Graders Take

                              Physical Education

  Band                             Art


  Chorus Challenges Forward


Technology Education
 Finding the Balance

Course        Course
                 65 %
 Rigor      Success
           25 %

             10 %

Course Placement
Our Schedule
           Supporting Academics
   •Below Level Students:
          •AA Class of Academic Reading for 2
          •Spell Read
          •Study Island Computer Program
          •8th Period After School Program
• Math:
   •Basic on the MSA:
      •Moving with Math
      •Odyssey Math
      •8th Period After School Program
           Supporting Academics

• Math:
   •Basic on the MSA:
      •Math Assistants in the classroom

  •Above level:
     •Math Acceleration Program
          Supporting Academics
Additional Supports:
•History Day
•Spelling Bee
•Science Fair
•Our Voice Publication

•GT Seminars:
  •Debate, Creative Writing, Math Olympiad,
  Black Saga, Stock Market, Book Club, News
  Crew, I-Movie/Podcasting, Drama, Musicial
              Supporting Academics

• Stay involved in your child’s education.
• Attend parent conferences.
• Stay aware of your child’s homework and
  school demands.
• Attend school events.
• Try to connect outside experiences to
  school learning to increase interest and
Academic Behaviors
                    What the research says…

   The earlier a student develops
   important academically related
   behaviors, the more likely these
   behaviors are to become a habit.

Source: The Forgotten Middle: Ensuring that All Students Are On Target For
College and Career Readiness Before High School, ACT, 2008.
Academic                   Positive
Discipline               Relationships
 Orderly                  Attendance
     Supporting Academic Behaviors

• PBIS--Positive
 Interventions &
  – Bark Bits
  – Silent Auction
  – School Store
                Supporting Academic

• Ensure that your child has the materials and
  place to study at home.
• Set a regular time for homework.
• Encourage your child to be responsible for
  chores and homework.
• Provide your child with a range of
  experiences to allow him/her to identify areas
  of strength.
• Talk to your child.
          Student Achievements at PVMS
•   Howard County Math, Science and Technology Fair
     – 1st Place Middle School Physics
     – 1st Place Middle School Plant Biology
•   Black Saga Competition
     – Howard County Champions
     – State Champions
•   Howard County History Day Competition
     – 1st Place Overall in Competition
     – 2nd Place for Individual Exhibit
     – 1st Place for Individual Documentary
•   Our Voice, Howard County MS Literary Magazine
     – 9 students published
• Howard County Spelling Bee
     – Top 10 Performance
• Recognition as a Healthy Howard School
        Questions? Please contact Us:
               School: 410-880-5840
            Guidance: 410-880-5846

        Mr. Motley –rmotley@hcpss.org
   Ms. Mussaw—mmussaw@hcpss.org
Mr. Wasilewski—jwasilewski@hcpss.org
          Ms. Harig—aharig@hcpss.org

• Back To School Night
  – Tuesday, September 27, 2011 @ 6:30pm
• Student Orientation
  – Friday, August 26, 2011
     • A – L meet 7:45 – 8:15 AM
     • M – Z meet 8:30 – 9:00 AM

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