Andrew Shoop was born 8 Nov 1822 in Pennsylvania

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					Andrew Shoop was born 8 Nov 1822 in Pennsylvania. During his earlier years he
lived in Crawford Co,Iowa but .During the Civil War he served with Co F. of 29th Wi.
Infantry.most likely living around Washburn,Wi. He married Susana Lintner in 1846.
She was b 11 July 1837 in Crawford County Ohio and moved with her parents to Illinois
about 1847. Andrew and Susana lived in Washburn,Wi for about thirty years before
coming to Clark Co,Wi around 1873. Andrew and Susana had twelve children and they
are listed as such on her obituary in 1926: Mrs Henry Moe,Mrs John Steel,Mrs Edith
Wesenberg and Mrs Louis Schweppe, all of Spokane,Washington; Mrs Leonard
Cole,Long Beach,California; Mrs Effner Nelson,Ladysmith,Wisconsin; Mrs Will
Stevens,Neilsville,Wi; Mrs Lydia Lazotte,Neillsville,Wi;and Samuel
Shoop,Warrenton,Oregon all living. Mrs Effie Christmas,Edmond S! hoop and Andrew
Shoop deceased. From a history of Shortville,Wi comes the following: Andrew Shoop
was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Clark County, Wisconsin about 1873. He
purchased a parcel of land at the northeast corner of Section 8, township twenty-three
North, Range (1) West of the Fourth Principal Meridian, Clark County from the U. S.
Government. Andrew was a member of the Presbyterian Church, The Grand Army of the
Republic (G. A. R.), and the W. R. C. In 1886, Shoop and his wife, Susan, built a
country store on the property, located along the stage line road, at the intersection of what
became Highway 73 and Miller Avenue. This was just south of Andrew Short's farm
where the first Shortville post office in Short's home had been and it became locally
known as "The Shortv! ille Corner Store". The Shoops owned the store for twenty years
and sold it in 1897 to Kittie Shaffer. Andrew retired in Neillsville where he died Feb. 25,
1903 at the age of seventy-three. Andrew Shoop's obituary says he died at his home
on the north side of Neillsville,Wi Feb 25,1903 at age 78. Funeral was held at the
Presbyterian Church,of which he was a member. The G.A.R. and W.R.C. will attend in a
body. Susana Shoop died June 26,1926 in Spokane Washington,having moved there to
be closer to her children about eighteen years before. She was 88 years 11 months and 15
days old at the time of her death.Which one of the children she lived with I do not know
as it was not stated in the obituary. Andre and Susana and their sons Andrew and Sam
are all buried at the Neillsville City Cemetery,Neillssville,Wi. Their son,Andrew was
born 28 March 1850 and died 24 July 1886. Olive b abt 3 July 1870 in
ChippewasFalls,died about1894,1895 married SAM SHOOP abt 1888 near
Greenwood,Wi" (Sam's grandson,Kenneth gave me the exact marriage date,17 Nov
1888.) Olive was the daughter of Louis Ozios b 1 Aug 1833 in Jean Baptist,De
Nicolet,Canada and Josephine Boisseau b 17 Dec 1848 Chippewa Falls? Prarie du Chien?
  Since Sam Shoop had a gravemarker at Neilsville City Cemetery with no birth or death
dates I unknowingly assumed he was buried there. Upon further discussion with his
grandson,Kenneth Shoop I found I was incorrect..(See below) Their son Sam Shoop
married Olive Ozios abt 1890 near Greenwood,Wi From a Boudrea/Ozios internet site
comes the following information: ! "Olive b abt 3 July 1870 in ChippewasFalls,died
about1894,1895 married SAM SHOOP about 1890 near Greenwood,Wi" Olive was the
daughter of Louis Ozios b 1 Aug 1833 in Jean Baptist,De Nicolet,Canada and Josephine
Boisseau b 17 Dec 1848 Chippewa Falls? Prarie du Chien? Wi Sam and Olive Shoop
had several children      Archie b 1891 d abt 1952-53 Portland,Oregon Hazel b 1893 d
BEFORE 1920 Oregon married Archibald Ladd on 4 Aug 1907 in Sherwood,Clark
Co,Wi. They had one daughter,name unknown as yet. Archibald C Ladd was born on 18
Mar 1886 in Sioux City,Woodbury Co,Iowa. He was the son of Peter Albert Ladd and
Affa (Polmoteer) Ladd,who married on 15 Jan 1874. Lillian b 1894 d BEFORE 1920
Oregon After Olive 's death Sam married a second time to Edna Colburn on 8 Sept
1897 at Shortsville,Wi Edna Colburn Shoop was b 30 Nov 1879 (Kenneth Shoop believes
possibly Neilsville, Wi) Sam & Edna Shoop had nine children: Olive Shoop b 3 Dec
1899,Neilsville,Wi d 4 July 1968,Warrenton,Oregon Gladys Shoop b 27 Feb 1903
Neilsville,Wi d abt 1999 Warrenton,Oregon Lee E Shoop b 23 Oct 1901 Neilsville,Wi
d 22 Nov 1964 Astoria,Oregon Glen Shoop b 28 Dec 1904 Lewis Co,Wi d 8 July 1914
buried Vader,Washington Neal H Shoop b 23 March 1907 Neilsville,Wi d 16 Nov 1954
 George Shoop b 19 March 1913 Castle Rock Washington d abt 1990 Portland,Wi Carl
W Shoop b 25 Nov 1915 Vader,Washington d 30 July 2003 Warrenton,Oregon Norman
Shoop b 27 Oct 1921 Warrenton,Oregon (living) Nancy Susana Shoop b 27 Oct 1921
Warrenton,Oregon d 12 Nov 1968 Longview, Wa. Sam died 16 Oct 1950 and is
buried at Murray Hill Cemetery,Clatskanie,Oregon. Edna (Colburn) Shoop died 4 May
1970 at Astoria,Oregon and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery,Astoria,Oregon Carl is
Kenneth Shoop's father.

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