Fee Only Financial Planner – The Boy Scout In The Financial Jungle by KsoywnottJmaenice


									Required A Financial Planner

A fee only financial planner receives remuneration solely from an individual engaging his or her services.
Other payments in the form of reimbursement from additional sources as well as commissions are
frowned upon in the strictest practice of this trade. As such, the numbers getting on board this
bandwagon are understandably few as job attraction in terms of easy and great monetary gain paints a
rather uninviting picture.

This is not to say remuneration is any lesser than those who supposedly are privy to all income sources.
Although channels seem rather constrictive, the fee charged varies from one client to the other, one
planner to the other. The amount may be calculated based on a percentage of assets under the
planner s purview. In other cases, the planner charges a flat rate on an annual basis. Some may offer
hourly rates for clients wishing to make use of their services for a short term or testing waters before
plunging headlong into the financial tide.

One wishing to embark on such a career choice must, first and foremost, put his or her client s financial
interest ahead of personal agendas. Needless to say, many claim to be more than what they really are
bringing to the table. A glib presenter is no different from the Pied Piper of Hamelin, stringing along its
town residents and rodents to destruction. To ensure one does not suffer the same fate, it is advisable
for the credentials of the supposed professional. Depending on the region, the true professionals are
registered to a handful of recognized associations who monitor and manage the pool of creditable

Ideally, a fee only financial planner is to be a master of all trades, financial that is. Potential clients
should rightfully possess some trade knowledge to be able to tell up from down, left from right. By
leveraging on the expertise across a vast horizon of financial possibilities, clients are then presented
with the choicest of offerings to park their investments. This is probably an area which greatly differs
from the majority of so-called experts as their financial interests often drive the client s investment, not
vice versa. If one lands such a fish at the end of his line, it may be best to throw it back in.
Holders of extensive financial portfolios tend to seek out these experts as they are willing to pay top
dollar for the best advice. For the rest of the folk, fee based players tend to rule the roost.

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