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									Meaningful Use Of Social Media Analytics

When you arrive at a social marketing strategy, you also have certain criteria to monitor it. The
same applies to social media. Each section on social media is unique in its own way, and a metric
that might work in one area might not for others. To make the task easy for you, we have come up
with certain essential social media analytics and monitoring metrics.

This appears like a simple metric but is highly valuable. Friends and Followers on Facebook and
Twitter respectively do certify your online presence. It does reflect the number of people you are
connected with. Though “the more the merrier” is a welcoming statement, but when it comes to
effective social media monitoring it is best to go beyond numbers or at least manage the numbers
well. This means, if on Twitter you might have 200 followers whereas you might be following 700
people, then that’s a sign to watch out for. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the percentage
of people you follow and the ones who follow you back are proportional.

Social media engagement
The aptest way to define social media engagement is that it is a free flowing conversation on
relevant topics. At the same time, you must ensure that this conversation and discussion does not
cross over to idle directionless banter. If that is the case, then you would be loosing your basic
objective of social media monitoring. Therefore, if you see your social media engagement to be free
flowing and progressive in nature, be rest assured that you are using the correct social analytics and

Turnaround Time
This is one of the crucial social media monitoring metrics. How much time do you take to
communicate back to your online audience? Since in social media the communication is ongoing it
is essential to reply in time in order to add value to the audience in the apt way. When you have an
objective in mind and a conversation is on the flow it is best to reply back within 15 to 30 minutes,
else the focus changes and the interest are lost.

Social network monitoring might appear to be a complicated for many. However, with advanced
social analytics tools it is easy for you to track down social behavior and understand what works for
your social campaign and what does not. Today there are advanced analytic dedicated to a social
networking forum, such as Facebook analytics that is specially designed for Facebook and its
features. These tools revert quickly with important feedback and actionable insights that you can
incorporate into your social marketing strategy.

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