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					                           An Aquarian Sadhana

                 with Annie Archambault (Ananda Kaur)

                     Friday evening, Oct. 21, 6-8 p.m.

          The YogaConnection, 7 Fremont Street, Plymouth

                                $15 or class card
November 11, 2011 represents the official start to the Aquarian Age. According to
yogic philosophy, we are transitioning from the Piscean Age, with its influence on
knowledge and individuality, to an age with increased movement, even chaos, but a
movement towards a higher consciousness where people serve each other and
connect in love and compassion. Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini Yoga, taught this
Aquarian Sadhana to help us as we move into this much faster age in which we
need to become neutral and intuitive in order to respond like lightning to changes
and challenges we will face.

The sadhana usually takes place in the early morning hours just before sunrise, but
can also take place at sundown. These are the hours when the sun hits the earth at
a certain angle, the time known as the Amrit Vela (nectar hour). We will practice at
sundown, starting with a brief yoga set and then chanting the mantras given by
Yogi Bhajan for 62 minutes.

                    Mantras have an effect even if you do not understand the
                    meaning of the words. The physical contact of the tongue on
                    the roof of the mouth, the necessary breathwork involved, and
                    the vibrations of the chants all have a positive effect on the
                  mind and the body.

                     Please bring a comfortable mat, maybe a pillow, a shawl or light
blanket, and water. After the introductory yoga to prepare our bodies, we will move
from each chant into the next. Most of the chants are 7 minutes long; one is 22
minutes. Do not worry if you do not know the mantras. Most of them you will pick
up or you may just want to listen and meditate. Please feel comfortable if you are so
inclined to just listen or lie down and rest—even sleep. You will still feel the
benefits of this sadhana.

So come and join in this sadhana to welcome our transition to a new age!

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