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					Every intellectual revolution which
has ever stirred humanity into
greatness has been a passionate
protest against inert ideas.
               Whitehead. The Aims of Education
              Civil Society
To envision a democratic civic entity that
empowers citizens to rule themselves is then
necessarily to move beyond the two-celled
model of government versus private sector we
have come to rely on….Civil society, or civic
space, occupies the middle ground [between the
two]. It is not where we vote and it is not where
we buy and sell; it is where we talk with
neighbors about a crossing guard…a benefit for
our community school…
               Barber, Jihad vs. McWorld
     Social Fragmentation
America’s symbolic analysts have been
seceding from the rest of the
nation….This group of Americans no
longer depends, as it once did, on the
economic performance of other
Americans. Symbolic analysts are
linked instead to global webs of
enterprise, to which they add value
                 Reich, Work of Nations
The Four Quadrants of Service-Learning Program Design

                  Structured Learning

  Expertise       Service-Learning       Common Good
    Focus                                   Focus

                 Unstructured Learning
             Faculty Quadrant
•   Identify present & likely practitioners
•   Provide suitable models & tools
•   Provide suitable trainings
•   Provide public recognition
•   Create a practitioners’ community
         Student Quadrant
• Create multiple paths to excellence
• Engage students in problems that matter
• Regard students as resources/assets
• Include students in design & delivery
• Create student leadership program across
  faculties and schools
       Institutional Quadrant
• Speak to importance of engagement in
  relation to institutional mission
• Create an infrastructure to support faculty
• Link engagement to higher learning skills
  & assessment
• Use academic engagement to achieve a
  variety of institutional goals
          Partner Quadrant
• Include partners in design & delivery
  process from the very beginning
• Identify key partners in each subject area
• Distinguish partners from clients
• Provide partner resources
• Recognize & celebrate partnership
     Next-Century Learning
 …today, people worldwide need a whole series
of new competencies…but I doubt such abilities
can be taught solely in the classroom, or be
developed solely by teachers. Higher order
thinking and problem-solving skills grow out of
direct experience…they require more than a
classroom activity. They develop through active
involvement and real-life experiences in
workplaces and the community.
   Abbott, “The Search for Next-Century Learning”
…civic engagement is necessary
because no democracy – indeed, no
reasonably just regime of any type
can manage without private,
voluntary, nonprofit associations.
In turn, these associations need
citizens who have certain relevant
skills, habits and virtues.
            Peter Levine, The Future of Democracy
         What Is at Stake
Democratic political development is the
most urgent issue of our time. Declining
levels of political participation in Europe
and US is a widespread problem, and is
particularly acute among the young. It may
only be a slight exaggeration to say that
future of democracy at stake.  International Consortium on Higher
                             Education report

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