British Literature 1 (Contemporary) by HC12083111540


									British Literature 1 (Contemporary)
Instructor: Michael Thornton
October 8, 2008

Mrs. Dalloway Assignment
      (due after we finish reading the novel)

During the course of reading Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, keep a log of quotes and
references regarding the following topics. Summarize in a single sentence or two your
analysis of each topic, and include quotes to support your findings.

   1. The state of the world or how people get through life: the novel takes place after
      the Great War (which we call WWI, but only after WWII took place); each
      character in their own way deals with the trauma of the war, and its after effects
      on their country and psyche. Write a few sentences about each of the seven main
      characters – Clarissa, Richard, Hugh, Peter, Sally, Septimus and Lucrezia – which
      illustrate each character’s take on life after the war, and include a quote from the
      book for each.

   2. Views on Colonialism: point out – again with quotes from the text – the views on
      colonialism of three different characters. (These need not be the main characters.)

   3. Representative Symbolism: assume that Virginia Woolf focused on the main
      characters because they represented to her types of individuals and psychological
      profiles that she witnessed in the world around her. What does each of the main
      characters represent? Think social or psychological types, for Clarissa, Richard,
      Hugh, Peter, Sally, Septimus and Lucrezia.

   4. Time and Memory: In a short essay, contrast Clarissa and Septimus’s approaches
      to life: consider their notions about time, their memories, and their visions of life.
      Again, use quotes as your main source of analysis. Write at least a paragraph on
      each character.

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