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The Board of Directors of the Southern California Academy of Sciences is pleased to
announce its annual SCAS Student Research Grant. Students presently in an
Undergraduate, Masters or Doctoral program may apply by completing the following
grant application. Proposals will be considered in any field of science with an emphasis
on the southern California area. Research will be funded for a period of one year.
Recipients of the awards will be expected to present their research at the 2012 SCAS
Annual meeting. Grant award winners will be announced at the annual meeting May 4-5,
2012 at Occidental College. Applications are due no later than February 15, 2012.
Only electronic (Adobe .pdf) letters of recommendation will be accepted.

                                Application for 2012
                             SCAS Student Research Grant

Please modify the following application and send electronically via an email attachment
as an Adobe (.pdf) to:

Dr. Daniel J. Pondella, II
Committee Chair

1. Applicant Information

Name of Applicant:
Mailing Address:

E-mail address:
Daytime Phone No.:
Current Degree Program:
Years in current graduate program:
Current Degree and date of graduation:
Project duration:
2.     Project Title:

3.     Budget Request (Amount requested - $500-$2000 limit):

        a. Budget and Justification.
This section should include a budget and justification for proposed the expenditures -
receipts will be required. In the Justification explain the role, use, and importance of
financial assistance from the Academy, in relation to other support, in meeting the
project’s objectives. (Limit 250 words):

        b. Other Funding Sources.
Please list other grants that (a) have supported this project (b) are currently supporting
this project, and (c) are being applied for (including advisor’s):

4. Letters of Recommendation:

Letters: Two confidential evaluation letters from academic mentors must be received as
part of the application, and one must come from the student’s immediate research
advisor who shall be a member in good standing of the Southern California
Academy of Sciences. Evaluation letters should address the student’s ability to complete
the proposed research, provide an evaluation of the student’s academic ability and
indicate the student’s present or pending candidacy status in the graduate program.
Letters must be emailed directly to the SCAS committee chair (
as an attached Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file.

5. Project Proposal (Limit 750 words):

Please use the following labeled sections in your proposal:

Introduction-citing relevant published literature that provides a foundation for the
project and explains the significance of the project.
Hypothesis/Objective-(a) state the hypothesis (or objective) of the project, (b) describe
the rationale for the research plan, (c) describe the proposed methodology, and (D)
discuss how the goals of the study will be achieved.
Literature Cited (the list of citations is not included in the 750 word limit)

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