Summer Camp Kit List by 56mVlC8J


									Summer Camp Kit List
 All items of uniform                      Civilian Clothes                            Additional Items
Head dress                          2 x Towels & a wash kit                      Medication (if applicable)
CS 95 Shirts x 2                    Underwear                                    Knife, Fork, Spoon & Mug.
Issued T shirt x 2                  Socks                                        Tea towel
CS 95 Trousers x 2                  Sports shirts – T shirts crew                Scouring pad
Combat jacket/smock                 neck (old)                                   Sun cream
Elastics for trousers               Sports shorts (old)                          Toilet Roll
Brassard                            Training shoes                               Camouflage hat
Socks                               Track suit bottoms                           Bungees
Belt as issued                      Swimming Kit                                 Small torch
Boots                               Civilian Shirts                              Bin liners x 2
Boot polish & cleaning              Civilian pullover / sweatshirt               Green string
kit                                 Civilian trousers / jeans                    4 Tent pegs
Spare laces                         Civilian shoes / trainers                    Small note book & pencil
                                                                                 Small padlock & key
                                                                                 Travel sickness tablets (if
The list shows main items only, you may want to add additional items that you may need

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