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					                Lucile Cherbonnier

                       Student Handbook
                       Waggaman, LA 70094
                       Office: 504-431-9740
                        Fax: 504-431-1236

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                    Student Handbook

                 Cherbonnier Elementary
                   700 Dandelion Dr.
                  Waggaman, LA 70094

PRINCIPAL                   CONNIE GROUE
SECRETARY                   PAM HATHCOCK

                 Telephone Directory
          Main Office………….…..504-431-9740
          Plant Manager…………..504-431-9703
          Social Worker………..…504-431-2342

                          Principal’s Welcome Message

Dear Parents, Guardians, Boys and Girls,

Welcome back to Cherbonnier! We are eager to begin year four of our journey toward
“Changing to sustained lifelong learners and increase achievement!” Our three year
program has ended and we will now be following a regular school calendar! The
extended school year calendar is over. With that in mind, we are borrowing from Lance
Armstrong, and insuring that “Every Second Counts” for our children! I feel certain we
will continue to see our school grow and blossom into a high performing school!

Again this year there will be a supply fee of $30.00 per student instead of a supply list.
Parents are asked to send in the supply fee as soon as humanly possible. The deadline for
submitting supply fee is September 24, 2011. The school will be purchasing all items
students require. The only item parents will need to purchase is the book bag. *Note: no
rolling book bags will be allowed.

Our 4 behavioral expectations are the same.
    Be safe
    Be respectful
    Be responsible
    Be a problem solver

We are still experiencing many changes at Cherbonnier. We have a few new people
joining our staff and a few teachers have changed grade levels too. Teaching
Kindergarten this year will be Ms. Maneria and Ms. Williams. Teaching first grade will
be Ms. Moya and Ms. Hebert. Our second grades teachers will Ms. Joseph, Ms. Ms.
Viola, and Mr. Degruy. Our third grade teachers will be Ms Brewer and Ms. Garic.
Teaching fourth grade this year will be Ms. Vrbaskovich and Ms. Dufrene. Our fifth
grade teachers this year are Ms. France and Mr. Miller. Our Special Education
department consists of Ms. Perez and Ms. Ries. Our PE department consists of Ms.
Gordon, Ms. Bennen, and Mr. Martin. Ms. Bourg and Ms. Mitchell are our Title 1
teachers. Also with us this year Ms. Little, Librarian, Ms. Moffett, Social Worker, Ms.
Pardue, our speech Therapist, and Ms. Dahl, our ESL teacher. Our school is now a TAP,
Teacher Advancement Program School. The TAP™ System is a research-based school
reform initiative intended to recruit, motivate, develop, and retain high-quality teachers to
increase student achievement. The ultimate goal of the TAP System is to strengthen
teacher instructional capacity and increase student achievement. Becoming a TAP school
has afforded us two Master teachers, Ms. Chiasson and Ms. Sievers, as well as three
Mentor teachers, Ms. Bourg, Ms. Dufrene, and Ms. Dupuy. With this research-based
program, I am confident our school will accomplish greater student achievement. On
behalf of our entire faculty and staff we would like to welcome everyone back!

C. Groue


Mission Statement:
To create a safe, respectful, comfortable and welcoming learning
environment rich with high expectations. To provide opportunities for
engaging and motivating lessons, with activities that are meaningful and
varied, so that all students can develop to their fullest potential.

At Cherbonnier, we believe:

      When teachers provide opportunities for engaging and motivating
       lessons, students achieve and behave at higher levels.

      When activities are meaningful and varied, all students can be

      Celebrate even the smallest baby steps. Students need to be praised and

      When students are part of a safe, comfortable and welcoming learning
       environment rich with high expectations, they develop to their fullest

      Children learn through examples. Respect them and they’ll respect you.

      Every child is the center of someone’s universe. Treat each as you’d
       want your child to be treated.

We hereby acknowledge that we have read the Cherbonnier Student Handbook
- Policies and Procedures.

We agree that ______________________________________ (student’s name)
should be held accountable for these rules and regulations.

Student’s name: _________________________________________

Grade: _____________           Teacher: ____________________________

Signature of

Date ________________________________________________

Phone # _______________________ Cell # __________________________

  Please complete the front and back of this page and return it to school
                             within two days.

           Filming/Photographing/Interviewing Students Release

During the school year, there is sometimes a request from the media, press, or
school system to interview or film students while engaged in the Cherbonnier
Elementary School program.
On occasion, children are featured on our school web page (pictures only, no
Please sign below stating your desires for your child to be included or not
included if the occasion should arise.

____ I hereby give permission for my child to be interviewed or filmed at
Cherbonnier Elementary should the occasion arise at school. I understand that
this film could be viewed in the classroom, in-service meetings, or other
gatherings which concern the education of children.

____ I give permission to use my child’s picture.

____ I do not give my permission.

Student’s name _______________________________________ Grade _____

Parent’s signature ________________________________ Date ____________

School Hours:
8:00 Duty personnel report. Students may be on campus and enter the building.
8:20 Homeroom begins
8:25 Students must be in homeroom. If not, they are tardy.
3:15 Walkers/car riders dismissed.
3:20 Bus riders dismissed.

