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									Southern California Academy of Sciences
C/o W. M. Keck Science Center
925 N. Mills Ave
Claremont, Ca. 91711

                             For High School Students, (Grades 9-11)

                                      Science Teachers

Do you have students who want to do research and show potential as future scientists?

Since 1980 this program, open to all disciplines in science, has challenged and helped to acquaint
participating high school students with some of the rigors and rewards of scientific research.

We ask your help in identifying students appropriate for the program and encouraging them to

We need 1 original and 3 copies of the student’s application and letter of recommendation from you.
They may be mailed together or separately, but must be postmarked by June 1, 2009.

If your proposal is selected…..

       You will be working with a professional scientist in his/her laboratory who will be your
        research director and mentor.

       Funding of up to $350 is available to the Director for defraying project costs.

       Your time on the project should average 8 hours per week. On March 1, 2010 your abstract
        will be due to the Academy. On April 15, 20010 your written report is due and you will
        make an oral presentation of your research results at the Academy’s annual meeting, held in
        May at California State University, Los Angeles. Abstracts will be published in the
        Bulletin of the Society.

       Plan to attend three Saturday meetings of our Junior Academy (SCJAS) where you will meet
        with other student researchers and get important information on preparation of your paper
        and oral presentation. In addition you will have tours of research facilities and talk to
        scientists about their work and college opportunities.

       You may be chosen to present your work at the national meeting of the Junior Academies,
        held in conjunction with the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual
        meeting, held in February of each year.

                           Applications due June 1, 2009: send to

                               Southern California Academy of Science
                                   c/o W. M. Keck Science Center
                               925 N. Mills Ave. Claremont, Ca. 91711

For more information,
    contact Dan Guthrie (909 607 2836)

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