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									                                   SATs Books

At the last SATs meeting, some parents asked for advice about revision books.
There are currently many different types of books available and each has a
different aspect as its focus. I think that if you wanted to buy any books then it
would be sensible to look through them with your child first. The different types
suit people with different learning styles and it is important that the person
reading them wants to read and finds the information clearly set out.

Different types :–
 Basic Revision
 SATs style question papers
 KS2 in depth guides (that cover all aspects of the curriculum)
 10 minute tests

Different publishers / schemes :-
 Grid club (This is also backed up by a CD and a website)
 Schofield & Sims (Such as the Science Book distributed to parents)
 Letts
 WH Smith (own versions)
 BBC ReviseWise (This is backed up by a website and some TV progs.)
 Collins
 CGP (Co-ordination Group Publishing)

These books are produced for different ages. There are ones specifically for
KS2, Year 6, KS2 SATs (as well as other groups).

Some offer rewards such as stickers to children for completing work; some have
interactive aspects; some are very attractively set out; some even use humour
and cartoons (although these can occasionally be a little shallow in coverage);
some have great coverage but are hard to read or concentrate on.
These books can be expensive, so I suggest that if you want to buy any, please
look carefully with your child. It may also be possible to swap books with other
class members after you have used them for a while.
Hope this helps!                                            N. Qureshi

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