Grading Scale:

Letter Grade     Numerical Grade      Quality Point Value
A                93 - 100              4 Excellent
B                85 - 92               3 Very Good
C                75 - 84               2 Satisfactory
D                67 - 74               1 In Need of Improvement
F                66 and below          0 Not Meeting Minimum Requirements

Report Cards:
Report cards are issued each nine weeks quarter. Parents are to sign the back of the report
card jacket and return it to school. Progress reports are issued to students who have an
IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and are attached to the report card.

Promotional Subjects:
4 quality points must be earned in order to pass a subject for the year and at
least 1 quality point must be earned during the 2nd semester
(3rd or 4th marking period)
- In order to be promoted to the next grade level:
* Students in grades 1 & 2 must pass Reading and Math.
* Students in grade 3 must pass Reading, English, and Math.
* Students in grade 4 must pass Reading, English, Math, Social Studies, and
Science and LEAP test.
* Students in grade 5 must pass Reading, English, Math, Social Studies, and

Interim Reports:
Interim reports are issued four times a year during the mid point of each 9 week
marking period. Parents are required to sign the interim and return it to school in a
timely manner.

Parent Portal on Infinite Campus:
Parents may access and review students’ academic status and attendance information
electronically. Parents must register for access and then they may check their child’s
progress at their convenience. Please see Ms. Pam Hathcock in the front office to register
for Infinite Campus access.

Test Papers:
Test papers or test grades will be sent home weekly.

Homework Policy:
Homework is an integral part of our instructional program. Meaningful and
productive homework can be a positive growth experience. All homework will
be planned for the purpose of reinforcing, extending, enriching, and/or
strengthening student’s skills. Homework will always be explained by the
teacher. Homework will be assigned a minimum of three times per week in
each academic subject. Homework assigned will be written in the Agenda
notebook DAILY (grades 1-5).
Parents/guardians are asked to supervise the completion of homework. Adults are not to
do the homework for the child. Teachers use incomplete or incorrect homework to gauge
student comprehension. Homework can be used as participation grades and can count in
the average of the final grade.

Honor Roll:
Honor Roll - "A", "B", or "S" in all promotional subjects; No "C", "N", or "U" (including
       conduct, but excluding handwriting)
Other Recognitions - Most Improved, Good Behavior, and Physical Education Awards

Returning to Cherbonnier this year is our librarian, Ms. Shondra Little. Ms. Little will
service students on a weekly basis. Students are taken to the library weekly by their
teacher as a whole class activity. They are allowed to check out library books for a period
of one week. Ms. Little will be integrating reading, writing, Social studies, technology,
and special interest content in her weekly library lessons.

Library Rules:
1. Books may be checked out for two weeks but may be renewed for an additional two
2. Reference books and magazines may not be checked out by a student.
3. Students with overdue books will not be permitted to check out other books.
4. Students are responsible for the loss of, or damage to, library books and/or equipment
        being used. They may not check out a new book until the other one has been
        returned or paid for.
5. Inside voices are to be used while in the library.
6. Books are to be handled with care and respect.

Physical Education:
All students will participate in PE class unless a doctor’s excuse is on file in the office
stating the medical reason for nonparticipation. All medical excuses are to be updated
Students in all grades attend PE classes. Student safety is of primary importance, and
therefore, it is strongly recommended that students are dressed appropriately:
1. Tennis shoes and socks must be worn.

2. Shorts should be worn under skirts/dresses.
3. Pants should be loose enough to allow for maximum movement.
4. Only stud earrings are permitted.

The Louisiana State School Law states: "Parents are responsible for attendance of
children under Provision of Louisiana School Law, and failure to do so is in violation of
this law and subject to prosecution." The Jefferson Parish Public School System requires
that a student be in attendance for a minimum of thirty days per nine weeks in order to
receive grades.
An excess of seventeen unexcused absences for the school year means that the student
will not receive credit for that year and will be assigned to the same grade level for the
next school year. A parent note will excuse the student to do make-up work following an
absence, but WILL NOT excuse the days missed. Documentation is due within 5 days of
the absence. Students who are verified as meeting extenuating circumstances and
therefore eligible to receive grades shall not receive those grades if they are unable to
complete make-up work in a specified amount of time. For EXCUSED, extended
absences, the student will be responsible for initiating and completing make-up work
within ten (10) school days after returning to school.
Students shall not be excused for any absences other than those listed and shall be given
failing grades in those subjects for those days missed with no make-up work allowed. In
order for an absence to be marked EXCUSED in terms of the seventeen days State Law,
the parent must provide any of the following documentation:
         1. a medical excuse signed by a physician or health unit
         2. a copy of a death notice for a family member or a newspaper article denoting
         3. proof of relocating from either out of state or out of parish
         4. notice of an approved religious holiday
         5. funeral notice (immediate family only)
         6. verification of counseling session or therapy session (i.e. occupational therapy)

Notification of unexcused absences will consist of the following Jefferson Parish Public
School System Absentee Letters:
•      3 days of unexcused absences = JPPSS Absentee Letter #1
•       5 days of unexcused absences = JPPSS Absentee Letter #2
•      9 days of unexcused absences = JPPSS Absentee Letter #3

The maximum number of unexcused absences for elementary and middle school students
is now 12 days.

