HORSES ARE DANGEROUS
 ALL PERSONS ENTERING THE SHOW FIELDS                              Charlton on Otmoor
                                                           Horse Show & Gymkhana
Entry form

             NAME OF
                            AGE IF
                                      CLASS FEE                Sunday 7th August 2011
             OR PONY        18

                                                       At the Flower Show Field, Fencott Road, Charlton on Otmoor
                                                              by kind permission of The Cooper Family

                                                          Trophies to keep and Two Tier Rosettes to 6th
                            FIRST               3.00                       place
                                                          Entry fees £5 per class (£1 extra on the day)
                                                        Entry fee for non-competitors £1.00 per adult on the gate.

ENTRY FEES £5 PER CLASS (£1 EXTRA ON THE DAY)               Entry Secretary            First Aid – British Red Cross
                                                            Mrs Sally Grimmett        Vet on Call
PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE TO:                             4 Honeyburge              Photographer – Event Digipix
                                                            Boarstall                  Saddler – Edwards Saddlery
                                                            Aylesbury                        BBQ & Refreshments
CHARLTON ON OTMOOR HORTICULTRUAL SOCIETY                    HP18 9UT                                       Raffle

SIGNED:                                                          Donation of Proceeds to Charity

                                RING ONE                                                  RULES AND CONDITIONS
                                                                                    1)       Please observe the ‘Rules of the Show’ and agree that by signing
SHOW JUMPING                                                               9.00am            the Entry Form that you have agreed to them and will not make
No restriction on rider age or pony height unless stated                                     any claim whatsoever for any damage, loss or theft to persons
                                                                                             property or livestock to the owners of The Flower Field, or the
Class 1        Absolute Novice                                     Height - 2’0”             organizers of the Show, Stewards and Staff
               Rider must not to have been placed 1 or 2nd in any jumping           2)       Every effort will be made to keep to the schedule, but we reserve
               classes. Kindly sponsored by the Grimmett family                              the right to alter the order and composition of classes or to cancel
Class 2        Novice Show Jumping                         Height - 2’3” to 2’6”
               Horse and rider combination not to have been placed 1 in any         3)       No fees will be refunded without a doctor’s or veterinary
               jumping classes. Kindly sponsored by Cooper’s Cuisine                         certificate. In the event of the show being cancelled entry fees
                                                                                             will be refunded on receipt of a SAE, less £3 for administration
Class 3        Chase Me Charlie                                                              fee.
               Horses to be eliminated after first refusal or knock down. Highest
               jumper wins. Kindly sponsored by Otmoor Leather Goods                4)       The organizers may refuse entry without giving reason, provided
                                                                                             they return the entry fee.
Class 4        Geriatric Jumping                               Height 2’3
               For competitors over the age of 35 years. Special price for          5)       Any person seen ill-treating an animal will be asked to leave.
               the old oldest rider Kindly sponsored by Speedcut
              Contractors Ltd                                                       6)       The Judge’s decision is final. All complaints must be put in
                                                                                             writing and handed to the Show Secretary with a deposit of £15
Class 5        Intermediate jumping                      Height - 2’6” to 2’9                within 30 minutes of the incident, returnable if the objection is
               Kindly sponsored by Event Digipix.The winner will receive a                   upheld.
               photograph kindly donated by Event Digipix
                                                                                    7)       Correct riding attire must be worn at all times. ALL RIDERS,
                                                                                             whether competing or not, must wear the correct head gear; PAS
Class 6        Small Open                                  Height - 2’9” to 3’3”             015 or BSEN 1384, or prefixed ASTM or SEI are the minimum
               Kindly sponsored by Edwards Saddlers                                          standard, but riders have to be responsible for their own safety.
                                                                                             Failure to wear correct headgear will incur elimination.
Class 7        The Harry Hatwell Open*                     Height - 3’3” to 3’6”
               *‘The Best of The Best’ Challenge Cup, in memory of Harry            8)       Ages are as on the day of the show.
               Hatwell, will be awarded to the winner of the Open Class. The
               cup must be returned to the show secretary by the end of May
                                                                                    9)       All dogs must be kept on short leads except in the Horse &
                                                                                             Hound Class.

                                                                                    10)      No galloping outside of the showing rings.

