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									Project Manager CV Example - Template
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Professional Profile   I am a confident and organised Project Manager, capable of juggling many tasks and
                       problems to ensure that everything goes to plan. I am capable of inspiring and
                       encouraging my team to hit their individual targets and carry out their individual tasks
                       to see the project through to completion.
                          Trustworthy.                        Highly organised.
                          Sensible and practical.             Focussed.
                          Approachable and                    Intuitive.
                           Friendly.                           Flexible.
                          Conscientious.                      Hard Working.

      Professional         BTEC in Construction planning.

      Work History     January 2010 - Present
                       Project Manager, Superior Building Services, London
                       Working in this large building services company as a Project manager had me
                       overseeing a large amount of departments and liaising with them all to ensure that the
                       project on which we were working was delivered on time, on budget. I had to make
                       many phone calls and emails between various different people to ensure that everyone
                       was carrying out their roles properly.

                       January 2008- January 2010
                       Project Manager, Sea Digital, London.
                       Working in this dynamic entertainment industry as a project manager I was responsible
                       for overseeing recording of new programmes as a project manager, this would entail
                       liaising with the location departments, the film crews, and the producers to ensure that
                       everyone knew what to do and when to make sure that the programme happened.

                       January 2007 – January 2008
                       Project Manager, Highways and Byways, London
                       Working for this civil engineering firm, I was tasked with tying together all of the
                       departments to ensure that a build went as planned. I would have to liaise with the
                       planning department and the groundwork and buildings teams to ensure that all the
                       processes were followed to ensure that the necessary build was completed on time. I
                       would have to check everything was logged and filed correctly so that should a query
                       arise as to the legitimacy of a build we could back that up.

          Education    GCSE 10xA Grades including English, Maths and Science.
                       Londonberry Comprehensive School

        References     References are available on request, or in writing to the above previous employers.
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