A student arriving late for school should report to the office to obtain a late/tardy slip. A
parent must accompany the tardy student to sign him/her into school. The morning
bell rings at 8:20. Students are tardy if they arrive in homeroom after 8:25. Frequent
tardies will result in disciplinary action.

Before and After School Care:
Before and after school care is available through the Jefferson Parish Public School
System. A $20 registration fee is required. Students may be dropped off at 7:00 a.m. and
must be picked up no later than 6:00 p.m.

Rates: (Rates are subject to change)

Full time weekly fee          $32.00
A.M. Only weekly fee          $20.00
P.M. Only weekly fee          $27.00

Drop-in A.M. only             $5.00 per child
Drop-in P.M. only             $7.00 per child
Drop-in A.M. & P.M.           $11.00 per child

A late fee of $5.00 for the first 15 minutes and $1.00 each additional minute will be
charged to those parents who pick up their child after 6:00 p.m.
Please refer to the registration form for all child care regulations.

Check Out:
Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds alone at any time during the school
day. A parent/guardian must sign the student out in the school office. Minutes are
accumulated and will eventually lead to absences.
Early check-outs interfere with instruction. Your child misses valuable information and
assignments when he/she is not in school. Please refer to the Discipline Policy regarding
early check-outs.
Avoid checking your child out after 2:15 p.m. Students are receiving assignments and
paperwork, they are changing classes and packing up, and teachers are taking care of end-
of-the-day business (such as notes in the agenda, behavior charts, etc.).
Picture identification is required when signing a student out of school. Students will only
be released to a person listed on the child’s emergency card.

Large numbers of pupils eat in our school cafeteria. Cafeteria space is limited and school
personnel must strictly enforce rules. While some of these rules seem basic, some
students need to be reminded of how to use manners when eating. Please reinforce these
behaviors at home. (NSF fee for returned checks is $15.)

Breakfast Program:
All students are invited to eat a nutritious breakfast. Breakfast is served between 8:00 and
8:20 a.m. in the school cafeteria.
Lunch Program:
Student’s lunch        $1.25         Breakfast/Lunch may be pre-paid by the week or
Reduced lunch          $0.40         month (see the cafeteria manager). Prices are subject
Milk                   $0.40         to change due to School Board recommendations!
Visitor’s lunch        $3.25

Free or reduced lunch is approved after all information has been submitted, reviewed and
approved on the appropriate form. This process takes a little while as the parish’s Child
Nutrition Department is responsible for approval.
*IMPORTANT: Fill out the free/reduced lunch form completely. Remember to SIGN
and return to school. Only one form per household is needed. Funding for our Title I
program is based upon the percentage of students who qualify for free/reduced lunch.
Please make sure your child has lunch money every day. Once students have charged
three times and have not repaid the balance, they will receive cheese sandwiches until the
debt is paid.

Cafeteria Rules:
1. Once students are seated with their lunch, they are not allowed to get up from the table.
2. Students must be respectful to all school personnel, teachers, assistants, and lunchroom
3. Use an inside voice - no shouting.
4. Running will not be tolerated.
5. Students are expected to sit and eat in a quiet and orderly manner.
6. Students are not allowed to bring soft drinks to school.
7. Students must discard their tray and clear away all trash from their place at the table.
8. Students are to behave in the school cafeteria as they would around their family at the
       dinner table. Specifically, students must not throw or play with food, take items
       from or put items on another child’s plate, and are expected to clean up after
9. Parents are not allowed to bring in fast food for their child’s lunch.

Dress Code:
All students are required to wear a school uniform every day (unless otherwise notified).
Students are expected to be neat, clean and well-groomed at all times. Any form of dress
or hairstyle that is distractive or disruptive in appearance and/or detrimental to the
purpose or conduct of the school will not be permitted.
 Uniforms may be purchased from the following companies:

        The school uniform consists of the following:
Please write your child’s first initial and last name in all articles of clothing (shirts,
shorts, pants, sweaters, etc.).

•     Light blue golf shirt with the Cherbonnier embroidered logo. (grades K – 5)
•     Shirts must be worn TUCKED IN at all times.
•     PreK students must wear the Cherbonnier purple t-shirts that are available for
      purchase at the school.

•    Navy blue pants, shorts, skorts, jumpers, capris or skirts must be worn. Bottoms
     must be at least mid-thigh length. If shorts are worn under a jumper or skirt, they
     must not be visible.
•    Pants must be worn at the waist.
•    PreK students must wear elastic waist pants, shorts or skorts (NO BELTS).

•    If a belt is worn, the buckle must be of standard size (not big, decorative or name

•    It is recommended that tennis shoes be worn every day.
•    Shoes with laces must remain tied.
•    Shoes with wheels are not allowed.

•    Earrings must be STUDS only! Hoop or dangling earrings are not allowed, as
     they can be a safety hazard. If jewelry is worn and causes a distraction to the
     learning environment, the item(s) will be confiscated, and the parent notified.
     Other jewelry should not cause a distraction, interfere with normal school
     procedures, or cause a safety hazard. The school is not responsible for these items.
•    Make up and tattoos (temporary or permanent) are not permitted.
•    Sculptured or polished nails which cause a distraction or inhibit class participation
     are not allowed.

