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									Name             :    Nasar T P
Degree           : Civil Engineering.

                           TO WHOM SO EVER IT MAY CONCERN

Dear Sir/Madam,
             Please accept this letter of introduction as on enquiry for job opportunities.

I   (Nasar   T       P)   have   completed   my   CIVIL   ENGINEERING       DEGREE     from
Kannur Engineering College affiliated to Kannur University, Kerala, India. I am exploring
positions in organizations looking for a candidate with enthusiasm and perseverance; in
return I offer hard work, honesty and dedication.

My skills include the ability to communicate and as well as manage time and cost. I have
developed a high level understanding in the field of engineering and my 4 years of
experience would be beneficial for your organization.

My goal is seeking a challenging position in a company with excellent potential that
includes intellectual stimulation and the ability to share innovative ideas and dedication
will add to the operation for organization and my growth.

Enclosed resume gives you an over view of my credentials and outlines of my previous
employment. It would therefore be privilege to secure an opportunity in your
organization, looking for your encouragement. I would like to set up an appointment and
meet you at the earliest convenience.

Thank you for reviewing my credentials. I am looking for new opportunities.

Yours Sincerely,
P.B.NO. 182845
 +971-50-4619395

 Objective :
         An enthusiastic, hardworking professional looking out for better prospects in the
field of Civil Engineering, I seek a good position which will provide me an opportunity to
learn and grow while contributing to the growth of the company I work for.


 Work Experience :

1)       Dubai Metro Rail Project (DM 001)

Client                        : Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai
Organization                  : Obayashi Corporation (JT METRO JV), Dubai Metro.
Post Held                     : Civil Engineer
Duration                      : January 2007 to till Date.
Consultant                    : SYSTRA/ PARSONS

         Japan Turkey Metro Joint Venture (JTMJV) is a joint venture of reputed
companies (OBAYASHI-KAJIMA-YAPI MERKEZI-MITSUBISHI) from Japan and Turkey.
JTMJV is in the process of constructing the ambitious Dubai Metro Rail project with a
total worth of AED 16 Bn. Qbayashi Corporation is leading the civil works for the project
by constructing the metro stations (elevated and underground) and also constructing the
tunnels and viaducts with the state of the art equipments and facilities. Currently am
working in Alghubaiba Underground metro rail station as a Site civil engineer.
Key Responsibilities:

      Check Structural Engineering Drawing and implement the work according to that.

      Responsible for inspection and monitoring of rebar cage fabrication, plunged
       column installation, and all other rebar works as per approved method of
      Supervising the construction of diaphragm walls, Barrette pile, Roof slab,
       Concourse Slab, Intermediate Slab, Raft Slab for Al Ghubaiba Metro Station
       (Under Ground).
      Diaphragm Wall: Excavation for the guide wall, casting of the same. After
       excavation checking the depth of the trench, verticality of the trench using
       KODEN. Checking the quality of the Bentonite before, during and after
       excavation. Supervising the cage fabrication as per the drawing, checking the
       cage along with the consultants and giving clearance for lowering. It is followed
       by the casting of the D wall. Maintaining the panel reports.
      Station Box Construction: Excavation for casting the roof, concourse,
       intermediate and raft slabs, it’s a top to bottom construction. The excavation
       is followed by casting the lean concrete, which acts as a level surface for the
       slabs. Supervising the steel fabrication for the slab, checking along with the
       consultants and giving clearance for casting the slab. Rectifying the leakage in
       the diaphragm wall during the excavation, PU Grouting. As the excavation for the
       station continues, the Diaphragm wall is supported with struts, to prevent any
       collapse of diaphragm wall. Checking the bills submitted by the sub-contractor.
      Water proofing for the Base/Raft Slabs: Preparation of the surface for the
       installation of W4 FLAGON water stop as well as SNW55 GEOTEXTILE layer
       and then careful supervision for the installation of FLAGON BT MEMEBRANE as
       per the method of statements. Conducting the pressure tests for membrane
       welding along with the consultants followed by the protection layer geo textile
       and protection screed before the reinforcements for the slab.
      Soil Investigation and Dewatering: Installation of the piezometer as per the
       drawing issued by the designer. Once installation is completed there is a
       continuous monitoring of the piezometer. Installation of the surface settlement
       points, inclinometer. Settlement points are installed to monitor the settlement of
       the surrounding area of the station during the excavation. Inclinometer is
       installed to monitor the movement of the diaphragm wall during the excavation
       for the station. It is also inclusive of conducting pump test, slug test. Drilling of
    the dewatering wells, lowering Slotted MSW pipe of 400mm dia. Installation of
    the pump. Frequently checking the water level in the dewatering well.
   Utility diversion: Diversion of main sewer line of 1000mm dia, using sheet
    piling technique. Followed by the construction of manholes. Diversion of 300mm
    dia water line using thrust boring, testing of newly laid ac pipes. Diversion of
    11KV and 6.6KV electric line using HDD technique. Etisalat diversion, which had
    construction of JRC12 and JRC14 manholes.
   Supervise and ensure all structural and civil works are done in accordance to
    approved drawings and specification and ensure project progress as per set time
    and budgets maintaining quality.
   Responsible for rebar installation and inspection of slab (Roof slab thickness is
    1.4 meter and Raft slab thickness is 2 meter) and beam as per approved plan
    and specifications.
   Responsible for final inspection of the consultants for approval and confirmation
    of work done prior to proceed.
   Preparation of non-conformance report, field change request if required.
   Supervise the erection of pier columns, abutments, pre-cast materials such as
    concrete girders & check the location and installation of temporary bearings.
   Reviews plans, specifications and other project documents.
   Support subordinate engineers in day to day project work for timely completion
    as per project plan.
   Oversees proper implementation of plans and deals with the subcontractor’s
   Preparation of ITR (inspection and testing request) for all work.
   Observes and maintains safety procedures on site.
   Attending the meetings with the client, consultants and the subcontractors.
   Monitoring       of   concrete   pouring,   utilities   diversion   and   diaphragm   wall
   Responsible for fixing formworks and familiar with all modern formwork methods.
   Supervising the Block Work inside Station.
   Supervising the lifting works and erection of scaffold on site.
   Man-material management on site.
   Inspect sites to monitor progress on site and giving instructions to the
   Quantity analysis and cost estimation.
2)     Kunnel Projects (P) Ltd. Cochin, Kerala, India

