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Note: This public notice has been posted in the offices of the Department of Education in Carson City and Las
Vegas, the 17 Nevada County School District Superintendent’s Offices, Clark County Education Association,
Nevada State Department of Education (North and South), 17 Nevada County Libraries, and at the Nevada State
Library & Archives.
                               Public Notice
                     Nevada Department of Education
              Commission of Professional Standards in Education

                         Alternative Route Task Force Meeting

Date:                      Thursday, April 10, 2008
Time:                      3:00 PM
Locations:                 Video Conference Sites (2 locations)

                            Nevada Department of Education
                           700 East Fifth Street, Board Room
                                  Carson City, Nevada
                            Nevada Department of Education
                     1820 East Sahara Avenue, 2nd Floor Board Room
                                   Las Vegas, Nevada

1. Welcome and Introduction                                                               Action

2. Establish Criteria for Acceptance of Out-Of-State                                      Discussion/Action
   Alternative Route the Licensure Applicants

3. Approval of Criteria for Alternative Route to Licensure                                Discussion/Action
   Applicants from Other States

4. Review and Revise the In-State Alternative Route to                                    Discussion/Action
   Licensure Process

5. Schedule Future Meetings                                                               Discussion/Action

6. Public Comments                                                                        Discussion/

7. Adjournment                                                                            Action

Members of the public who are disabled and require special accommodations or assistance at the meeting are
requested to notify the Commission Secretary, in writing at, 700 East Fifth Street, Carson City, Nevada or by calling
(775) 687-9226, prior to the meeting date.

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