Articles Not Allowed in School:
Students are not allowed to bring any medications of any kind to school. Possession of
medication, both prescription and over the counter is a violation of Jefferson Parish
School policy and is subject to expulsion. If your child requires medication during the
school day please follow parish regulations to have medication administered by
Cherbonnier staff. See Ms. Hathcock for necessary forms and documentation
Articles that interfere in any way with school procedures, disrupt instruction, or become
hazards to the safety of others are not allowed. Such items include electronic devices
(radios, cell phones, CD/DVD players, ipods, cassette recorders, beepers, hand-held
games), toy weapons, water pistols, squeeze bottles, lasers, knives, etc. If brought to
school, these items will be confiscated and returned only to a parent/guardian. Being in
possession of some of these items will require further disciplinary action.
Food: Students are not allowed to bring gum or candy to school. Snacks should be of
nutritional value. Gum chewing is not permitted on the school campus! Failure to abide
by these rules will result in disciplinary action.
NOTE: Students are not allowed to sell items at school or to buy items from other
students. This will result in disciplinary action.

Child Abuse and Neglect:
According to State Law, school personnel are required as MANDATORY REPORTERS
to report any suspected cases of child abuse to the Jefferson Parish Protective Services
Unit. This also applies to suspected cases of parental/guardian neglect. This law is
mandatory for all staff and protects them from prosecution. Any person acting as an
advocate for a child may also anonymously report any suspected case of child

Care of the Building:
Everyone should take pride in our school building and campus and do everything to keep
it clean and attractive. Students are expected to pick up all paper and litter from the
classroom and hallway floors at the end of each class period.
Students marking on or damaging school property will be required to clean the item
and/or pay to repair or replace it.

Metal Detectors:
To provide a safe environment for students and employees, the school board has
authorized the use of metal detectors in random searches on school grounds. This is in
addition to searches due to probable cause. This policy allows for random searches of
desks, buildings, book bags, lockers, areas, and the person or car of the students or
non-student entering public grounds/buildings using a hand-held metal detector.

•     Parents are asked to use school bus transportation if it is available in your
•     It becomes a safety issue when a child does not have a consistent plan for getting
      home each day. Cooperation is expected and needed, especially with very young
      children. If you must change how your child goes home for a particular day, it is
      the parent’s responsibility to notify the school IN WRITING. Destination
      changes by telephone are not allowed.
•     Any student not picked up by 3:20 p.m., will be brought to the office to call
      home. If a student is picked up late a second time, the parent must register the
      student in child care.

Since our priority is student safety, please abide by the following:
    Be a careful driver.
    Be a courteous driver.
    Be patient.

A.M. drop-off:
Students may be dropped off between 8:00 a.m. and roughly 8:20. Students arriving
in homeroom after 8:25 are considered tardy and must be signed into school by a

Please form a SINGLE line through the designated parking lot. Students should not
get out of the car until the are by the opening of the gates and where an adult is
standing to assist them.
P.M. pick-up:
Walkers and car riders are dismissed at 3:15. All of these students must be picked up by
If you choose not to drive through the parking lot, but instead park and walk to retrieve
your child, you must do the following:
    1. Walk on the sidewalk and form a single line at the walker’s gate.
    2. Someone on duty will ask you for the child’s name and get them for you.

Emergency Cards:
An emergency card for each child must be accurately completed and periodically updated
in order to provide current information needed for contacting parents. When an address or
telephone number changes, parents are required to come into the office to correct the
emergency card information. All information on this card is confidential. At least three
(3) working phone numbers are required. If a child does not have working phone
numbers, the child will be issued an Until Parent Returns suspension.
A child will not be released to an individual whose name is not listed on this card. ANY

Emergency Conditions:
The Jefferson Parish Public School System asks that parents/guardians keep abreast of
the weather at all times. If the weather warrants the closing of school, the School System
will have directions and all other necessary information broadcast on WWL Radio and

Emergency Drills:
Fire and other emergency condition drills are conducted monthly. Students will be made
aware of the specific drill procedure by the school administration and classroom teachers.
Exit maps are posted by the door on the inside of each classroom. The signal for
evacuation or assuming safety positions will be given out over the intercom system.
Students are to conduct themselves in a safe, orderly manner during all such drills. All
teacher directions are to be followed IMMEDIATELY. Student misbehavior will not be
tolerated during an emergency drill. Student’s refusal to participate and/or follow
directions correctly or to behave properly during the drill may result in a discipline
It is a violation of State and Federal Law for anyone other than an administrator or the
Fire Department to pull an alarm.

Please note that Cherbonnier will assess a fee of $15 for each NSF check. This is in
addition to the fees assessed by your bank.
Checks will not be accepted after May 30. All transactions after this date must be paid by
cash or money order.

Holiday Events/Parties:
School wide class parties may be held on special holidays in the afternoon hours with the
approval of the principal. Parties will be limited in order to cause minimal interference
with the instructional program of the school. Parents will be notified by the teacher if
refreshments are to be sent to school. While sending refreshments is always appreciated,
please refrain from doing so unless the teacher has requested special treats for the
celebration. If you are asked to send refreshments, please remember that you must secure
an office pass before going to your child’s classroom. Birthdays are not celebrated at

Health Records:
Louisiana Statute 17:17 makes it MANDATORY that all children be properly immunized
in order to attend school in our state. Health records must be kept up to date. In
accordance with this law, if the school nurse checks the immunization records and finds
them to be incomplete and/or out of time line, a health conference will be scheduled to
avoid a student suspension.

