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									                                            March 24, 2006


RE:           Job No. 06/0086

DUE DATE: May 1, 2006 by 2:00 P.M.

All bidders are required to sign and return a copy of this addendum with each proposal for Development
Management and Permitting Workflow Automation Solution for Harris County Public Infrastructure
Department, Permits Division. This addendum must be received by the Purchasing Agent no later than the
above due date.

                                             ADDENDUM #1

Change the due date to May 1, 2006

On page 9 of 76/COMMUNICATION WITH HARRIS COUNTY, change the date of March 28, 2006 to
April 21, 2006.

Vendor questions and answers:

   1. In the pre-proposal conference the figure of 100 possible users was identified. Please confirm, and, is
      this the total number of users requiring training or would another potential student number be used?
      What would the potential student number be? Currently 100 scaleable enterprise wide

   2. In section 2.01 there is a reference to leveraging other software licenses held by the County. Aside
      from Windows Server and workstation operating software, are there other licenses (for example,
      Microsoft SQL Server). Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, SQL, and ESRI solutions.

   3. What is Harris County’s database of choice? See above.

   4. Does Harris is Harris County’s property information preferred approach? For example, is the
      proposed system to exclusively keep and manage property data (converted from the existing AS400
      currently under use), or should the proposed system directly link (real time) to the AS400 or another
      system to provide property information? Data should be converted.

   5. In section 3.08 for record retention, there is mention about linking the proposed system to older image
      files or records online. Please elaborate and if possible define type of preferred linkage and
      functionality. Migrated to new system.
6. In section 4.13 regarding tracking of expense/time to a project or task; could you provide preferences
   for type of tasks, for example, plan review activities, and/or inspection activity, etc. Elaborate as
   needed. For all relevant tasks.

7. Section 4.16 on the General Ledger interface; can you define type of interface preferred and/or
   supported by the IFAS system? For example, should the proposed system produce an electronic data
   file with fee/payment/refund information required by the General Ledger, which IFAS accesses
   directly, or, Harris staff manually imports to IFAS? Elaborate as needed. New system will create a
   batch file which will be manually uploaded to IFAS.

8. Under the Project Objectives section there is a reference to integrating in the new system the reporting
   and fee processing for Harris County’s water wells, with the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District. Is
   this just being able to calculate fees, collect payments and report on activity for the Subsidence
   District or is it more/different than that? Compile usage data to insure compliance with mandated
   drawdown limits, to generate reports and alerts for Subsidence District and TCEQ, calculate fee
   payments .

9. Specific system integration requirements include the General Ledger IFAS, HCAD/GIS and
   Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook (email). Two other future items include RMSYS
   and Document Management but possibly not with this project. Are these statements/assumptions
   correct and is anything missing? Elaborate as needed. Incorrect, RMSYS and document management
   is implicit in this initiative.

10. Would you have a ballpark population figure or the number of citizens that will potentially be served
    by the County and its use of the software system? Possibly the answer lies in the population of
    unincorporated areas of the County? Per the 2000 Census, the population of unincorporated Harris
    County was 981,099.

11. Has the County determined a budget for the proposed project and implementation? If so, what
    amount has been budgeted? Yes, pending receipt of vendors proposals.

12. If the Vendor does not agree to assign Intellectual Property as requested on RFP page 14, will the
    vendor’s response be deemed unresponsive and be thrown out? Harris County will review and
    consider all vendors responses.

13. If the Vendor does not agree to accept the acceptance criteria (including liquidated damages), as
    specified on page 15 of the RFP, will the vendor’s response be deemed unresponsive and thrown out?
     Harris County will review and consider all vendors responses.

14. Does the County want to interface with an existing document management system, or is the County
    looking to receive quotes for a document management system? DMS is not currently in use, DMS is
    implicit with the solution.

15. Does the County want both the interface and migration/conversion costs to be quoted for this item?
    Yes, implicit to response.
16. Will the County further clarify this objective with details on the reporting and fee processes for the
    County’s water wells? Compile usage data to insure compliance with mandated drawdown limits, to
    generate reports and alerts for Subsidence District and TCEQ, calculate fee payments

17. Does the County already maintain a sub ledger of this description? Is the County asking for this to be
    an integral part of the proposed solution or an interface to an existing system or sub ledger?
    Engineering does not currently have a sub ledger system, should be integral to the solution.

18. As backup methods and execution are functions of the database, will County IT staff be available
    during database implementation to establish these functions? RFP is requesting the vendor to
    propose a “best practice” back-up solution and provide training to existing Engineering IT staff.

19. Will the County please clarify its definition of “geospatial framework” and provide an example, if
    available? The Geographic Information System is intended to be the core of the system, ESRI based.

20. Will the County please clarify its feature-document linking requirement and provide examples of its
    use? A feature is a mapping component of the GIS, which should link to all Permit databases.

21. Is the County already utilizing an ArcGIS server? Who currently configures and maintains the GIS
    data? Do other outside agencies need to interface to this server? Yes, the GIS DBA, yes.

