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Fred Eaton                                                      H. 518-580-1121
826 Malta Ave Ext.                                              W. 518-368-2678
Malta, NY 12020                                       
                           Facets® Areas of Expertise
Member, MMS, Medicare, Medicaid                    Provider, Capitation, XPF
Claims, Adjudication, XC                                             UM, UMI
Full Systems Data Conversions                             Data Warehouse ETL
EDI and Standard Import Formats                         Capitation Reporting
Compliance Reporting                                           HIPAA Gateway
Data Partner Interfaces                       Medicare / Medicaid Interfaces
Actuarial Reporting                                           RUBI Reporting
                       Areas Peripheral to Facets®
Sybase, SQL server, Oracle, Access             Informatica, Sagent, ETL, DTL
VB, VSS, MKS                                           Sharepoint, HTML, XML
Business Objects, BRIO, RUBI                                   Automate, ksh
MS Office® Suite
Enterprise-Level Systems Design                    Business systems analysis
Financial and Business Modeling                    Computer systems analysis
Consolidation management                                           eCommerce
Multi-platform systems integration                      Workplace automation
Joint Applications Development                              Unit Supervision
Software and Tools development                            Project Management
Management / Industrial
                                                        Simulations Development
Training & Program Development                Source Repository Organization

                              Work Experience

MVP Health Care, Schenectady NY

      Position: Database Developer / Consultant April 2009 – current

             3i Infotech

             Database development related to Tivoli Security: design,
             develop and implement enterprise-wide front-end database
             integrating constituents from Facets, Amisys, and other
             legacy systems. Related to Facets: eFacets accounts.
             Finance area: calculation of NY HCRA. Enterprise: Document
             indexing. EDW: Premium Warehouse. Web operations: Fine-
            grain security, SSO.    Letter Server Architecture

MVP Health Care, Schenectady NY

      Position: Database Developer / Consultant Jan 2007 – Feb 2009

            3i Infotech

            Database development related to Facets: General reporting,
            Premium Datamart, Regulatory interfaces, Extracts, and data
            partner interfaces, DTS, Tools development, Source
            repository reorganization.

APS Health Care, Silver Spring MD

      Position: Testing Coordinator / Consultant May 2006 – Dec 2006

            HP Technologies, Inc

            Build and execute the test plan for conversion of active
            lines of business from legacy system to Facets. Consulting
            and facilitation on conversion issues. Crosswalk
            generation and task automation. Scheduling and
            coordination with Hosting organization.

Oregon Dental Services, Portland OR

      Position: Provider Conversion Analyst Nov 2005 – Apr 2006

            Synergy Computer Solutions

            Design, test, and implement Provider Conversion from legacy
            system to Facets.

TriZetto Group , Albany NY, Denver CO.

      Position: Reports Production Support Architect 2004 to 2005

            Business Intelligence

            Consult on client reporting architecture from Facets core
            system, assist in operational issues, support Capitation
            reporting system issues. Build and support SharePoint
            website for Production support organization.

Online Resources Consulting Group , Newport Beach, CA.

      Position: Consultant - 2004

            Consulting to TriZetto Group
            Bring Facets Capitation reporting system to production,
            transition Facets Capitation support from development to BI
            / PSS organization.

TriZetto Group / Novalis Corp. / HNA , Albany, New York.

      Position: Senior Manager 2001 to 2004

            Payer Integration

            Develop Tools set to facilitate conversions of client
            legacy health care systems to TriZetto's Facets® system.
            Assist in clients conversions as developer and consultant.
            Design Facets interfaces with client and fullfillment
            services. Consult in Reports and Letters specifications,
            development, and implementation for Facets.

      Position: Senior Manager 2000 to 2001

            Data Warehousing Center of Excellence

            Lead conversion efforts to bring QCNC and QCVa from HCPS
            legacy system to Facets managed care system, including
            project design, business analysis, team supervision, and
            programming. Advised teams in parallel conversion efforts
            for other clients.

      Position: Applications Architect 1998 to 2000

            Responsible for the applications content and design
            decisions for the HCPS and MCS systems, respectively the
            company's legacy Health Claims Payment System and its state
            of the art multi-platform client-server replacement.
            Following the acquisition of Novalis by the TriZetto group,
            Mr. Eaton coordinated the transition of development and
            support to the consolidated development center in
            Engelwood, CO.

      Position: Director of HCPS Development 1997 to 1998

            Responsible for HCPS and ancillary mainframe systems
            including EDI. Functions included release coordination,
            design, development and implementation, supervision of all
            COBOL staff, and direct client support and training for
            technical topics.

      Position: Manager of Systems Development 1995 to 1997

            Responsible for new development in HCPS and ancillary
            mainframe systems. Functions included design and
            development, supervision of development staff, and direct
            client support and training for technical topics.

      Position: Senior Programmer / Analyst 1993 to 1995
            Responsibilities included COBOL development for HCPS and
            related systems including statistical reporting, rules-
            based systems such as EDI, and system-wide functionality
            improvements such as flash printing.

TERTIUS, Malta, New York

      Position: Principal 04/90 to present

            Tertius is a registered DBA for Mr. Eaton's computer and
            related consulting activities. Projects have included
            manufacturing plant layouts, software evaluations, and
            administrative data base work for the Northeast
            Manufacturing Technology Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic
            Institute, Troy, NY and industrial engineering support for
            several businesses.

Gene Simons, Inc, Ballston Lake, New York.

      Position: V.P. / Consultant 04/79 to 12/92

      Responsible for projects and staff work in consulting and the
      computer area.

            In the consulting area this has included roles as proposal
            writer, project manager, lead consultant, consultant, data
            coordinator, data analyst, technical specialist, and
            industrial layout specialist on various projects.

            In the computer area, both for clients and as staff, this
            has included programming functions such as programming
            manager, systems analyst, data retrieval, general business
            and simulations programmer, as well as computer operations
            coordination functions such as computer systems evaluation
            and software / hardware selection and purchase.

            Additionally, training-related functions have included
            course development and presentation for project management

Hudson Valley Community College, Troy, New York.

Position: Programmer/Analyst 11/70 to 04/79

      Responsibility for support of administrative data processing with
      special attention in institutional research, statistics, and
      accounts receivable areas. Early academic support before
      establishment of Academic Computing Services unit.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York.
      MS - Mgt. Eng. 1978
      BS - Mgt. Eng. 1977

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