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installation by lanyuehua


									              Installation Instructions for the Dinamap Data Capture and Upload Program

These installation instructions may only work with the configuration supplied by the project sponsor,
Carlos Orozco. The computer the application is installed and run on has the following specifications:
-Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2
-1.60GHz Intel Atom (N270) Processor
-Wireless Card (802.11a,b,g)
-2 USB Ports

    1. Download the MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver
    2. Setting up the Data Service Name
           a. Go to Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools
           b. Open ‘Data Sources (ODBC)’
           c. Click the ‘System DNS’ Tab
           d. Click ‘Add…’
           e. Scroll down the list and select ‘MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver’
           f. Click ‘Finish’
           g. Name the DSN ‘dinamapMySQL’
           h. Fill in the rest of the connection information and be sure to select the correct database
           i. Click ‘test’ to ensure the connection to the database server can be connected
           j. NOTE: The port used in the test environment is ‘3307’ which is different than the default
                MySQL port of ‘3306’
    3. Installing the Application
           a. Launch the Setup.exe file to begin installation
           b. NOTE: To correctly setup the application, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 needs to be
                installed. If it is not installed, the Setup.exe will install it automatically. However, the
                setup will take longer.
    4. Installing the USB to Serial driver
           a. Before connecting USB to Serial adapter, install the driver file
           b. It is included with the installation disk and the file name is
    5. Connecting the hardware
           a. Connect the USB to Serial adapter to the host computer’s USB port
           b. Connect the serial end to the adapter included with the Dinamap monitor
           c. Ensure the Dinamap monitor is powered on before trying to establish a connection
    6. System lock down
           a. The system administrator is responsible for locking down the PC connected to the
                Dinamap monitor. The data collected uses the PC’s time as the timestamp. To prevent
                tampering with the time, users should be prevented from changing the system time in
                Windows. Additionally, the clock settings in Windows should be set to automatically
                update and synchronize the system time with an accurate time server.

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