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Chapter 1 – Opening Address
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              You probably know as ACAS we settle a lot of employment disputes and
              probably many of you either directly or indirectly will know colleagues or friends
              who either run a small business, or work for a small business, or work for large
              businesses who have been involved in employment disputes. And sometimes
              them employment disputes end up a tribunal, which is both a costly experience
              for all the parties. Costly in terms of time, money, the stress etc. Is there a
              way of getting a new process free, free to everybody, employer, employee that
              would sort of like stop people having to go to a tribunal? Where they could feel
              in control of the process, where they could feel that the outcome was the right
              thing. Where in some ways we took away the potential for stress and cost both
              for the employer and the employee should they go to tribunal, and would it
              work. Now we tried this out pre-claim conciliation last year. And we started to
              introduce the service in April last year as a result of the government’s new
              Employment Relations Bill.      There’s an opportunity here for both, all those
              involved in employment disputes where we can identify that they will be
              prepared to look at pre-claim conciliation, that they can find a solution to it.

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              Now we’ve got a process here today, which I’ll hand over to my colleague, Pete
              Monaghan to explain it in more detail, which will show you a sort of truncated
              version of an actual case that goes through. And you’ll be delighted to know it
              is interactive. The process we have in place now, and we think it will probably
              grow, is much quicker, it’s cheaper for the parties, all of them, and it probably
              provides a better solution. It’s much broader, they think they own the actual
              process itself.

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I think one of the things that we’re trying to do today is to give you an
opportunity to actually see what this looks like in practice. One of the most
common complaints that we get now and over many years has been that of
unfair dismissal.   So you’re going to see a potential unfair dismissal, a
complaint being dealt with through pre-claim conciliation.

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