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Courtesy Appointment Sign Up Packet by bb3r98Ga


									                                        FLORIDA A & M UNIVERSITY
Appointee’s Name:
Dept./School/College:                                                    Work #:

Office Location:                                                         Replacement for:

           1. Check the appropriate blocks to indicate the forms that are included in the new courtesy packet.
           2. Review each section carefully and complete the appropriate forms
           3. Submit the completed forms to the Office of Human Resources

                           SECTION I: To be completed by all new appointees

               Copy of letter granting courtesy status from Provost Office
               Collection of Social Security Number (signed and dated)
               Personal Information Form (signed and dated)
               Copy Social Security Card (all other, if military need front and back copy of military id)
               Copy of Driver’s license or Photo Identification Card (military courtesy are exempted)
               Authorization for Fingerprinting (military courtesy are exempted)
               Loyalty Oath (military courtesy are exempted)

Appointee’s Signature: ___________________________________                Date:__________________________

                                    SECTION II: Resource Information

The following is a list of resources included in the information packet.
                       Driving University Vehicles Policy
                       Non-Discrimination Policy and Discrimination and Harassment Complaint
                       Drug Free Workplace Policy

Revised: 9/9/2011
                                    Florida A&M University
                                   Office of Human Resources

                     Collection of Courtesy Appointee Social Security Numbers

In compliance with the provisions of Section 119.071(5), Florida Statutes, the Florida Agricultural and
Mechanical University, Office of Human Resources collects an individual employee’s social security
number for legitimate business purposes, as specifically authorized by law and in the performance of
the duties and responsibilities for the following reasons:

      Issued University property
      Workers’ Compensation Claims (FCCRMC and Department of Labor)
      Accessing iRattler System

The social security numbers collected by the Office of Human Resources will not be used for any
purpose other than the purposes stated above.

I understand the above information and have been given a copy of this document.

__________________________________________                         _________________________
Courtesy Individual Signature                                                   Date

Revised: 9/9/2011
                                                               FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY
                                                       COURTESY APPOINTEE
                                                     PERSONAL INFORMATION SHEET

                                                               PERSONAL INFORMATION
      TITLE:                                                   NAME (Last, First, MI) As it appears on the Social Security Card

                                                                                                     PLACE OF BIRTH
   DATE OF BIRTH (Month, Date, Year)                                                 City, State                                                 Country

GENDER:                    RACE:                                   Marital Status:                  CITIZENSHIP:      U.S.               OTHER:

       HOME ADDRESS (Street, City, State, Zip Code)                HOME TELEPHONE                  CAMPUS ADDRESS (Room #, Building)               CAMPUS PHONE

                                                     EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION
                NAME OF PERSON TO BE NOTIFIED IN CASE OF EMERGENCY                                                                RELATIONSHIP

                                   MAILING ADDRESS (Street, City, State, Zip Code)                                                    TELEPHONE NUMBER

                                                                     MILITARY SERVICES
          BRANCH                          DATE ENTERED                   DATE DISCHARGED                        FINAL RANK                    TYPE OF DISCHARGE

                                                           EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION
Highest grade completed)             1        2       3        4        5        6           7       8      9       10        11         12        GED
                NAME OF INSTITUTION                                              FIELD OF STUDY                            HIGHEST DEGREE            YEAR GRANTED

                          RETIRED COURTESY APPOINTEE
    Are you retired under any of the Retirement Systems in Florida?
        YES             NO
    If Yes, Please list your date of retirement. _________________

____________________________________________                                                             ________________________
                   Signature                                                                                                 Date

           Revised: 9/9/2011
                               FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY
                              COURTESY APPOINTEE
                               OATH OF LOYALTY

COUNTY OF _______________________________

“I, ______________________________, a citizen of _______________________
and being employed by or an officer of the State of Florida and a recipient of
public funds as such employee or officer, do hereby swear or affirm that I will
support the Constitution of the United States of America and of the State of


              FOR NOTARY USE ONLY (Please do not write below this line)

Sworn to and subscribed before me this _____ day of _______________, 201__.

                              Notary Signature

Revised: 9/9/2011

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