22. Can the County provide the number and type(s) of report(s) desired? Not until the business
    processes are defined.

23. Will the County please clarify its requirements for system security? Requirement 3.13 specifies Role
    Based Security, while requirement 4.10 appears to request Identity Based Security. As the two
    contradict each other, will the County please specify which it prefers? User’s will log on by identity,
    however security level will be determined by employee role.

24. Please provide a list, and examples if available, of the County’s standard reports that are required.
    Currently generated reports may or may not be relevant subsequent to the business process analysis.

25. Will the County please define its meaning of “evolutionary requirements acquisition approach?”
    Evolutionary: capable of evolving. Requirements acquisition: method of developing the
    requirements for a “best practice” solution. Approach: Vendors approach to the project.

26. Will the County please provide its criteria for acceptable information as it relates to this requirement?
    Please consider the words “acceptable to Harris County” as guidance with the vendor to define.

27. If the vendor does not have an Art Director who also develops GIS interfaces on staff, will the bid be
    deemed unresponsive? No

28. Does vendor employ an Information Architect? Does vendor have an Information Architecture
    practice? Provide sample wire frames. (RFP page 34) This is an unusual requirement for a COTS
    solution. Please clarify the need and format of the requested frame samples. It is not the County’s
    intention to limit the proposals to a solely or uniquely singular COTS solution

29. Does vendor have a web accessibility expert who can ensure that all sites/applications developed are
   Section 508-compliant? Compliance with Section 508 has not been mentioned elsewhere in the RFP,
   does the County require compliance for internal users, only external users i.e. Citizens applying for
   permits via the Web? All the above.

30. Vendor should describe Creative Methodology (deliverables). Please provide samples. (RFP page
    34) This is an unusual requirement for a COTS solution. Please clarify the need for and format of
    the requested samples. Please also identify the location in the proposal response where samples
    should be included. It is not the County’s intention to limit the proposals to a COTS solution, such
    examples may be included in Section IX Miscellaneous information from Vendor.

31. Vendor should demonstrate experience in implementation of on-line style guides (RFP page 34)
   Please clarify what type of style guide the County is looking to have created. Engineering is
  requesting Vendor to demonstrate their experience not specify a style guide.

32. Vendor should demonstrate successes and approaches with cross-media publishing. Vendor should
    provide any samples on CD or via URL, where applicable (RFP page 35) This is an unusual
    question for a COTS software solution. Please clarify the need for and format of the requested
    samples. It is not the County’s intention to limit the proposals to a COTS solution

33. In regards to the System Integration with the Document Imaging System, what is the Document
    Imaging System currently used by the County? We currently don’t have a DMS, proposed system to
    include one.

34. How many TOTAL users does the County anticipate? Currently we have 100 employees at Permits
    however scaleable to enterprise wide.

35. Does the County want the selected vendor to train ALL system users or provide a ‘Train-the-Trainer’
    approach? Provide proposals for both options.

36. Would the County provide a breakdown of the Total System Users based on their job functions, i.e.
    number of front counter staff, number of reviewers, number of clerical staff, number of cashiers,
    number of inspectors, etc that make up the identified system users? See Org Chart

37. Would the County please provide a list of documents and correspondence (Notifications, Requests for
    Further Information, Violation Notices, Permits Cards, Invoices, Receipts, etc) usually produced
    during the application process that will be required for this project? Previously attached to the RFP

38. Should the County staff be trained in report writing so they can produce all necessary reports or
    should the vendor perform the report set up for all reports included in a list of required reports? User
    level ad-hoc reporting necessary
39. How are inspections currently scheduled?
       a. By a clerical staff person based on customer call in?
       b. By Interactive Voice Response (IVR) requests?
       c. By inspectors themselves while in the field?
       d. Over the web?
    Currently A

40. Do County inspectors issue notices in the field? Yes

41. What are the County Web Server Standards (J2EE, .NET, etc) for Internet applications?
  .net, xml, c#

42. With respect to the county’s requirements on the General Ledger interface with the County’s existing
    Integrated Financial Accounting System, who is the provider of the System? Please elaborate on the
    technology used on the Financial Accounting System. Sunguard Bi-tech

43. How many source files are contained in the current system for Data Conversion and how many single
    files such as permits, violations, inspections, fees and Plans review currently exists. See attached
    spread sheets in RFP

44. How many years of data is expected to be converted into the new system. 20 plus years

45. What is the expected volume of conversion, and file layout? See attached spread sheets in RFP

46. In regards to the GIS integration with ArcGIS, does the County want to use their existing viewer or
    are they open to an integrated viewer with the new system. Prefer a ESRI-based solution

47. What is the unique identifier used to track parcels in the GIS? HCAD number on private property,
    none on public property.

48. The county mentioned that they are looking for an Enhanced Inspection activity by utilization of field
    mobile devices and wireless communication. Has the county tested the bandwidth in regards to
    Wireless signals? What is the average bandwidth? Currently at 128

49. Who is the wireless source provider working with the County? Verizon Wireless

50. For the Web public interface, what is the current status of electronic online credit card transaction? Is
    it possible today? If yes, which banks and clearance company is used? Current status, none.

