Ancient India Assessment

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Directions: Choose items from this menu to complete your Ancient India folder. Each item has an
assigned number of points. Your project must contain 18 points or more. Circle your choices and include
this paper in your folder. Be sure to include a cover with your name and picture. You will be graded on
neatness, accuracy of information, and English language conventions.

     Ancient India Map [6]                Caste System [5]                      Mandala [4]

Draw, color, and label a map of    Draw the caste system pyramid.     Write a 6-8 sentence paragraph
India including the following:     Label each caste and write a 2-3   defining a mandala. Be sure to
                                   sentence description of each       include what they represent,
Indus & Ganges Rivers,             caste. Include a brief             specific items you may find on a
Hindu Kush & Himalaya Mtns.,       explanation of how the caste       mandala, and explain what
Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, Bay     system works and a picture for     mandalas symbolize.
of Bengal, Deccan Plateau          each level.
                                                                      Include a colored sample mandala
         Vocabulary [2]            Four Noble Truths & Eightfold         Ancient India Symbols [4]
                                             Path [2]
List and define each word:                                            Choose 3 symbols of Ancient
                                   List the four noble truths. Draw   India such as the Taj Mahal,
subcontinent, monsoon, planned     and color a picture for each       Buddha, and Lotus flower. Write
city, caste, Hinduism,             truth.                             a 3-5 sentence description of
reincarnation, karma, ahimsa,                                         each. Include a colored picture
nirvana, Asoka, dharma, Hindu-     List the Eightfold Path and a      of each symbol. Pictures may be
Arabic numerals                    picture that represents it.        hand-drawn or computer
  Hinduism and Buddhism [3]             Important People [4]             Gifts of Ancient India [1]

Draw and label a Venn Diagram      Give a 5-7 sentence description    Write a bulleted list of 8 or
to compare and contrast India’s    of each person below and include   more legacies of Ancient India.
two primary religions: Hinduism    a hand-drawn or computer           Include colored pictures of at
and Buddhism. Include at least 6   generated image of each.           least 4.
differences and 3 similarities.
                                   Siddhartha Gautama
                                   Mohandas Gandhi
                         Ancient India Assessment Rubric

          Requirement                      Points Earned        Points Possible
Cover                                                                 10
color, picture, name, detail
Neatness & Design
neatness, effort, coloring, format,                                   15
Language Conventions
spelling, grammar, fluency,                                           15
capitalization, punctuation
factual information, details,                                         50
Point system                                                          10
18 points or more

Total & Score                                                        100

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