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                           Community Coalition for Oral Health
                              Minutes – January 13, 2006
                            UNLV School of Dental Medicine
                                Building B, Room 228
                                 1001 Shadow Lane
                                Las Vegas, NV 89106

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:10 PM

2. Roll call.

In attendance were:

Bob Anderson – Southern Nevada Dental Society (SNDS)
Maury Astley – Nevada Dental Association (NDA)
Sue Brooks – Clinic on Wheels (COW)
Jessica Carroll – KLVX Ready to Learn
Barbara Cegavske – Nevada State Senate
Terri Chandler - Nevada State Health Division (NSHD)
Arann Lea – Nevada Health Centers
Dorcas Masson – Southern Nevada Area Health Education Center (AHEC)
Meghan Miller – Paradise Park Clinic
Millie McClain – UNLV School of Dental Medicine
Erica Rafford – Great Basin Primary Care Association (GBPCA)
Virginia Smith – Clark County School District
Candace Thompson – KLVX Ready to Learn
Nancy Whitman – GBPCA
Steve Williams – Huntridge Teen Clinic
Chris Wood – NSHD

3. The minutes from the December 9, 2005 meeting were approved as submitted.

4. Participating Organizations reports

KLVX Ready to Learn (Candace Thompson, Jessica Carroll) – No update.

Huntridge Teen Clinic (Steve Williams) – No update.

SNDS (Bob Anderson) - No update.

GBPCA (Erica Rafford, Nancy Whitman) – Erica is an Americorp volunteer who works with
High Sierra AHEC and the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education (WICHE).
GBPCA is actively seeking a full-time eligibility and enrollment worker. Please contact Nancy
Whitman if you know of anyone who might be interested in the position.

SNAHEC (Dorcus Masson) – SNAHEC is working on the rural dental preceptor program. They
also have a program where they outreach to children in kindergarten through 12th grade to
interest them in careers in health care.

8/31/2012                                                                                   1

Paradise Park Children’s Dental Clinic (Meghan Miller) – The Paradise Clinic is actively
recruiting patients up to age 18. The clinic has a dentist on staff four days a week and they have
four operatories. They accept Medicaid and Nevada Check-Up and they offer a sliding fee scale.
No child is turned away due to inability to pay. They offer in-office sedation and they provide
hospital/surgery center based care. They also see children with special needs.

NSHD (Terri Chandler, Chris Forsch) – The dental chair etc. at the Reynaldo Martinez clinic is
still not completely hooked up. Terri will contact Jean Wolff to find out what needs to be
done and she will report back to CCOH. If funding is needed to get the equipment
operational, she will CCOH know.

Nevada Health Centers (Arann Lea) – No update.

COW (Sue Brooks) – COW is busy recruiting for the Give Kids a Smile clinic on February 11.

UNLV School of Dental Medicine (Millie McClain) – No update.

Senator Cegavske – Trinity Methodist Church has a program to assist individuals who are
homeless and they are in need to oral hygiene aids such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss.
The church would like to partner with local dentists and physicians to help homeless children. As
a member of the legislature, Senator Cegavske would like to see what other gaps exist in the

NDA (Maury Astley) –The Nevada Dental Association is working to re establish the Nevada
Dental Alliance (spouses of dentists). The national association of dental spouses will be in town
in October 2006 during the American Dental Association’s Annual Session. While in town, the
national alliance would like to distribute 1,000 oral hygiene kits to residents of long term care/
skilled nursing facilities in Las Vegas. Chris will send Maury contact information for the 43
facilities in Nevada.

Clark County School District (Virginia Smith) – No update.

Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners (Kathleen Kelly) – Written report (sent as an
attachment with the minutes)

5. Executive Committee (EC) Reports

       Chair – Maury personally participates with CCOH, the Central Nevada Oral Health
        Coalition and the Northeast Coalition for Oral Health (NECOH).

       Immediate Past Chair – Not present.

       Chair Elect – No report.

       Treasurer- The balance in the CCOH checking account is $2,351.05. The response to the
        request from the IRS for additional information related to the CCOH 501 C 3 application
        will be going out this afternoon. The Treasurer completed paperwork needed by EOB
        Head Start in order for them to pay their dues. The paperwork was submitted back to
        EOB Head Start. The Treasurer has still not received payment from the Pediatric Dental
        Residency Program or the Southern Nevada Dental Hygienists’ Association.

8/31/2012                                                                                       2

      Secretary – The CCOH list serve has been updated and the Secretary is using the list
       serve to distribute information to the general CCOH membership. Information for
       individual committees is still being distributed using a traditional e-mail distribution list.

6. Old Business

      Reach Out Health Care (Virginia Smith) – Virginia does not know the status of
       negotiations between Reach Out Healthcare and the Clark County School District
       regarding the provision of dental services in Clark County schools by contracted dentists
       using portable equipment. Virginia will research and report back at the February
       CCOH meeting.

