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                         QUOTATION CALL NOTICE

          Sealed Quotations are invited by the undersigned from the authorized firms,
manufactures, EPM rate contact holders registered under OST act and having valid Regd.
No. TIN and VAT for supply of equipments under the U.G.C. Scheme for Special assistance.
The details will be available in the college website WWW.drjadunath College, Rasalpur.

Terms & Condition

   1. The tenderers shall mention the VAT/TIN No- in their Tenders and furnish the copies
      of up to date VAT Certificate in form VAT-612.
   2. The tender paper will be available in the college office from (11 A.M. to 3 P.M.)on
      payment of Rs 1000(Rupees one thousand) only.
   3. The Tenderers are also required to deposit an EMD amount of Rs. 5000/-(Five
      thousand) only in shape of B.D. drawn in favour of the Principal, Dr. J.N. College,
      Rasalpur payable at S.B.I. Balasore..
   4. The sealed Tender papers will be received in the office of the Principal up to 2 P.M. on
      16.01.2012 and will be opened at 3.00 PM on the same day by Principal or his/her
      authorized officer on his/her behalf in his/her office or the presence of the Tenderers or
      their authorized representatives.
   5. The list of Departmental Equipments & quantity enclosed in this Tender are tentative
      but the purchase order will be placed as per actual requirement subject to availability
      of funds.
   6. If the supplier fails to supply the equipments in the college within 10 days from the
      date of the issue of the supply order the EMD will be forfeited and the purchase order
      will be cancelled.
   7. The Tenderers should put their signature in the tender papers.
   8. The authority is not bound to accept the lowest financial bid. At the time of delivery
      the supplies or Equipments should be company sealed, if it terms out to be otherwise
      the acceptance of delivery shall be refused .
   9. The suppliers shall give a performance warranty for a minimum period of at least one
      year or as per companies warranty period.
   10.The suppliers of Item like Photo printer, reprographer, Computer, Camera should
      furnish authorized dealer certificate from the company, should quoto their rates for
      annual maintenance contract for a minimum of three years.
   11.No advance payment shall be made.
   12.All the disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of civil courts situated at Balasore.
   13.The Principal reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders without assigning
      any reason thereof.

                                                                  Sd- Principal
                                                           Dr. J.N. College, Rasalpur.
                                                 Name of the Equipments

                                                              Quantity to be procured      Rate per
Sl. No.   Name of the Item                       Make/Brand   subject to availability of   each/set/pair in   Remarks
                                                              funds                        figures & words
      1 Computer                                              4
          CDs and DVDs in software in language                1
     2    teaching
     3    LCD Projector                                       2
     4    Display screen                                      1
     5    Steel Map Stand                                     2
     6    Maps (Historical)                                   50
     7    Figures of Kings, Queens                            30
     8    Figures of art and Arch.                            5
     9    Lap top                                             2
    10    Reprographic machine                                1
    11    Digital Camera                                      4
    12    Printer                                             3
    13    Scanner                                             2
    14    Optical Bench                                       1
    15    Spectra meter                                       1
    16    Travelling Microscope                               1
    17    Newton’s Ring apparatus                             2
    18    Triode Characteristics                              2
    19    Transistor Characteristic                           2
    20    Diode Characteristic                                1
    21    PN Junction diode                                   2
    22    Reading Telescope                                   2 set
    23    Soroemeter                                          1
    24    Velocity of sound                                   2 set
    25    Bending of beam                                     1
    26    Diffraction Grating                                 1
    27    Fresnel’s biprisom                                  1
    28    Rigidly Modulus of wire                             2
    29    Scientific Calculator                  FX991ES      10
          Refographic Machine (Digital)                       1
    30    (Print, Scan & Copy)
    31    Stabilizer                                          1
    32    PH Meter
          U. V. Vissible, Spectro Photo
    33    meter
          Micro Processor base
    34    conductivity
    35    Melting point apparatus
    36    Vacuum pump
    37    Micropipette Controller                             2
    38    Distillation plant (Mono quat)
    39    Vacuum decicator
    40    Chromatography apparatus                            2
    41    Filter assembling
    42    Electronic weighing machine
    43    Compund Microscope                                  20
44 Simple Microscope               30
45 Zeals Higrometre                2
   Zeals dry and wet ball
46 Max-min Thermomittor
47 Digital Balance                 3
48 Preserved permanent specimens   100
   Permanent Micro sided with      100
49 Micro Specimens
50 Slide Cabinet                   1
51 Digital spectro photometer      1
52 Phase Contrasting Microscope    1
53 Auto clave (Digital)
54 Respiroscope                    1
55 Teaching models                 10

                                                Sd- Principal
                                         Dr. J.N. College, Rasalpur.

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