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									                            Blogger vs Wordpress

Even though there are a bundle of both free and paid blogging platforms, the most
ordinarily used ones are Blogger and Wordpress. In the beginning of my blogging career
i was not at all familiar with Wordpress, i thought that it was a completely paid blogging
platform, later only i came to know that Wordpress too offers free blogging under their
top level domain.. But within that time i became much addicted to Blogger, since i feel its
more simple and user friendly, just because i use it. Many of my friends suggested me to
use Wordpress and later i created a Free account in Wordpress and started blogging but
couldn't continue at all because i have fallen in love with blogger already. What ever it is,
it my case now lets do a comparison. Which is better ? Blogger or Wordpress.


For a beginner the most essential factor that a blogging platform should offer is the
easiness of use, means a simple interface is required. Blogger has a simple and easy
interface as it mainly aims at novice bloggers but in the case of wordpress it is somewhat
difficult to use when compared to a blogger interface.

Editing or Customization

One of the most important facility that every blogger check for is the ability to edit
the source code of the template. Blogger allows you to edit the source code of your
template, so that you can change the fonts, colors, size, etc.... but Wordpress doesn't
allows it. but wordpress has got a large collection of various themes while blogger lacks
in it.
Another great advantage that bloggers offers is this it allows us to choose a custom
domain at a rate of $10 per year rather from the free domain that blogger gives us , Through this facility we can avoid the cost of hosting.

Adding of gadgets and their customization is more simple in blogger. There are a lot of
free and useful gadgets available for blogger so adding of these gadgets are some times
done from the site that offers this gadgets.

Monetizing with Adsense is so easy since both the Adsense and Blogger are owned by
the same company Google but in Wordepress it is a little bit complicated to get better
results from Adsense.

Thats all from my part. I know its not a complete article since am not well with
wordpress, so do your commenting to help me to complete this article.

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