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					                                                         Expense Claim Form (BSA Charity)

Claimant Details                                                                   Bank Details (regular users need only insert changes)
Name                                                                               Name of Bank
Address                                                                            Account Name
                                                                                   Sort Code/BIC
Town                                                                                Account No./IBAN
County                                                                             Event Claim relates to

Expense Details (please attach receipts)
Please note: if a VAT receipt is not attached where appropriate, you are incurring additional taxes for the BSA which
cannot be claimed back. This is clearly not the best use of members' funds.

Date            Details of each receipt and reason for expense                                   Net Amount              VAT   Gross Amount

                                                                              Grand Total

Claimant's Signature:
I confirm these expenses have been incurred 'wholly and necessarily' in relation to the performance of BSA activities.

Approved by the BSA:                                                                                                 Date:

 BSA Study Group Claims Only

 All expense claims must be clarified and counter-signed by the relevant Study Group Convenor, before forwarding
 to the BSA for payment.
 Study Group Convenor's Signature:
 Convenor's Name (PLEASE PRINT):

- All claims must be submitted within three months of the event to which the expenditure incurred relates.
- Consideration must always be given to using the most cost-effective method of travel. As the Association is a
Charity, claimants are encouraged to keep expenses to a minimum.
- In line with ensuring the ‘best price possible’, only standard class travel should be booked .
- If a member wishes to travel by car please note that the total claim for any journey made must not exceed the
standard-class rail fare.
- The private mileage rate offered by the BSA is 40p per mile.
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                           Telephone: +44(0)191 383 0839. Fax: +44(0)191 383 0782. Email:

The British Sociological Association is a Company Limited by Guarantee. Company Number: 3890729. Registered in England and Wales. Registered
                                          Charity Number: 1080235. VAT Registration Number: 734 1722 50

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