It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that Floor No

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It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that Floor No Powered By Docstoc
					It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that Floor No.___________ with is ready for
possession. With reference to the captioned subject, we are pleased to offer you
possession of the mentioned Floor, allotted to you.

Please be informed that as developers of the integrated township Parklands and as a part
of the various licenses, approvals and sanctions granted by various government
authorities, we have been obligated to develop the infrastructure for Electricity and
Sewage Treatment.

The sewage and electricity infrastructure comprises of the following (as detailed in
Annexure [A]):

1. Sewerage Treatment Infrastructure: The Company has been solely mandated by
Ministry of Environment and Forests for creating sewage treatment infrastructure to
ensure that sewage is adequately treated for disposal into HUDA's main line. This would
include STPs fully equipped with all civil and electro-mechanical work on around 2.8
acres of land and oxidation pond as solid waste storage etc. on around 1 acre of land.

2. Electricity Infrastructure: As per prevailing load norms of the Dakshin Haryana Bijli
Vitran Nigam (EHBVN) and Haryana Vidyut Parisaran Nigam (HVPN), we need to
provide an Electric Sub-Station of 220 Kv, besides downstream distribution sub-stations
and distribution network and allied electrical infrastructure. Moreover, the feeding source
for the 220kv sub-station is around 15 km and cost of feeding lines has also to be borne
by the company. Besides the sub-station, we also need to install number of 500 kva, 250
kva, 100 kva, 11/4.33 kv substations including transformers along with HT/LT panels,
isolator switches, cables, terminations and associated civil works, feeder pillars, meter
boards, electrical cables, underground brickwork, cable trenches and allied equipment
requiring around 6.5 acres of land for creation of such infrastructure.

After taking into account the above, the STP and Electrification charges have been
calculated @ Rs.996/- per sq. yd. and are being charged for each floor proportionately.
Therefore in terms of clause 1.5 of the Floor Buyer Agreement we request you to pay a
sum of Rs. 60,756.00 as charges towards setting up a Sewerage Treatment Plant and an
Electric Sub-Station. Further, inflation has had its effects on one and all, which has gone
in double digits in last few years.

The cost of the unit booked by you was based on construction cost prevailing in the year

However, due to inflation the cost of raw material has increased many folds since then.
As per clause 20.18 of the Agreement, any increase beyond 10% has to be borne by the
customer. To avoid any conflict, we have taken into consideration the CPWD base index
as on 01.04.2009 (applicable till 30.09.2009) and compared with average of 01.04.2010,
01.04.2011 & 01.10.2011 (although we are in August 2012, as the rates for April 2012
have not been released as yet). As per the said Index the cost of raw material has
increased by 16.34% in the intervening period. As agreed, the company has
already absorbed initial 10% of such increase and as a goodwill gesture the company is
also bearing entire 100% increase in labour costs as well. However, we are constrained to
demand the remaining 6.34% Increase in cost of raw material from you.

The statement of account and maintenance invoice having the details of the amounts due
and payable by you under various heads before taking over possession are enclosed
herewith as Annexure B & C, and hence, you are requested to make the balance/due
payments on or before 31.08.2012 to avoid any interest/charges as applicable on delayed
payments in accordance with terms and conditions as applicable.

Moreover, in order to avail timely payment discount of Rs. 4,960.76 (5.00 % of BSP),
you are requested to clear net total dues of Rs.383,720.17 on or before 31.08.2012.

You are requested to make the payments on or before 31.08.2012 for fulfilling the
formalities for execution of sale deed and handing over of physical possession, failing
which you shall be liable to pay Holding charges @ Rs.5/-. per sq.ft. (Rs.53.82 per sq.
mtr.) per month, in terms of the Floor Buyer's Agreement.

You are also required to submit photographs and other documents as per Annexure D,
attached herewith and to execute Indemnity cum Undertaking (in attached format
herewith as Annexure E) and Maintenance Agreement as per Annexure-F, before taking
possession of the aforesaid Floor as per the Standard Draft.

Please note that the execution of Floor Buyer's Agreement and Maintenance and Service
Agreement is a pre-requisite for taking possession of the Floor. Please ensure that you
have executed the aforesaid agreements with the company prior to taking possession of
the Floor.

We are further pleased to inform you that it shall be our endeavour to complete all the
modalities (including purchase of stamp papers) for execution and registration of the
conveyance deed completed within 90 days of receipt of payment in our account and
submission of required documents where after you will be requested to choose a date of
mutual convenience for execution and registration of conveyance deed.

Any reminder of this letter or further communication, if any sent from our side, shall in
no case be construed as granting extension of time period specified in this letter and/or
waiver of penalties/holding charges, payable by you in terms of this letter and the Floor
Buyer's Agreement.

For any queries pertaining to above please feel free to visit our Customer Care at BPTP
Crest, Plot No-15, Udyog Vihar-Phase-IV, Gurgaon Haryana or call at 0124-3852787 or
write to us on Email ID -customercare @

We thank you for your support. We look forward to a long and healthy customer
relationship with you and assure you of our best services at all times.
Yours faithfully,for BPTP Limited,
Dear All,

Please include these charges also for 180 sq. Yard plot:

1. Advance Maintenance charges from 01.09.2012 to 31.03.2013 = Rs. 5,479.40
2. Admin Charges = Rs. 7,773.21
3. IFMS (Int. Free Maintenance Security) = Rs. 20,900.00 (As per Flat Buyer

After meeting with customer care representative at Gurgaon office, I understand that
actually there is no possession from 01.09.2012. They have just started collecting Total
Amount payable from us with Stamp Duty charges and Stamp paper fee & Convey. Deed
Reg. Charges. We have to submit documents for possession in this regards:

i.     ID Proof of all Applicants;
ii,    Address proof of Applicants;
iii.   6 passport size photographs (colour) of each Applicant;
iv.    Copy of PAN Card or Form 60;
v.     NOC fro Bank/FIs for taking physical possession, in case, you have availed the
loan facility from any bank or any financial institutions, in order to make payment or
complete any other formalities, as may be required by the Bank.
vi.    Indemnity-cum-undertaking as per Annexure E (to be typed on Non-Judicial
Stamp Paper of 100/- and it should be notarised by Public Notary with due stamps) and
needs to be provided by each applicant separately (Note: it is advisable that although the
format may be sent and undated signed format may be accepted, which may be notarized
on day of registration of sale deed or this may be notarised on day of registration of sale
deed or this may be taken at time of sale deed).

After that within 60 to 90 days they have give us possession with registry.



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