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Volunteer Induction Pack

1. Induction checklist
2. Information about your organisation
       General information about the organisation’s aims, objectives and projects
       Mission statement
       Constitution
       Business Plan (if there is one)
       Annual Report (if there is one)
       Brochures and leaflets about your organisation
       Contact lists for key contacts
       Role descriptions for key staff, trustees and volunteers
3. Volunteer Policy
       Philosophy of volunteering within the organisation
       Role of the volunteers within the organisation
       Recognising and respecting the contribution of volunteers
       Equality and diversity
       Code of conduct for volunteers
       Recruitment
       Induction
       Support and supervision
       Training and development
       Performance appraisal (if relevant)
       Expenses
       Grievances and discipline
       Child Protection / Vulnerable Adults Policy (if relevant)
4. Role description for the volunteer (if relevant)
5. Policies and Procedures
       Equality and Diversity Policy for Volunteers
       Grievance and Disciplinary Policy and Procedure for Volunteers
       Confidentiality Policy
       Health and Safety at Work Policy
       Fire Evacuation Procedure
       Use of computers and E-mail
       Dress Code (if applicable)
6. Miscellaneous
       Expense claim form
       Health and Safety Information (about risks in your workplace, VDUs, manual handling etc.)
       Acronyms/Jargon List

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