Cartooning in New York City by ewghwehws


									Cartooning in New York City

  By: Sean Winker, Nora Egloff,
       and Brian Moldashel
     Notable NYC Cartoonists
•   Stan Lee – born 1922. Co-created Spider-man, The Fantastic Four,
    X-Men, Hulk, Daredevil, and other famous Marvel Comic characters.
•   Saul Steinberg (1914- 1999) – Created hundreds of cartoons for
    the New Yorker magazine.
•   Art Spiegelman – born February 15, 1948, most known for his Maus
    series, which paralleled parents’ experiences during the Holocaust.
    Maus has won numerous international awards and distinctions.
•   Peter Kuper – born September 22, 1958. His most notable works
    include Spy vs. Spy, Eye of the Beholder, World War 3: Illustrated,
    and Metamorphosis.
•   Eric Drooker – born in 1958. Worked right out of Tompkins Square
    Park in New York City. His most graphic novels are Flood! And Blood
    Song: A Silent Ballad
History of Comic Art in NYC
• What is the oldest surviving New
  York City newspaper??
• Many famous political cartoons have
  been featured in other New York
• Many comic books are set in New
  York City.
    Publications Based in NYC
• DC Comics
    – Mad Magazine
•   Marvel Comics
•   The New York Times
•   The New Yorker
•   The Onion
•   The Village Voice
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