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					Mobile Programming LLC
      A Division of A-1 Technology, Inc.

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About Mobile Programming

Company Profile:

Mobile Programming LLC. is a subsidiary of A-1 Technology Inc. A-1 Technology is an ISO 9001:2000 certified
firm and Microsoft Gold Partner focused on Mobile Solution Development. Strong Programming skills in Mobile,
Desktop & Web based applications are the defining USP of our firm.

Mobile Programming LLC is an adjunct partner of Apple Inc and HTC and has dynamic working team and
adaptable technological infrastructure. It is one of the distinguished mobile app programming company in US with
offices in New York, Florida, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Mobile Programming LLC provides custom mobile application development services in different verticals such as
Insurance, Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Entertainment, Gaming and Education. We specialize in mobile
programming for iPhone/iPad/iPod, Blackberry (RIM), Android, J2ME, Symbian, Palm, Brew and Windows
Mobile. We specialize in Native and client/server applications with user friendly interfaces.

Our diversified experience and strong penchant for innovation and quality within our Custom Mobile Application
Development Services help companies stay ahead of competitors, maintain superior mobility and eliminate
obstacles in the path of the development process while saving both time and money.


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   History of iPhone
   Recent Scenario of iphone apps developmentI
   iPhone Application Development Services
   iPhone Development Methods
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                         History of iPhone

First iPhone was launched in 29 June
2007 by steve jobs and apple.It had
created a sensation in mobile market.
It is also known with diffrent names
like iPhone 2G,iPhone Edge.

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Recent Scenario of iphone apps development

Apple has launched iPhone App Store
in 2008.It was modren kind of platform
for apple users.It created sensation in
mobile market.Apple released SDK
which is widely usded by developers
for iphone application.

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      iPhone Application Development Services

   iPhone Custom Application Development
   iPhone Custom Software Development
   iPhone Widget development
   iPhone App Store Optimization
   iPhone Web Application Development
   iPhone Software support & Maintenance
   iPhone Software QA & Testing
   iPhone Porting & Migration

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                 iPhone Development Methods

iPhone applications development can be
divided into 2 type of applications.
1. iPhone Web Applications - Normal
website with specified to iphone using
some JaveScript funtions that is provided
by the Safari.
2. iPhone Native Applications - An
designed to run in the computer
(machine language and OS) it is being run
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                       Why to Choose Us ?

Mobile Programming.LLC, we offers
wide range of mobile apps development
services for iPhone, Android, Blackberry
and other platforms.Hire Our
iPhone Apps Developers for your iphone
applications development needs.

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Mobile Programming LLC. Clients

Our Featured Clients

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Mobile Programming LLC. Portfolio

    Our iPhone Portfolio

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Contact US

                           New York
                           115 Broadway, 13th Floor
                           New York, NY, 10006
                           Phone : 212-397-7481
                           Fax : 212-931-8530

                           Los Angeles
                           16000 Ventura Blvd, Suite 440
                           Encino, CA 91436
                           Phone : 310-584-6300
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