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									HUBERT H. HUMPHREY                                                Maria Hanratty, Concentration Head
SCHOOL OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS                                                 Humphrey Center, Room 251
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                           hanra003@umn.edu

                        Predesigned Concentration Information
The predesigned concentration in Advanced Policy Analysis Methods builds on the core courses in
policy analysis and quantitative methods. Policy analysis is systematic, structured thinking about
policy problems. It involves the production of knowledge and information in and of the policy
process. Methods and tools addressed include problem structuring, monitoring, formal deductive
modeling, statistical inference, forecasting, simulation and evaluation. The predesigned concentration
in Advanced Policy Analysis Methods allows students to focus on mastery of additional policy
analysis tools or methods or on the application of a specific policy analytic method to a subject matter
area. The focus of interest could be on health, labor, education, the environment, racial and ethnic
disparities, agriculture or other relevant areas.

Past experience suggests that there is a strong market for people with advanced policy analysis skills
at all levels of government and in the private and non-profit sectors. Graduates with policy analysis
skills and interests currently work at offices ranging from the federal Office of Management and
Budget, the Government Accountability Office, and the Congressional Budget Office to policy
analysis and planning units within state and local governments.

Suggested Core Courses for MPP students (doesn’t count toward the 9 credit

PA 5032        Intermediate Regression Analysis      (2 cr)
PA 5033        Multivariate Techniques (2 cr)

Select courses from below (9 credits or more)*
PA      5041 Qualitative Methods for Policy Analysis                                           4
PA      5271 Geographic Information Systems: Applications in Planning & Policy Analysis        3
PA      5301 Population Methods and Issues for the United States and Third World               3
PA      5311 Program Evaluation                                                                3
PA      5421 Racial Inequality and Public Policy                                               3
PA      5431 Public Policies on Work and Pay                                                   3
PA      8302 Applied Policy Analysis                                                           3
PA      8390 Research Methods in Public Policy                                                 2

APEC    5031 Methods of Economic Data Analysis                                                 3
APEC    5032 Economic Data Analysis for Managerial and Policy Decisions                        3
APEC    5151 Applied Microeconomics: Firm and Household                                        3
APEC    5152 Applied Macroeconomcs: Income and Employment                                      3
APEC    5321 Regional Economic Analysis                                                        3

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APEC 5341 Public Finance                                                                            3
APEC 5511 Labor Economics                                                                           3
APEC 5651 Economics of Natural Resource and Environmental Policy                                    3
APEC 5711 U.S. Agricultural and Environmental Policy                                                3
APEC 5721 Economics of Science and Technology Policy                                                3
APEC 8001 Applied Microeconomic Analysis of Consumer Choice and Consumer Demand                     3
APEC 8002 Applied Microeconomic Analysis of Production and Choice under Uncertainty                 3
APEC 8003 Applied Microeconomic Analysis of Game Theory and Information                             3
APEC 8004 Applied Microeconomic Analysis of Social Choice and Welfare                               3
APEC 8203 Applied Welfare Economics and Public Policy                                               3
APEC 8211 Econometric Analysis I                                                                    4
APEC 8212 Econometric Analysis II                                                                   4
APEC 8402 Information and Behavioral Economics                                                      2
APEC 8601 Natural Resource Economics                                                                3
APEC 8602 Economics of the Environment                                                              3
ECON 5890 Economics of the Health-Care System                                                       3
OLPD 5501 Principles and Methods of Evaluation                                                      3
OLPD 5521 Cost & Economic Analysis in Educational Evaluation                                        3
GEOG 5531 Numerical Spatial Analysis                                                                4
GEOG 5561 Principles of Geographic Information Science                                              4
GIS   5555 Basic Spatial Analysis                                                                   3
GIS   5571 ArcGIS I                                                                                 3
GIS   5572 ArcGIS II
HRIR 5062 Personnel Economics                                                                       2
HRIR 8051 Compensation and Benefits                                                                 4
HRIR 8052 Compensation Theory and Applications                                                      2
HRIR 8053 Employer-Sponsored Employee Benefit Programs                                              2
HRIR 8071 Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining                                                 4
POL 8124 Game Theory                                                                                3
POL 8126 Qualitative Methods                                                                        3
PUBH 6325 Data Processing with SAS                                                                  1
PUBH 6112 Risk Analysis: Application to Risk Based Decision Making                                  3
PUBH 6555 Topics in Health Economics                                                                2
PUBH 6564 Private Purchasers of Health Care: role of Employers and Health Plans                     3
PUBH 6617 Practical Methods for Secondary Data Analysis                                             3
PUBH 6717 Decision Analysis for Health Care                                                         2
PUBH 6724 The Health Care System and Public Health                                                  3
PUBH 6832 Economics of the Health Care System                                                       3
PUBH 6811 Health Disparities Research                                                               3
PUBH 6845 Using Demographic Data for Policy Analysis                                                3
PUBH 6862 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health Care                                                3
PUBH 8820 Health Economics I                                                                        3
PUBH 8821 Health Economics II                                                                       3
SOC 8290 Topics in Social Stratification                                                            3
SOC 8412 Social Network Analysis: Theory and Methods                                                3
STAT 5302 Applied Regression Analysis                                                               4
STAT 5303 Designing Experiments                                                                     4
STAT 5421 Analysis of Categorical Data                                                              3

* Not all courses on this list are offered every year. Some courses may have prerequisites. Students may
select other courses for this concentration in consultation with their faculty and professional advisor.

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Affiliated Faculty
Maria Hanratty, Associate Professor
Judy Temple, Professor
Stephen Hoenack, Professor
Morris Kleiner, Professor
Deborah Levison, Professor
Samuel L. Myers, Jr., Professor

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