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									                                                  February 15, 2012

TO:             ALL VENDORS

RE:             JOB NO. 12/0029

DUE DATE:       February 27, 2012, no later than 2:00 pm, Local Time in Houston, Texas

All vendors are required to sign and attach a copy of this addendum with each response for the Software
Application to Support Processing of Encounter Data for Community Health Choice, Inc. This addendum
must be received by the Purchasing Department no later than the above due date.

                                           ADDENDUM NO. 1

The following information is provided to clarify requirements and to answer vendor questions:

   1. Is the setup/installation of Trizetto’s QNXT system an integral part of the RFP or will it be setup
      by CHC? CHC is implementing Trizetto’s QNXT system and the encounter data application
      must interact with it. The encounter data application must reconcile the process of encounter
      data with the QNXT system. The encounter data application must also store finalized claim
      numbers from the Health and Human Services Commission on the QNXT system.
   2. For the onsite resource(s) to assist in the initial operation of the application and user training; will
      this exercise be done at different training sites? CHC has only one location.
                                                  //s// Kelly E. Johnson

                                                  Kelly E. Johnson
                                                  Purchasing Agent

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