Position                        : Civil Engineer

Duration                        : 08 Sep ‘06 to 06 Dec ‘06

       Kunnel Projects (P) Ltd. is one of the leading contracting companies in Kerala (in
India) and is working on numerous projects, including the construction of Wipro
Campus at Infopark, Cochin, Kerala, India. Worked as Site civil engineer in this

Key Responsibilities:

      Execute structural and civil works as per approved drawings and specification.

      Responsible for installation of all types of rebar and its inspection.

      Responsible for fixing     formworks for column, beam, slab, staircase etc.

      Responsible for final inspection prior to concreting of slab, column, staircase,


      Final measurements on site.

      Monitoring of concrete pouring.

      Preparation of inspection request.

      Co-ordinating with material supplier for material procurement.

      Co-ordinating with sub contractor for work related progress.

      Preparing weekly and monthly project report.

      Ensure timely completion of project as per project plan.

      Man-material management on site.

      Arrangements of all equipments and tools for site works.

      Explaining drawings to Site supervisors.
Academic Qualifications :

     BTech Degree in CIVIL ENGINEERING at Govt College of engineering Kannur,
     from Kannur University with First class.

     HSE at Govt. HSS, Kokallur, from Higher Secondary Board of Kerala, India.

     SSLC at HSS, Nochad from Board of Public Examination, Kerala, India.

Professional Strengths :

     Good communication skill.
     Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines.
     Maintain positive attitude in the face of changes in work assignments.
     Ability to inspire creativity and co-operation among team members adaptable to
     Have independence and full responsibility for myself.
     Honesty and loyalty to the organization.
     Open minded organized, productive and practical, Flexible and friendly.
     Self-assured,    Self-confident   &   Self-motivated,   Decisive,   dedicated     and

Technical Certifications :

     Lifting Supervisor Certification from Mirdiff Safety & Security Institute, UAE.
     Scaffold Competent Person Certification from Mirdiff Safety & Security Institute,

Academic Projects:

     Traffic and transportation studies at Kannur and design of Municipality Bus
     Terminal Complex.
     Analysis of traffic conditions on the national highway in Kannur district (Mahe
     Bridge to Kalikadavu).
 Technical Skills:

Familiar with:
       Building construction.

       Barrette pile construction.

       Construction of Underground Metro Station Building (Top to Bottom method of

       Water Proofing below and above Structures.

       Utility Diversion.

       Tube well construction.

       Rotary drilling in related to dewatering.

       Diaphragm wall construction around station box.

       NDT tests like "cross hole sonic testing” for detection of cracks in underground
       structures and diaphragm walls.

 Personal Profile:

Gender                       : Male
Marital Status               : Married
Nationality                  : Indian
Religion                     : Islam-Muslim

Passport No                  : F8588949
Place of Issue               : Kozhikode
Date of Issue                : 02-08-2006
Date of Expiry               : 01-08-2016

Visa Status                  : Employment Visa
Computer Knowledge           : MS Office suit, AutoCAD, STAAD, STRAP, MAT Lab.

Linguistic abilities         : English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil.

Hobbies                      : Reading, listening to music, playing Cricket and Football.


    I hereby declare that the above-furnished details are true and correct to the best of
    my knowledge.

                                                                        (NASAR TP)


    1) T.Shiozaki

        Station Manager

        Alghubaiba Underground Station

        JT metro JV

        Dubai Metro Rail Project

        Tel # -0097143920011

    2) Sathyan.P

        General Manager

        Kunnel Projects (P) Ltd. Cochin, Kerala, India.

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