Return Subpoena by 56mVlC8J


									                                        DATE OF REQUEST:                        RE DOCKET/FILE NO.:          TYPE OF PROCESS:
        RETURN OF                                                                                                 Subpoena
PLAINTIFF(S)                                                                    DEFENDANT(S)

Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 45(c): Subpoena; Service:
A subpoena may be served by any person who is not a parry and is not less                                              COUNTY
than 18 years of age. Service of a subpoena upon a person named therein shall
be made by delivering a copy thereof to such person, or by exhibiting it and
reading it to him, or by leaving a copy at his place of abode; …

         I, the undersigned process server, complying with the laws set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and
 the Rules of Civil Procedure, certify that I served the attached, attested, process by (“X” one):

                     Delivering a copy of it personally to                     ____________________________________

                     Leaving a copy of it at the dwelling house or usual place of abode of
                               _________________________ with a person of suitable age and discretion
                               residing therein.

                     Mailed first-class this process to the following address:

                     I have been unable to make service because:                             ______________________


 Date of Service:                           Address Where Served:                                          Time of Service:

                                                                                                                 :              AM / PM

                    ____________________________________                                              Signed under the pains and
                        Process Server & Disinterested Person                                            penalties of perjury.
                                                                 PROCESS SERVER USE ONLY

           FEES:                                                    ____________________________________________________
                     - Service:           $_____
                     - PD Witness:        $_____
                     - Travel             $_____                    ____________________________________________________
                     - Misc.              $_____                    ____________________________________________________
                     TOTAL:               $_____                    ____________________________________________________

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