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									Hill Country Hunter Jumper Association                                7:30 - 8:30 Schooling allowed in Covered Arena
April 16, 2011 Schooling Show                                         Outdoor arena will be available all day for schooling
                                                                      All classes will be held in the covered arena
Show starts promptly at 9:00 AM
                                                                      Walk Trot Division: Poles on the Ground
Show Host: Hill Country Riding Academy
                                                                          1. Walk Trot Poles Hunter
Show Manager: Stephanie Cook Judge: TBD
                                                                          2. Walk Trot Poles Equitation
                                                                          3. Walk Trot Flat
Ribbons 1st - 6th place in each class
                                                                      Cross Rail Division: Six jump course- no change of direction
** Warm up classes will be judged**
                                                                          4. Cross Rail Hunter Over Fences
Champion and Reserve Awards in each division
                                                                          5. Cross Rail Equitation Over Fences
                                                                          6. Cross Rail Flat (Walk/ Trot)
Classes                           $10.00 each
                                                                      2’ Hunter: Six jump course-single change of direction
Rider Fee:                        $25.00                                  7. 2’ Hunter Over Fences
Overnight Stall:                  $25.00 (limited number of stalls)       8. 2’ Hunter Equitation Over Fences
School Horse Use:                 $25.00 per division                     9. 2’ Hunter Flat (Walk/ Trot/ Canter)
                                                                      A. Warm Up 2’3: $10 class (Open card with #10)
   Hill Country Hunter Jumper Association Rules:                      2’3 Hunter: Eight Jump Course w/ Change of Direction
 All riders (regardless of age) MUST wear ASTM/SEI helmets at all        10. 2’3 Hunter Over Fences
   times while mounted!                                                   11. 2’3 Hunter Equitation Over Fences
 Dogs must be on leashes.                                                12. 2’3 Hunter Flat
 All horses must show proof of current Coggins test                  B. Warm Up 2’6: $10 class (Open card with #13)
 Martingales, boots and polo wraps ARE allowed.                      2’6 Hunter: Eight Jump Course w/ Change of Direction
 Riders must wear appropriate attire:                                    13. 2’6 Hunter Over Fences
 - Collared “polo” or “golf” type shirts allowed                          14. 2’6 Hunter Equitation Over Fences
 - Paddock boots with matching half chaps allowed.                        15. 2’6 Hunter Flat
                                                                      C. Warm Up 2’9: $10 class (Open card with #16)
Directions: Platinum EQ Center 3404 Cordova Rd Seguin, TX 78155       2’9 Hunter: Eight Jump Course w/ Change of Direction
From; I-10 Exit HWY 46 in Seguin Go West                                  16. 2’9 Hunter Over Fences
5 miles on 46, turn Right onto Cordova Rd,
Take the first Left at 3404 Cordova Rd.                                   17. 2’9 Hunter Equitation Over Fences
                                                                          18. 2’9 Hunter Flat
From; I- 35 Exit HWY 46 in New Braunfels                              D. Jumper Warm Up: $10 class (Open card with #19)
Go East 5 miles on 46, turn Left onto Cordova Rd                      2’9 – 3’3 Jumper Timed Round Course
Take the first Left at 3404 Cordova Rd.                                   19. Jumper Timed Round/ Jump Off
Contact Stephanie Cook for questions: 210-781-1812                        20. Jumper Timed Round
Hill Country Riding Academy www.hillcountryridingacademy.com              21. Jumper Timed Round Power & Speed
Hill Country Hunter Jumper Association April 16, 2011                                                                ENTRY FORM

Rider ____________________________Horse___________________________Classes________________Coggins#_____________

Rider ____________________________Horse___________________________Classes________________Coggins#_____________

Rider ____________________________Horse___________________________Classes________________Coggins#_____________


The Texas Legislature has enacted statutes governing liability arising from equine activities or livestock shows in Texas. Pursuant to Title 4, Chapter 87, Civil Practice and Remedies
Code, a person such as an equine activity sponsor or equine professional generally is not liable for damages arising from the personal injury or death of a participant in an equine
activity or livestock show if the injury, property damage, or death results from dangers or conditions that are an inherent risk of an equine activity, including:
(1) The propensity of an equine or livestock animal to behave in ways that may result in personal injury or death to a person on or around it;
(2) The unpredictability of an equine or livestock animal's reaction to sound, a sudden movement, or an unfamiliar object, person, or other animal;
(3) With respect to equine activities, certain land conditions and hazards, including surface and subsurface conditions;
(4) A collision with another animal or an object; or
(5) The potential of a participant to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to injury to the participant or another, including failing to maintain control over the equine or livestock
animal or not acting within the participant's ability.
                                                                           WAIVER OF LIABILITY
THAT FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of the payments and mutual covenants of being permitted to participate in activities associated with, but not limited to, the handling and /or
riding of equine animals, I/ WE and Hill Country Hunter/Jumper Association agree as follows:
I / WE hereby agree to indemnify, release, defend, and hold Hill Country Hunter/Jumper Association, and all of their members, officers, agents and employees, both paid and
voluntary, hereinafter referred to as “RELEASEES”, harmless of and from any and all liability claims, suits, or cause of action which may arise, whether caused by the negligence of
RELEASEES, from bodily injury, death or property damage, to me or my children or to third persons as a result of my, or my child’s, participation in the activities described above. I /
WE have been fully advised to the terms of the event and hereby agree to perform and consent to my participation, as well as my child’s participation, in the activities described above.
I / WE release RELEASEES from any claim whatsoever on account of first aid, treatment, or service rendered to me or my children during participation in activities associated with, but
not limited to, the activities stated above. The terms of this release are contractual and not a mere recital.

____________________________________                                                                      _______________________________________________
Please Print Rider’s Name                                                                                 Please Print Parent or Guardian’s Name


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