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					  You’ve got news:
Good Turn for America
National Annual Meeting Elective

           May 25, 2006
   Goals of the elective
• To help you:
  – Generate Good Turn for America
    (GTFA) media coverage for your
    Council’s efforts
  – Raise awareness of your Council’s
    efforts to assist in recruitment efforts;
    share the positive impact of Scouting
  – Learn from real examples of PR
     What we’ll cover
• The purpose of PR
• GTFA key messages and sample
  story angles
• Preparing your PR campaign
• GTFA examples
The purpose of PR
    The purpose of PR

• To increase awareness of BSA
  nationally and in local markets
  across the country in a positive
   The purpose of PR

• Generate media coverage
• Provide credibility
• Enhance your image
GTFA key messages and
  sample story angles
    GTFA key messages
•   Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2010, BSA is the oldest youth program
    of character development in the United States, providing young Americans
    the tools and skills they need to face the demands and challenges of a
    changing society

•   The BSA represents where tradition meets tomorrow….it has a nearly 100-
    year strong foundation and continues to evolve to be relevant to today’s
    youth and the communities it serves, and to prepare the leaders of the
    next millennium

•   BSA has honored its mission and tradition of preparing young people to
    make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling the values
    of the Scout Oath and Law

•   Since its inception in 1910, the BSA has helped develop tens of millions of
    American youth into successful citizens and community leaders

•   BSA is a forward-thinking organization concerned with making wise and
    long-lasting contributions to society

•   Although society’s views on what is right and wrong change over time,
    moral standards do not
    GTFA sample story angles
• Habitat for Humanity projects
• First aid, clothing and canned food drives
• Volunteer work at local non-profits
• Service projects created by members that
  impact the community
• Helping the community following a natural
• Collaborative initiatives (Department of
  Homeland Security, New Jersey Police)
Preparing your PR campaign
      Preparing your PR
• Building relationships with reporters
   – Study your media by reading and watching your
     local news
      • Daily newspapers (including online editions)
      • Weekly and community papers
      • TV and radio
   – Be proactive
      • Contact reporters with story ideas
      • Leverage trends and tie in your initiatives
      • Note his/her recent articles
   – Be a resource by sharing ongoing local and
     national Council activities
     Preparing your PR
• Know your five “Ws” and the “H”
  – Who? Your Council and any partners
    affiliated with the initiative
  – What? Components of the initiative and its
  – When? Disclose the timing of the initiative or
  – Where? The community at large or a specific
  – Why? The purpose and rationale
  – How? The logistics of the initiative or event
     Preparing your PR
• Keep media materials clear and concise
• Convey the main point in the first few
  sentences of your news release and
• Give a call-to-action
• Provide information in a timely manner
  and follow up
          Preparing your PR
•   Example of a newsworthy pitch: National Meeting/Rick
     –   The BSA leadership will be in Washington, D.C. from May 22 – 25 for its National
         Annual Meeting. I want to suggest a feature story on the Scouts and how they
         are evolving to meet the challenges facing today’s youth.
     –   Today, our youth are growing up in a very different world than 20 years
         ago. Children are facing problems of obesity, substance abuse, education, family
         and mixed messages from the media/entertainment.
     –   One thing is certain – America’s youth are not receiving adequate support to
         foster character development. More than ever the BSA, and programs like it, are
         vital to create a safe environment for American youth.
     –   While in Washington D.C., the BSA will announce the appointment of a new
         National President, Rick Cronk. Mr. Cronk is the (retired) president of Dreyer’s
         Grand Ice Cream and a lifelong Scout.
     –   We envision the interview would provide the basis for a feature story on Scouting
         – with a focus on American youth and how this 96-year-old organization is
         evolving to meeting the critical needs of today’s youth.
GTFA PR campaign
Kim Hansen, Scout Executive
   Grand Teton Council
    GTFA PR Campaign Example
   Profile
     – 1997 child abuse incident in camp
          New lawsuits filed; old lawsuits opened to
            the public
     – Local newspaper sensationalizes
          Hidden agenda; BSA constitutional and
            local issues
     – 5 consecutive days; full front-page attack
       runs at start of FOS Campaign
     – Front-page coverage and editorials continue
       to current time; 15 months later
    GTFA PR Campaign Example
   Objectives
     – Internal publics – leaders, parents,
       donors, chartered organizations, board
       members and Scouts
        • Communicate with our leaders, parents and
        • Communicate our strong youth protection
          plans and efforts
        • Make an official “response statement”
     – External publics – the general public
           Aggressively pursue efforts for positive
            Scouting news in all media
           Make an official “response statement”
  GTFA PR Campaign Example
• Strategies
  – Internal publics
     • Tell youth protection program to parents,
       leaders, chartered organization leadership
     • Make official “response statement”
     • Communicate with FOS workers
  – External Publics
        Tell youth protection program to general
        Aggressive placement of positive Scouting
         stories in all media
  GTFA PR Campaign Example
• Execution
  – Internal publics
        April youth protection month
         DVD to all Chartered Organizations
        Parents newsletter
        Council newsletters
        Report strong record for year
        Communication with FOS workers
        Public relations committee
  – External publics
        Youth protection DVD to general public
        Train all district committee members on
         placing positive media stories
        GTFA -Scouting for Food & Scouting for
        Lewis and Clark bicentennial activities
    GTFA PR Campaign Example
   Results
    – Base-internal publics remained
    – Friends remained our friends
    – Detractors remained the same
    – 2005 best year ever for FOS
    – Membership and camp attendance
    – Local business defends
      Scouting with full-page ads
    – Newspaper has not stopped
      pushing the story
  GTFA PR Campaign Example
• Key learnings
  – Existing strong public relations is critical to dealing
    with negative media
  – Shore up internal publics with your message
  – Strong public relations committee is vital
  – Use national resources – Edelman for consulting and
  – Don’t overreact to every charge or claim
  – You can’t buy enough ink to win – use the doors open
    to you, that are in your control
  You’ve got news:
Good Turn for America
National Annual Meeting Elective

          May 25, 2006

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