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									                              The Design Process

          • You need to be able to state in a few sentences what is the situation or
            problem that requires a new product you will be designing. Example: I
            am designing a new mousetrap to catch more than one mouse at a time
Situation without any mouse escaping.

           • What are the limits or constraints of the design. Example: The
             mousetrap must be a maximum size of 20 cm long x 10 cm wide and 12
Parameters   cm high to fit into any garage space.

            • Research various previous designs and how they work
            • Sketch your own thumbnail (small) designs
            • Choose your materials and give reason (decision chart). Example:
  Plan        Cardboard is bad, plastic is good - can you give some reasons why?

            • Build your product with the materials and within the constraints of the
              design. Example: Create a template or measure often while building to
  Build       make sure you are within the measurements/constraints.

            • Did your design turn out the way you wanted?
            • Does it perform well?
  Check     • What needs to be changed?

            • Go back to planning and continue with the process to make any
              improvements you identified during the check. Example: The mousetrap
Improve       spring did not react fast enough. Research new spring materials.

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