Medication Policy:
The Jefferson Parish Public School System will continue the following procedure for
parents requesting medication to be administered to their child during school hours. The
Medication Assessment sites will be open during the school year except for all school
1. Obtain the necessary forms from the school office.
2. Your physician must complete and sign the School Medication Order Form. The order
        must agree with the pharmacy label on the child’s medication.
3. JPPSS employees are not allowed to administer medication that exceeds the
        recommended dosage.
4. Take the above completed forms, along with the medication in its bottle/container, to
        the Medication Office (822 S. Clearview Pkwy., Harahan 736-1857) for review
        and approval by one of our school nurses.
5. After the forms and medication have been reviewed and approved by the nurse, please
        take them to the school office.

•    Emergency medication (Glucagon, Epi-Pen, Mist Machine, etc.) must be
     approved by the school nurse. Please call 464-5662 for an appointment.
•    If your child’s medication is to be given only when needed (i.e. Asthma inhalers),
     the physician’s order must include the number of hours between doses.

•       All medication containers, even over-the-counter medications, are to be labeled
        by a licensed pharmacist or doctor. Sample medication received from your doctor
        must be properly labeled also.
•       Please ask your pharmacist to provide separate medicine containers for school and
        home use.
•       Medication must be delivered to school by an adult following the above
        procedures. Students are not allowed to have any type of medication,
        including aspirin, cough drops, and inhalers, in their possession at school.
The above procedures will enable our school system personnel to better provide for your
child’s health needs.

Lost and Found Articles:
The Lost and Found Box is located in the cafeteria foyer area, and some articles are kept
in the office. Be sure to label all articles of clothing, such as sweaters, jackets, book bags,
and wallets.
Parents and students must have a pass in order to look through the Lost and Found
Box. Jewelry and money found on school grounds or buses are to be turned into an
adult. Failure to turn in found articles may result in disciplinary action.
Students losing books or personal articles are expected to immediately report such losses
to the teacher or school office personnel.

Parent Involvement Policy:
Cherbonnier Elementary strives to encourage and maintain parent involvement in every
aspect of school life. From monthly newsletters and parent conferences to classroom
assistance and an active PTO, parents are seen as partners in the education of their

Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO):
PTO meetings are held in the school cafeteria to promote the educational growth and
welfare of all students attending Cherbonnier Elementary. The dates of these meetings
will be in the monthly newsletter.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:
All parent/teacher conferences must be prearranged with the teacher and held during
non-instructional time. Teachers will not be called out of class to conduct an
unscheduled parent/teacher conference and will NOT conduct impromptu
conferences in the doorway/hallway. Teachers are not required to hold a parent
conference before or after school hours.
Parents are strongly encouraged to attend all parent/teacher conference days. These days
have been set by the school board.

Volunteer parent/guardians provide a valuable service to our school. They work under the
direction of school personnel performing such duties as working in the library, taking
down and putting up bulletin board displays, distributing classroom supplies, posting
student work, running copies, and many other jobs of this nature. Most volunteers find

their work rewarding, as well as enjoyable, because they make a difference and are
appreciated for all they do. Cherbonnier Elementary invites and encourages
parental/guardian involvement in our total school program.
Dress code: It is expected that volunteers are dressed appropriately for a school
environment – no short shorts or skirts, shoulders/backs/midriffs covered, etc.

During class time, students ARE NOT permitted in the halls without a pass. In the
mornings, students should report directly to the cafeteria for breakfast or to their
homeroom. Students are not allowed to roam the halls/campus.
A pass is required in order for students to leave an assigned area and visit an area not
regularly assigned during that time period (i.e. bathroom or office). Teachers may elect to
use a permanent pass instead of a handwritten one. It is the responsibility of the student to
obtain a pass prior to leaving their assigned area.
Adult visitors are to go to the office to sign in and MUST have a legal pass in their
possession (issued and dated by the office that day) before going to other areas of the
school campus. Adults on campus without a valid pass will be directed to either obtain a
pass from the office or to leave the campus immediately. Failure to comply with this
policy may result in a request for assistance from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

PBS (Positive Behavior Support):
Students are rewarded for positive behavior. School faculty and staff members issue
Dolphin Dollars to students making an effort to be “extra” good. Students should write
their name on the Dolphin Dollar and place in the PBS Binder in the classroom. Students
save the Dolphin Dollars, then once every other week the PE staff brings them to the
Dolphin dollar Store to exchange the Dolphin dollars for prizes.

Personal Property:
Students are responsible for the care and security of their personal property, including
notebooks, pencils, papers, art supplies, textbooks, etc. All possessions should be labeled
with the student’s name and room number. Students who bring personal items to school
that are not allowed (i.e. toys, radios, cell phones, games, beepers), will have those items
taken away. The parent/guardian will have to claim such items form the office as it will
NOT be returned to the student.

Problem Resolution:
All problems concerning your child must first be handled through your child’s teacher.
Call the school to set up an appointment. Any problem relating to a school matter should
be addressed to the school administration. The school administration will refer you to the
Regional Superintendent in the event that a resolution of the issue is not forthcoming.
When leaving a message, either with a person or on the recorder, please state your name,
your child’s name, phone number and a brief message. If you speak with someone in the
office, always get the name of the person with whom you left a message.

