sat jumpers by HC120831104236


									New for 2012 at
        Camp Marshall
        Saturday Night Jumpers 2’-2’9

Show Dates:          June 23rd * July 21st * August 18th *September 22nd
                                    Class List: 5:00 pm Start
1. Elementary Speed 2’                                 4.Schooling Jumper Speed 2’3

2. Elementary Power Speed 2’                           5.Schooling Jumpers Power Speed 2’3

3. Elementary Timed first jump off 2’                  6.Schooling Jumpers Timed First jump off 2’3

7. Novice Jumper Speed 2’6                            10.Open Jumper Speed 2’9

8. Novice Jumper Power Speed 2’6                      11.Open Jumper Power Speed 2’9

9. Novice Jumper Timed first jump off 2’6             12.Open jumper timed first jump off 2’9

                     You must complete 3 out of the 4 shows for series end awards

                     Series end awards will be given out at the last show or can be mailed

                     You may cross over into divisions to be used as warm ups

                             Official Show Judge: Jesse Capriolli
Camp Marshall- 2012 Jumper Series                                               Registration Form

Riders Name: _______________________________________________ Age:_________

Address: _______________________________Town: ______________ State: ________

Horses Name: _______________________________________________ Sex: ________

Trainer: __________________________________ Barn: _________________________

Coggins # __________________           Email Address: _____________________________

                              Class Entry List:

Post Entry Fee            ($10.00)                                     $_______________

$10.00 per Class Entry                                                 $_______________

Lost Number Fee           ($1.00)                                      $_______________

Admin Fee                                                              $5.00

Horse Usage Fee           camp marshal students                        $_______________

Total: (checks made payable to Camp Marshall)                          $_______________

                                     Mail to: 92 McCormick Road Spencer, MA 01562

                               Or fax to 508-885-0119 or email to

                  Post entry fee applied if received after 5:00 pm on Thursday evening prior to the show

I hereby enter the above show at my own risk, subject to the rules of the show and I herby engage to be responsible for injury or
damages that may occur or be caused by any animals, vehicles or trappings, or the loss of any animal, vehicle or trapping exhibited
by me. I agree to make no claim against the show, any sponsors, officials or owners of the show grounds for any losses or damage to
or injury suffered by the above animal exhibitor or member of the family.

WARNING: Under Massachusetts law, an equine professional is not liable for injury to our the death of a participant in equine
activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activates, pursuant to MGLA c.128 &2D

Riders Signature: ________________________________________ Date:___________

Parent/Guardian: ________________________________________ Date: ___________
(if rider is under 18 years of age)
                                        *Classes/Event can be cancelled or changed at the discretion of the show manger as needed

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