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					                           ANCIENT GREECE
                          Instructional Guide

I.     Ancient Greece
       A. Power Point
           1.) Introduce the History and Geography of Ancient Greece
                   a.) complete notes
                   b.) have the students label their map with Mt. Olympus,
                   Delphi, Thebes, Corinith, Mycenae, Pylos, Athens, Olympia,
                   Sparta, Knossos, the Ionian and Aegean Seas, Ithaca, and
           2.) Introduce the Literature of Ancient Greece
                   a.) complete notes
           3.) Introduce Greek Mythology
                   a.) complete notes
           4.) Introduce Homer, Iliad and Odyssey
                   a.) complete notes
                   b.) Read the Iliad and Odyssey during Critical Reading
           5.) Introduce Greek Philosophy, Science, Skepticism, & Religion
                   a.) complete notes
                   b.) read and complete the article on Archimedes
           6.) Life and Work of Ancient Greece
                   a.) complete notes
           7.) Introduce Government and the Trojan War
                   a.) complete notes
           8.) Introduce Greek Art
                   a.) complete notes
                   b.) Create Greek Potter on Paper Cup
           9.) Introduce Greek Architecture- power point only
                   a.) read the articles Pericles & Parthenon during Critica.
           10.) Introduce Writing- power point only
           11.) Introduce Greek Music- power point: will need to pause
                 throughout the presentation for students to write notes
                   a.) complete notes
           12.) Introduce the Gardens
                   a.) complete notes
II.    Student Activities
       1.) Complete map of ancient Greece
       2.) Create Greek Pottery
       3.) Complete Greek Analogies
       4.) Ancient Greek Anaxagoras word find
III.   Unit Test
        1.)     Assign the student to write a 3-5 paragraph essay covering
                one of the following topics
                a.) Life in Ancient Greece
                b.) Philosophy, Science, Skepticism, & Religion
                c.) The History
                d.) The Arts and Architecture

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