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									City and County of
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Fiscal/Billing Workgroup
May 28, 2009

Revenue Reporting Groups
What is an RRG?
     An RRG is a code assigned to a program that determines how
     revenue will be reported for many of the basic system
     generated billing reports. Revenue groups are related to
     programs and must be assigned when a program is defined.
     RRG should be based on the lowest level of reporting
     required. This association allows the agency to determine
     Programs by clinical requirements and RRG’s by fiscal
     requirements. It is important to note that while many
     programs can consolidate to a single RRG, for each RRG,
     there must be at least one corresponding program.

     Revenue reporting groups is equivalent to cost centers. You
     can have multiple programs assigned to a single cost center
     but you can not have multiple cost centers to a program. This
     field is used to run and sort your financial reports.
 Who does RRG have an impact on?
Revenue Reporting Groups are often used by fiscal staff for
budgetary decisions, grant writing, Board of Supervisor reports,
etc. They are typically large groups of programs that meeting a
certain criteria within the business processes and policies.

Typically, individuals interested in high-level grouping reports
 •   Chief Executive Officers (CEO)
 •   Chief Financial Officers (CFO)
 •   Executive Directors (ED)
 •   County Administrative Analysts (CAA)
 •   Budget Officers (BO)
 Where is RRG assigned?
RRG is assigned at Program Maintenance. Each program is
assigned to one Revenue Reporting Group.
Path: System Maintenance → System Definition → Program Maintenance

                                                    More than one
                                                    program can be
                                                    assigned to a single
                                                    RRG. (Think Big
What does the RRG to Program
relationship look like?
Illustration of One RRG to Many Programs

 RRG                                 Seneca
                                                    Program (RU)



                                    South of

RRG Proposal for SF File Build
Note: Representative Sample; not entire listing


                                                Mental                                                            Substance
                                                Health                                                              Abuse

 SFGH                   South of   RAMS                 UC       Westside              UC Child    RAMS                  Walden
           Mission MH                      Seneca                           Edgewood                         Westside
Ward 7 A                Market     Adult             Citywide    Adult MH               Crisis    Children              Residential

                                                                Program (RU)
Does RRG appear within Avatar other
than Program Maintenance?
• Options:
   • Program Transfer – appears for informational purposes for
     the program that the client is being transferred to. Is not
• Reports: - RRG is used to combine together or filter programs
  into a larger grouping.
   • Open Claims
   • Payments/Adjustments
   • Active Receivables
   • Earned Income
   • Can be used for Custom Crystal Reports for BOS reports,
      Budget reports, etc.
Wait! Where can we define Inpatient
versus Outpatient, Civil Service versus
Contract for reporting?
There are two more fields, Treatment Setting and Treatment Service, that
   will be utilized in the Program Maintenance that may include additional
   information to be able to filter information for reporting.
Example as follows:                                                  Program (RU): FSA
                            Program (RU): FSA
                            Older Adult                                   TAY

                            Treatment Service:                            Treatment Service:
                            65+ Adult Contract                            14-21 Adolescent

                            Treatment Setting:                            Treatment Setting:
                            Outpatient                                    Outpatient

                            RRG: Mental
                            Health                                        RRG: Mental Health
Using the FSA examples – How RRG,
Treatment Setting and Treatment Service could
be used for filtering:
Report to include all             Report to include all RRGs
RRGs of “Mental Health”           of “Mental Health”, all
will have:                        Treatment Setting of
                                  “Outpatient”and only
                                  Treatment Service of “65+
                                  Adult Contract” will have:
• FSA Older Adult                 • FSA Older Adult

The report on the right has the same RRG and Treatment Setting
assigned to both programs but TAY is not assigned the same
Treatment Service.
Additional Questions:

•   “How do Avatar define a program? I have concerned on the statement 'one
    RRG per program'. What if it is a medi-medi or MediCal –Insurance crossover
    revenues; or a combination of EPSDT and MediCal; or MHSA and General fund;
    or Grants and General Fund in a program?” (Lizza Leviste)
    Programs are defined as per User’s business policies. Most CA counties use
    the relationship of Provider Number to Program or designate program by the
    type of services they offer (i.e. mental health outpatient children). This will be
    covered in more detail during Program File Build.
    Medi-Medi, EPSDT, MHSA, etc. are assigned by the guarantor in the clients
    financial eligibility. The relationship is the payer source to the client and then
    which program they received services in. RRG is normally a grouping of
    services types rather than a groups of guarantors. RRG is not used to define
    services into CA Cost Reporting detail. (Think High Level Groupings to non-
    Fiscal Departments.)
Additional Questions:

•   “How does RRG get assigned?” (Lizza Leviste)
      In Program Maintenance only. (See slide 4)
•   “What are the classification or category of RRG? Is it by Outpatient and by
    Inpatient only?” (Lizza Leviste)
    Depending upon reporting requirements of the User. Dictionary is completely
    customizable by the User to fit the reporting requirements for items such as
    budget reports, BOS reports, etc.
    Treatment Setting of the Program is used to define Inpatient, Outpatient or
    Partial Day.
Additional Questions:

•   “In substance Abuse, where do Avatar classify the Narcotic Treatment?
    Preventions Services? DUI Services? this can be done if RU is defined this way.
    does this correspond to mode of service? is this the complete list? are RU's
    specific to these categories?” (Lizza Leviste)
    For CSI and CalOMS reporting, mode of service is defined in Program
    Maintenance. For mode of services outlined above for ADP are further
    classified at the service code level. These questions will be covered in more
    detail during Program and Service Code file builds. RRG is a higher
    classification or grouping of services or programs determined by fiscal reporting
•   “RRG - does this correspond to mode of service (via RU)?” (Children’s MH
    Mode of service is assigned at the service code level not RRG or Program (RU).
    See above.
Additional Questions:

•   “I don‘t understand RU table definition so we need to discuss the structure civil
    service vs contract - no need for this in RRG? (ie. can we get this from other
    data fields)” (Children’s MH Director)
    As possible suggestion is to utilize the Treatment Service dictionary to designate
    a civil service vs. contract. Or within the Program Code designation. This can
    be further explored in Program file build and analyzed during billing scenarios
    walk thru.
•   “PPN - how is this reflected in RRG?” (Children’s MH Director)
    Depending upon the desired reporting groupings for services and programs. See
    above for suggested alternatives. Remember RRG is utilized for high level
    financial reporting to BOS, Budget Officers, etc. who want to see a big picture
    (i.e. How many services are delivered from mental health services versus
    substance abuse?) RRG does not effect billing or CSI /CalOMS reporting.

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