Registration Requirements:
1. Official birth certificate (with stamped seal)
2. Updated health/shot records - Students must have the Hepatitis B Vaccine Series and
        the Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccine
3. Student’s social security card
4. Transfer/Withdrawal papers from previous school and/or most recent report card
5. Proof of residence: This includes a LA driver’s license and two utility bills in the name
        of the student’s parent/guardian. The addresses must match and be in
        Cherbonnier’s district. If the parent/guardian lives in someone else’s home, the
        student is considered Transitional. If this is the case, the parent/guardian must
        register the child with his/her license, the homeowner’s license, 2 bills in the
        homeowner’s name, and a notarized letter signed by the homeowner which states
        that the parent/guardian and student live in the house.

Students are not to loiter, play, eat or participate in unsafe acts (i.e. climbing on stall
doors, standing on toilets) in the restrooms. Students are not to vandalize the restrooms,
such as throwing wet toilet paper on the ceiling, writing on walls or doors, or stopping up
toilets. Students who urinate on the floor, walls, or each other will be subject to
disciplinary action. Privacy while using the restrooms is a required courtesy.

    ALL visitors/parents must check into the office upon entering the building.
    ALL visitors/parents must have a PASS to go to a student’s room and will only
       receive a pass once the teacher has been notified and agrees.
    ALL visitors/parents must enter the school from the front entrance. The back
       entrance is only for faculty and staff members and those going to Before or After
       School Care.

School Insurance:
School insurance is available to all students. All transactions are carried on between the
student and his/her guardian and the insurance company. Student enrollment in the
insurance plan is optional. Interested parents/guardians may contact the school accounts
clerk for additional information and forms.
If there is an accident at school or on the bus, the parent/guardian is responsible for filling
out the form and mailing it to the insurance company.

Student Organizations:
Cherbonnier has a variety of organizations to involve students:
      1. Safety Patrol (4th and 5th grades)
      2. Litter Committee
      3. Library Club

Textbooks are the responsibility of the student to whom they have been assigned for the
year. All lost, stolen or damaged books MUST be paid for by the student or
parent/guardian PRIOR to another book being issued.
All textbooks are required to be covered at all times. Please do not cover books with
contact paper . Replace the cover if it becomes worn during the school year.
If a textbook is lost or stolen, the following fees will apply:
         a book that is 2 years old or less             100% of the cost
         a book that is 3 years old                     75% of the cost
         a book that is 4 years old                     50% of the cost
         a book that is 5 years old or more             25% of the cost

Transfer and Withdrawal:
Notify the school office immediately when your child will be leaving Cherbonnier
Elementary. Please supply the office with your new address and, if possible, the name
and address of the school your child will be attending. Be sure that all textbooks and
library books are returned to school, and that all monies owed are cleared with the
accounts clerk and cafeteria manager. NOTE: It takes three working days to compile
and complete all student transfer records.

Per state mandate, Cherbonnier institutes a Positive Behavior Support plan, to reward
students who follow the rules. Cherbonnier’s Discipline Policies will be administered
fairly, firmly and consistently by teachers and the school administration. Behavior
management consequences are progressive in strength and duration. Each student’s
behavior file is looked at individually. Action taken is confidential. The behavior of a
child will only be discussed with that child’s parent/guardian. The same applies to the
subsequent disciplinary action taken.

Length of students’ suspensions will be determined by the school authorities and will
reflect the offense committed. This may range from pending a parent conference to a
maximum of nine days out of school. If the conduct is related to drugs/weapons/assault,
etc., or a student receives four suspensions, it is possible the student may be expelled for
the remainder of the school year.
Parents/guardians will be notified by phone if possible. A copy of the suspension is sent
home with the student. It is the responsibility of the student to take the copy of the
suspension home to the parent/guardian that day.
Parents/guardians will have complete custody and jurisdiction of their child during the
days out on suspension. A suspended student may not return to school grounds or attend
any school sponsored activity prior to being readmitted to school via a parent/guardian
conference with an administrator. Parents are required to call the school and schedule the
return conference with an administrator. Parents are asked to turn cell phones off during