                                                                                    11)      It is the responsibility of competitors to know the rules, our
                                                                                             Stewards and Officials are there to help and advice. Please
                                                                                             remember all our helpers are volunteers.

                                                                                    Thank you for supporting the Charlton on Otmoor Horse Show. We
                                                                                    hope you have a successful, and above all, an enjoyable day. See you
                                                                                    next year!
                                  RING TWO                                                                   RING THREE

SHOW JUMPING                                                Begins 9.00am       SHOWING
No restriction on rider age or pony height unless stated                        Begins 9.00
                                                                                ALL showing classes are judged primarily on condition and effort before
9.00am – 11.00am        Clear round jumping                 Entry Fee £2.00     conformation, therefore they are not suitable for the showing specialist. It
                        Payable at ringside. Rosette for each clear round.      is expected that competitors will enter into the true spirit of this competition.

                                                                                Class 11      Best Turned-Out Horse/Pony & Rider
JUNIOR SHOW JUMPING                                         Begins 11.00am      To be judged 50% horse/pony and 50% rider and tack, NOT conformation.
                                                                                Kindly sponsored by The Nut Tree, Murcott
Class 8         Nursery Jumping                                  Height 1’0”
                 Riders 10 years & under. Must be led.                          Class 12      Lead Rein Pony – 13.0hh & under
                 Rosettes for all competitors                                   Riders10yrs and under. Ponies to be led from the noseband of a snaffle
                                                                                bridle only. Rosettes for all.
Class 9         10 Years and Under                               Height 1’6”
                                                                                Class 13      Riding Horse or Pony
                May be led. Rosettes for all competitors.
                                                                                May be split into horses and ponies. To be judged on manners, turn-out
                Riders 10 years & under. .
                                                                                and way of going NOT confirmation. Will not be required to jump.

                                                                                Class 14       Family Horse or Pony
Class 10       12 years and under                                Height 2’0”
                                                                                Suitable to be ridden by two generations. To be shown in a snaffle.
Clear round jumping will resume after Class 10 has finished, subject to time.
                                                                                Class 15      Young Handler
                                                                                 Open to under 16’s. To be judges on the ability to show a horse/pony

                                                                                Class 16     In hand – Best Condition/Turn-out – any breed or
                                                                                type. Class may be split if sufficient entries

                                                                                Class 17       In hand – Mountain and Moorland
                                                                                Pure-bred & part-bred. Registered or unregistered.Shetland, Dartmoor,
   Kevin Merry Carriages                                                        Exmoor, Welsh, Highland, Connemara, New Forest, Fell, Dales.
       Tel. 07976219830
 Email                                                    Class 18        Mandi Hughes Memorial Inhand Coloured Horse or
                                                                                Pony.                                                         Open to Dun, Roan, Palomino, Spotted, Piebald & Skewbald. The
      Its all in the detail                                                     memorial cup will be awarded to the winner of this class. The cup
                                                                                must be returned to the show secretary by the end of May 2012
                                                                                Kindly sponsored by the Hughes Family

                                                                                Class 19       In hand – Veterans Open mixed age 15 years & over.
                                                                                To be judged 50% condition, 50% turn-out.
                                               RING FOUR

     GYMKHANA                                                      Begins at 1pm

     Entry fee £2.00 per class (entries on the day), payable at the ringside

     Class 20            Fancy Dress – Open to all
                         Hard hats must be worn if mounted. May be led.                                                  All GRADES OF HAY AND STRAW
                         Any size horse/pony; rider any age.                                                                    SMALL BALES.
                                                                                                                                WILL DELIVER
     Class 21            Bending Race                                                                            JONATHAN SMITH Tel. 01865 331180 OR 07889 196 973

     Class 22            Cup Race

     Class 23            Ride & Run
                                                                                                                        OTMOOR LEATHER GOODS
     Class 24            Musical Poles
                                                                                                                 HANDMADE LEATHER GOODS AND REPAIRS
     Classes 20 to 24 will be divided into:                                                              
          1) 10 yrs and under (must be led)
          2) 12 yrs and under (not to be led)
          3) Open

The Showground, which is river meadow, is always inspected for suitability during the week before the show. If
you are concerned about the condition of the ground, please contact the Show Secretary.

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