7. Committee Reports

      Legislative Committee (Maury Astley presented on behalf of Bobbette Bond, Chair of the
       Legislative Committee) – The CCOH Legislative Committee has not yet resumed
       meeting, however, the NDA has developed a legislative platform it presented at a recent
       meeting of the Interim Committee on Health Care. Priority issues for the NDA include 1)
       funding for and appointment of a State Dental Health Officer; 2) state funding to hire
       dentists to provide care at non-profit clinics such as Huntridge Teen Clinic, Reynaldo
       Martinez Elementary School, Paradise Park Children’s Dental Clinic, Health Access
       Washoe County (HAWC), and at Nevada Health Centers’ sites; 3) mandatory oral health
       screenings prior to school enrollment; 4) state funding for the Donated Dental Services
       (DDS) program; and 5) Medicaid reform including adult dental benefits, presumptive
       eligibility, rolling eligibility and increasing reimbursement rates for dental procedures.
       The NDA has met with four of the five gubernatorial candidates to present their platform.
       The NDA will be seeking support from the local oral health coalitions as they move
       forward with their efforts.

      Education Committee (Terri Chandler) - The Education Committee will be meeting on
       February 27 at noon at CCSN. One topic of discussion will be development of an
       educational program for staff of long term care/skilled nursing facilities. The educational
       program could be kicked off when the ADA is in town and it could be used to highlight
       the distribution of oral hygiene kits by the Dental Alliance. Terri Chandler will contact
       representatives from the UNLV School of Dental Medicine and ask them to collaborate
       on this project and Chris Wood will ask the State Oral Health Program Health Educator
       to assist the Education Committee with development of a curriculum.

      1 Day (Maury Astley presented on behalf of Patty Craddock, Chair of the 1 DAY Board)
       – Funding for the 1 Day Program Coordinator ended on December 31, 2005. Until such
       time as additional funding is secured, Bob Anderson will coordinate the day-to-day
       operations of the program. The Board is in the process of developing a written job
       description and a description of to whom the Program Coordinator reports. In addition,
       Dr. Richard Kohlmyer has joined the 1 Day Board.

      Head Start Committee (Millie McClain) – The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
       with EOB Head Start should be completed and signed within the next week. The
       Pediatric Dental Residency Program will see children enrolled in EOB Head Start on
       Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM. They will

8/31/2012                                                                                         3

       see up to 10 children a day. Head Start will transport the children to the Pediatric Dental
       Residency Program’s clinic. The PowerPoint Presentations developed in partnership
       between the CCOH Head Start Committee and the State Oral Health Program have been
       tested, validated, translated and approved by Health Division Administration. Chris
       Wood will distribute CD ROMs with the PowerPoint Presentations and the Risk
       Assessment tool to every Head Start site in Nevada, every tribal health clinic that
       serves children enrolled in Head Start, and to the National Maternal and Child
       Health Resource Center. In addition, she will send an e-mail out on the Association
       of State and Territorial Dental Directors’ list serve, the Kids’ Oral Health list serve,
       and the Dental Public Health list serve informing the list serve subscribers that the
       PowerPoint Presentations are available on the State Oral Health Program’s website.

      Fund Raising Committee (Nancy Whitman) – Millie McClain drafted criteria and a
       process for awarding an annual Oral Health Advocate, Oral Health Leadership and Oral
       Health Program award. The award would be presented at the annual CCOH fundraising
       gala in September 2006. The Grants Subcommittee has identified a number of potential
       grants for which they may apply. They include grants from the Trust Fund for Public
       Health, the Clark County Outside Agency grant, and the Fund for a Healthy Nevada.
       Bob Anderson will investigate these potential grants. Sue Dodds, from Oral Health
       America will be in Las Vegas on Friday, February 10 to meet with potential corporate
       sponsors. These include Elaine Wynn, the Mirage and Aetna Insurance. Potential
       funders will be invited to stop by during the Give Kids a Smile clinic to see what types of
       activities donations to CCOH would support.

      Public Relations Committee

       Bob Anderson drafted a brochure that can be used to introduce the coalition and to solicit
       new members. Bob will modify this brochure and develop a version that can be
       used as a fund raising tool. During the Give Kids a Smile clinic, KLVX Ready to Learn
       will be providing several educational sessions for parents and children. They will also
       have a camera crew there taping “B” role. Bob Anderson will draft a flyer inviting
       CCOH participants to attend Give Kids a Smile to provide support as “crowd
       control” or in other “as needed” capacities. As soon as the secretary receives the
       flyer from Bob, she will distribute it to CCOH participants via the list serve.

8. New Business

KLVX Ready to Learn received a donation of 10,000 toothbrushes which they are in turn offering
to CCOH members at no charge. Please contact Candace Thompson at
or at 702-799-1010 x 420 if you would like any toothbrushes.

9. Next Meetings

The next General Membership meeting will be held on Friday, February 17, 2006 at 1:00 pm at
the UNLV School of Dental Medicine, 1001 Shadow Lane, Building B, Room 228.

PLEASE NOTE: The general membership meeting is NOT being held on the customary
second Friday of the month due to the Give Kids a Smile clinic on Saturday, February 11.

The following committee meetings will also be held on Friday, February 17, 2006 at the UNLV
School of Dental Medicine, 1001 Shadow Lane, Building B, Room 228 at the following times.

8/31/2012                                                                                      4

9 AM – Legislative Committee
10 AM - Public Relations Committee
11 AM - Executive Committee
12 PM - Fundraising Committee

10. The meeting adjourned at 2:25 pm.

8/31/2012                               5

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