      Discipline Policy: After, the 4th offense, consequences will be incremental.
             OFFENSE                                        CONSEQUENCE
                                             1ST          2ND             3RD                4TH
      #1-13: Action is an automatic referral to the office with the exception of
                             extenuating circumstances.
1. Display of matches, lighters, or      Probation         1 day         1-2 days       3 days
tobacco                                                    suspension    suspensions    suspension
2. Threats of Violence                   Suspension/       Suspension/   Suspension/    ROSY
                                         Expulsion/        Expulsion/    Expulsion/
                                         Arrest            Arrest        Arrest
3. Fighting                              1-3 days          3-5 days      3-5 days      ROSY
(4th – 5th grade students suspended for  suspensions       suspensions   suspensions
fighting must attend the Violence
Prevention Program, and pay a $75
fee, as per JPPSS regulations.)
4. Leaving campus/truancy/trespassing 1 day           1-3 days          3-5 days       5 days
                                        suspension    suspensions       suspensions suspensions
5. Vandalism at school or school        Suspension with restitution before return. Can also result in a
functions                                                          ROSY.
6. Immoral practice (indecent           Suspension: Incremental         Incremental Incremental
behavior)                               Days          Suspension        Suspension Suspension
                                        by offense
7. Threats of violence (severe)                         Suspension/expulsion/arrest
8. Fighting/bodily injury to students   1 day         1-3 days          3-5 days       ROSY
                                        suspension    suspensions       suspensions
9. Weapons, drugs, and alcohol          1-9 Days      ROSY with Possible Notification of
                                        Suspension    Authorities
                                         and Possible
                                         Notification of
10. Possession of fireworks/explosives 1-3 days            3-5 days      3-5 days       ROSY
                                       suspensions         suspensions   suspensions
11. Setting off fire alarm             1 day               1-3 days      1-3 days       3-5 days
                                       suspension          suspensions   suspensions    suspensions
12. Physical abuse of school personnel 1-3 days            3-9 days      ROSY           N/a
                                       suspensions         suspensions
13.Possession of non-academic items    UPC or              1-3 days      3-5 days       5 days
that can cause harm, such as shockers, suspension          suspensions   suspensions    suspensions
sprays, etc                            depending
                                       on item

KEY: Probation= Final warning with parent signature of forms to be return the following school day.
UPC = parent is required to return student to school and have a conference with principal and/or
Suspension = Student must be out of school for designated number of days of suspension and parent
is required to return student to school and have a conference with principal and/or teacher.
ROSY = remainder of school year suspension

# 14-25: Consequences must be preceded by the student receiving 4 behavior reports (or
uniform violations) in the same category and parental conference with record of parental
                                   Probation/  1-3 days      1-3 days             3-5 days
14. Leaving class without          Suspension suspensions suspensions             suspensions
permission (no excuses) (willful)
15. Forgery                        Probation/  1-3 days      1-3 days             3-5 days
                                   Suspension suspension     suspensions          suspensions
16. Failure to follow teacher’s    Probation   UPC           1 Day     1-3 Days     3-5 Days
directions in class or on campus                             suspensio suspensio suspension
17. Disturbing or disrupting       Probation   UPC           1 Day     1-3 Days     3-5 Days
class                                                        suspensio suspensio suspension
18. Willful and disrespectful      Probation   UPC           1 Day     1-3 Days     3-5 Days
disobedience to school personnel                             suspensio suspensio suspension
19. Threatening or bullying        Probation   UPC           1 Day     1-3 Days     3-5 Days
other students or name-calling                               suspensio suspensio suspension
20. Hitting, pinching, kicking, or Probation   UPC           1 Day     1-3 Days     3-5 Days
pushing another student or adult                             suspensio suspensio suspension
21. Profanity/Obscenity            Probation   UPC           1 Day     1-3 Days     3-5 Days
(verbal/written/finger signs)                                suspensio suspensio suspension
22. Stealing or possession of a    Probation   UPC           1 Day     1-3 Days     3-5 Days
stolen item (depending upon                                  suspensio suspensio suspension
value)                                                                 n
23. Possession of non-academic Confiscate      Probation     1 Day     1-3 Days     3-5 Days
items (radios, toys, cell phones,  item and                  suspensio suspensio suspension
etc.) that are not harmful         return to                           n
24. In off-limits area without a   Probation   UPC           1 Day     1-3 Days     3-5 Days
pass                                                         suspensio suspensio suspension
25. Bus disturbance (non-          Probation   UPC           1 Day     1-3 Days     3-5 Days
physical)                                                    suspensio suspensio suspension

                          School Rules and Behavioral Expectations:

                             BE SAFE                     BE RESPECTFUL                    BE RESPONSIBLE
All common areas     Keep hands, feet, and           Use kind words and actions        Remind others to follow
 (This should be     objects to self                 Wait for your turn                school rules
done at all times,   Walk facing forward             Clean up after self               Always have a pass when in
  everywhere.)       Walking feet (except for        Follow adult directions the       hallway
                     playground)                     first time given                  Full proper uniform daily
                                                     Address others by given name      Be honest
                                                     MYOB in matters that do not       Take care of all personal
                                                     pertain to you                    belongings and school
                                                     Before speaking, wait             property
                                                     patiently to be acknowledged      Be on time
                                                     Allow adults to pass in front     Writing on self is not
                                                     of you                            permitted
                                                                                       Leave non-academic items at
                                                                                       Only eat appropriate snacks
                                                                                       in class
                                                                                       Have appropriate hygiene
    Cafeteria        When you get off the bus,       Keep place in line                Leave the cafeteria when
                     go to the cafeteria first       Keep your hands off other’s       finished breakfast
                     Keep feet on floor under the    food                              Wait to be dismissed after
                     table                           Allow anyone to sit next to       lunch
                     Food and/or straws must         you                               Get all utensils, napkins, milk
                     remain in the cafeteria         Use inside voices at all times    and condiments when first
                     Stay in seat                                                      going through line or raise
                     Face forward in line                                              your hand if you forgot
                                                                                       Clean your eating area
Playground/Recess    Walk to and from                Play fairly                       Use hall pass to use bathroom
                     playground                      Include everyone                  or get water
                     Rocks, sticks and other such    Only appropriate physical         Use doors by playground
                     items should remain on the      contact
                     Climbing or running is not
                     Keep shoes on
 Passing Areas:      Stay to the right of the hall   Hold the door open for others     Stay on sidewalk
Halls, Sidewalks,    Allow others to pass            Talking in hallways disrupts
  Breezeways                                         others
                                                     Respect other’s space
Bathrooms/Water      Keep feet on floor              Knock on stall doors              Flush toilet after use
   Fountains         Keep water in sink              Give others privacy               Return to room promptly
                     Wash hands                      Use inside voices at all times    Drink fair share of water at
                     Put trash in garbage cans       Wait your turn                    fountain
                     Report any mess to an adult     Fountains are for drinking        Use toilet and urinals
                                                     purposes only                     correctly
  Bus Loading        Walk to bus loading area        Wait your turn in bus line        Arrive to school on time
 Area/Car Riders     Wait until you or your bus      Respond to the driver’s           Walk to front when called
                     is called                       instructions                      Follow bus rules
                     Walking students should         Fighting is not permitted
                     obey crossing guard             Car riders remain seated in
                     Remain seated while bus is      designated area until called
                     in motion
                     Sit facing forward
                     Keep hands, feet, objects to
Riding School bus    Remain seated in assigned       Follow the bus driver’s rules     Be on time for the bus
                     area                            at all times                      Take all your items when you
                     Speak in low voice              Speak respectfully at all times   exit the bus
                     Keep hands and feet in your                                       Leave other’s items alone

