CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS


The purpose of the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship is to relieve, through
friendship and support, the problems associated with old age amongst its
beneficiaries. Its beneficiaries are all retired Civil Servants, their partners and
widows and widowers of civil servants.

The Fellowship is a registered, incorporated charity, in part supported by annual
grant-in-aid of £264k from Cabinet Office which is currently under review. A key part
of the Chairman’s role will be to lead the Fellowship through a process of reviewing
and refining its current activities and building a long-term strategy that leads to
financial self-sufficiency.

The Fellowship is a national organisation which operates at a local level throughout
the UK through some 350 groups (organised into 56 Branches) all staffed by
volunteers. The charity is directed by a Board of Directors and administered by a
Chief Executive/Company Secretary and six paid staff (‘Fellowship Office’) in
Greenwich and one part time outreach worker based in Northern Ireland.

The Board comprises a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer, nine members of
the Fellowship elected at the AGM and one appointed by each of the Civil Service
Benevolent Fund, the Council of Civil Service Unions, and the Cabinet Office (CO).
In law all Board members are executive trustees.

The Board meets four or five times a year, usually in the Public and Commercial
Services building at Clapham Junction. Most papers are sent out in advance by post
and e-mail. Standard agenda items include the Treasurers report and reports of the
work of Committees (see below). Ad hoc issues include the Fellowship’s business
and strategic plans, financial policy, publicity and marketing, lines to take at the
AGM/Conference, the implementation of the decisions taken at the AGM, and the
Memorandum and Articles and Rules of the Fellowship.

Committees can be created if required, but the Fellowship has moved away from
having more than one standing committee (the Operations and Finance Committee)
and tends to set up working groups with a limited time span.

The Chairman considers whether it is necessary to create Committees and/or
Working Groups and Board members may chose not to serve on any
Committee/Working Group but this is rare. Members who want to serve on a
Committee can express their preferences. Membership is decided by the Chairman
normally following the AGM/Conference. The Chairman is an ex-officio member of all

The AGM/Conference of the Fellowship is where resolutions and motions are put
forward for consideration. Each Branch is entitled to send either the registered
company member or a proxy. The half-day event is held early August with one
overnight stay (currently held in a hotel outside Coventry).

At the AGM a Board member will if necessary present the Board’s views during the
formal business. The nine elected members serve one year and are required to be
nominated by their Branch each year. Each nomination must be agreed by a
majority of the Board.

Ad Hoc Events: there will be other events where your attendance is expected eg
promotional launches and Branch AGMs but these can be limited to a handful each

August 2009

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