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									                                                                ANCIENT STUDIES
                                                                  Hebrew Track

Minimum courses required: 10 (for students who enter with knowledge of Hebrew)

           Students are required to study at least two semesters in one ancient language (Greek, Hebrew, Latin) at the intermediate level and to be
           able to apply that language in a required two-semester independent research project. Students should complete this language
           requirement by the end of the junior year. In preparation for this independent research project, each track requires students to take six
           courses relevant to the ancient world, choosing courses from those offered in the departments of Art, Classics, Philosophy and Religion.

Course requirement                                                                                                      Semester Taken

1.         REL 109: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible                                                                    ______________

2.         REL 207: Introduction to Rabbinic Literature                                                                 ______________

TWO courses in the Classics at or above the 200-level:

3.         _____________________________________                                                                        ______________

4.         _____________________________________                                                                        ______________

TWO courses minimum at the 300-level:

5.         _____________________________________                                                                        ______________

6.         _____________________________________                                                                        ______________

TWO additional approved elective courses (see below):

7.         _____________________________________                                                                        ______________

8.         _____________________________________                                                                        ______________

TWO semesters senior Independent Research Project:

9.         _____________________________________                                                                        ______________

10.        ____________________________________                                                                         ______________

           Approved Elective Courses:

Art                 ARTH 273: Greek Art and Architecture
                    ARTH 274: Visualizing Ancient Rome

Classics            Any course in the Classics department at or above the 200-level.

History             HIST 100: Ancient Western History
                    HIST 343: Late Antiquity: Transformation and Migration

Philosophy          PHIL 203: Ancient Philosophy

Religion            REL 109: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible                             REL 210: Jesus and the Gospels
                    REL 110: Literature of the New Testament                              REL 310: New Testament: Acts and Letters
                    REL 204: Scripture in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam                REL 316: Islam: Faith and Practice
                    REL 207: Introduction to Rabbinic Literature                          REL 322: Judaism: Faith and Practice

Updated 05/2011

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