       P.E.          Sit in assigned area when     Follow the rules of the game    You must have permission
                     you arrive                    Include others                  and a hall pass for water
                     Stay in designated area       Show good sportsmanship         and/or bathroom
                     Keep shoes on                 Line up when called             Return equipment after use
Special Events and   Wait in classroom until       Sit Cherbonnier style
   Assemblies        called                        Listen to speaker
                     After assembly, wait until    Keep eyes on speaker
                     teacher calls for class       Applaud appropriately
                     before standing to leave      Keep hands and feet to self

     Office          Use front office doors (not   Office phones for emergency
                     windows)                      purposes only. Get permission
                                                   before using.
                                                   Wait your turn in line

Jefferson Parish Public School System Rules and Regulations for Pupils
Transported in School Buses:
•      Bus drivers are permitted to make reasonable rules for the safe and proper
       operation of buses.
•      Students must obey the driver cheerfully and promptly.
•      Leave home at a time appropriate for arriving no more that 15 minutes and no less
       than 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. Walk on sidewalks whenever
       possible. Conduct yourself in an orderly manner at designated bus stop. Stand off
       road when waiting for the bus. Playing in the streets and yards is not permitted.
•      Never cross behind the bus; cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus. If necessary
       to wait across the street from the bus stop, await the driver’s signal before
•      Board the bus only when the driver is seated at the controls.
•      Board the bus in single file and promptly proceed to the seat assigned to you by
       the driver.
•      Help to keep the bus clean and sanitary. Anyone purposely damaging the bus in
       any way will be disciplined and be required to pay damages.
•      Avoid teasing, scuffling, or using profane, obscene or abusive language.
•      Arms and heads must be kept inside the bus windows at all times. Nothing is
       to be thrown out of the bus windows.
•      Remain seated at all times when the bus is in motion.
•      Students are only authorized to ride the bus to which they have been assigned. If a
       parent requests an exception for a one day event, the parent must write a note
       asking the driver who will transport the child to initial it and a school
       administrator must sign it.
•      Bus transportation is not provided for students on permit. A condition of the
       permit is that the parent provides transportation to and from school.
Failure to follow the above rules will result in disciplinary action.

•      The American with Disabilities Act requires that Jefferson Parish Public School
       System disseminate the information contained in this notice to all "applicants
       (employee), participants, beneficiaries (students), and other interested persons
       (parents/guardians)". This is to advise that the JPPSS will make available to
       applicants, participants, beneficiaries, and other interested persons, information
       regarding the provisions of the American with Disabilities Act and its
       applicability to the services, programs, or activities of the district, and make such
       information available to them in such a manner to apprize such persons of the
       protection against discrimination assured by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
       Inquiries may be made by contacting the ADA Compliance Officer by calling
•      In accordance with federal and state policies, JPPSS has determined that ALL
       school buildings are to be smoke free while students are on campus. This also
       applies to school grounds and parking lots while students are on campus.
       Consequently, parents/guardians/other visitors to Cherbonnier Elementary will
       NOT be permitted to smoke on school board property and/or in the school
       building/halls while students are on campus. Violators will be asked to cease
       smoking IMMEDIATELY. Refusal to comply will result with the police being
       called and legal action taken by the school.
•      Sexual harassment: Students are prohibited from 1) conduct of a sexual nature
       which explicitly makes acceptance or rejection of a sexual invitation a condition
       for receiving favorable treatment in relation to participation in school activities of
       any school matter, or 2) making sexual advances or request for sexual; favors
       which have the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s
       school performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive school
•      Asbestos: According to the Public Law 95-519, Asbestos Hazard Emergency
       Response Act of 1986, the JPPSS must give annual written public notice of the
       availability of asbestos management plans to all parents. According to the
       inspection report prepared by Asbestos Environmental Controls, Inc. on May 1,
       1989, Cherbonnier Elementary is asbestos free. Therefore, no management plan is


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