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					Date:    Dec. 2011
To:      Human Resources Manager
Re:      Texas Health Care Network (HCN)
From:    Bunch & Associates, LLC

Your employers Texas Health Care Network (HCN) provider network has been changed from AETNA to First Health effective
01/01/2012. The new HCN provider directory may be accessed on line at Due to this network
change, the HCN Enrollment materials have been updated and enclosed.

Remember: This Health Care Network (HCN) allows your employer and Bunch & Associates to manage the care and treatment of
your injured employees. Any employees sustaining injuries/illnesses in the course and scope of their employment are required to
receive all medical treatment through the TX HCN network, with limited exception. NOTE: Exceptions include employees who pre-
designate pursuant to Texas law or who fall outside of the network’s geographic service area. Questions on the exceptions sh ould be
directed to your claims adjuster or nurse case manger.

Employers: All TX HCN materials including the Employee Enrollment Package is available in PDF format on the MSIG website Please read and retain for your future reference. Feel free to photocopy the forms you will
need for employee training as well as the ongoing needs of the HCN. Sample forms can be found in the Employee Enrollment

X You must copy the Employee Enrollment Package and distribute to each employee at your work site location.

POST a copy of the Employee Enrollment Package at your work site location in a place frequented by your employee.

If you or the employees have any questions about the TX HCN program or materials, please contact our Bunch & Associates team by
one of the following methods:
     •    NCM phone: 1-800-853-4735, the receptionist will direct you to the appropriate nurse case manger.
     •    HCN phone: 1-800-853-4735 ext: 1224. Bunch TX HCN liaison for questions regarding ProviderNet or the network
     •    HCN email:

        TX HCN Employer Enrollment Guide
        TX HCN Employee Enrollment Package

Employees: At the program implementation, time of hire, or transfer into the HCN; employees will receive from the claims
adjuster or employer the Employee Enrollment Package. The information must be distributed within three (3) days of a new
employee being hired.

Injury Packet: Upon injury, the Employee Enrollment Package will be provided to injured workers by the claims adjuster or
employer. This information will assist them with any questions about the TX HCN or workers’ compensation treatment of
their injury

Provider Directory: The Provider Directory must be accessible to the employees. A copy of the directory has been
enclosed, also available from your Bunch nurse case manager or the Bunch TX HCN liaison. Employees may access the
on line Network Provider Directory at the Bunch & Associates ProviderNet website via the internet:

              from any computer web browser, enter the ProviderNet web address
              enter the user name MSIG and password msi492, click on ‘LOG IN’
              at the menu screen select Texas from the state drop list and click on the Search For Providers option
              after completing your search criteria selections on the next screen, a listing of network providers will be
               displayed; this information can be saved as a directory listing or the directory can be emailed, for additional
               assistance please contact your Bunch & Associates Panel Provider Team via email at
      or by calling 1-888-853-4735.

Rev 12.27.11

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