51. Is there a limit to the size of payments that can be taken by credit card? No

52. Currently, are there more than one department/division creating property records, for example GIS,
    Planning, Building etc.? In portion yes, HCAD private side, Public Infrastructure, in disparate
    databases and paper drawings.

53. What department/division can update existing property records? Only HCAD

54. For the Web public interface, does the County prefer to self-host the application? If not would
   external hosting services be acceptable? Self-host

55. Does the County currently synchronize GIS parcels with an external system for property records
    maintenance and creation? If Yes, what it the current system in use? No.

56. Where do planners currently keep their schedule / calendar information: Outlook, Personal PDAs,
    ACT? Outlook.

57. How does the County currently handle the electronic submission of drawings including CAD format
    required to apply for planning applications? If drawings are submitted on paper, does the County scan
    the drawings and if so, which type of scanner is being used? Is this scanner ISIS compliant? Paper,
    scanned, Vidar and Contex, twain compliant.

58. If the drawings are available electronically, what electronic viewer is currently used? Does this viewer
    support annotations, comments and version control? Paper

59. What is the County’s current capacity to store electronic documentations for planning applications?
    Are there plans to manage growth in capacity to meet future needs? Current capacity is sufficient,
    will manage growth as recommended by vendor.

60. Does the County currently track historical information with respect to property merges and splits? If
    so is this tracked both in the GIS system (historical parcels) and in a database? No.

61. Have there been software presentations or demonstrations of permit systems related to this project
    within the last 12 months? If so, by which firm(s) and when? Yes, confidential.

62. Does the County require vendors to provide information about having faced or being involved in legal
    action with a client or prospective client? Yes.

63. Will the County consider an initial client-server implementation followed by migration to a thin-
    client? No.

64. Will the County consider a hybrid implementation?, that is a blend of thick and thin client? Yes.

Additional information provided by Harris County:

Currently Harris County PID/Engineering has the following ESRI licenses. All ESRI licenses are
covered under software maintenance and are up-to-date.
ARCSDE (single server, single processor)
ARCIMS (single server, single processor)
ARCPUBLISHER (standalone)
ARCGIS ARCINFO (standalone, quantity of 2)
ARCGIS ARCEDITOR (standalone, quantity of 3)
ARCGIS ARCEDITOR (standalone, quantity of 3)
ARCGIS ARCVIEW (standalone, quantity of 7)
ARCGIS ARCVIEW (concurrent, quantity of 3)
   Currently there are 20 Permits inspectors equipped with Panasonic Toughbooks. Sierra Wireless Aircard
   555 PCMCIA cards coupled with Verizon Wireless service provides connectivity to PID network.

                                        PERMIT GROUP OVERVIEW

The Permit Group is delegated the responsibilities associated with the following regulations:
              Regulations of Harris County, Texas for Flood Plain Management
              Revised Rules of Harris County, Texas, for On-Site Sewerage Facilities
              Regulations of Harris County, Texas, for the Construction of Driveways and Culverts on County
               Easements and Rights-of-way
              Rules of Harris County and the Harris County Flood Control District for the Construction of
               Facilities within Harris County and the Harris County Flood Control District Rights-of-Way
              Regulations of Harris County for the Placement of Signs Visible from the Main-Traveled Way
               of a County Toll Road
              Regulations of On-Premise Signs In the Area of Municipal Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in
               Harris County
              Harris County Rules and Regulations Governing Issuance of Permits for Over-height,
               Overweight and Over-length Permits (Moving Permits)
              Regulations of Harris County, Texas for the Approval and Acceptance of Infrastructure
               (Subdivision Guidelines)
              Regulations of Harris County, Texas for Storm Water Quality Management
              Harris County Fire Code

These Regulations require the following responsibilities:
      The plan checking of plans, processing of permits and the collection of related fees
      The conducting of all required inspections
      The enforcement of all Regulations
      The processing of all plats within Harris County
      The dissemination of information to the Public
                                       ADMINISTRATIVE SECTION
The Administrative Section is comprised of the Manager of the Permit Group, the Assistant Manager of the
Permit Group, an Interagency Coordinator, the Office Manager, a Secretary and a Clerk III.
The Manager of the Permit Group oversees all functional operations through seven (7) Program Managers, and
performs all administrative duties such as correspondence of a non-routine nature, resolves all special problems
arising from operations and interfaces with the other Divisions of the Engineering Department and County
Departments in performing the tasks assigned to or impacting the Permit Group. Some of the specific duties
required of the Manager of the Permit Group are:
      Performing all administrative tasks required of the Permit Group.
      Reporting directly to the County Engineer on all matters of interest to the County Engineer such as
       matters related to special problems, procedural changes, administrative interpretations of regulations and
       other matters affecting County or departmental policy.
      Initiating solutions to regulatory problems.
      Collaborating with the County Attorney’s Office in carrying out the functions required by the
       Regulations involving permits or licenses assigned to the County Engineer for administration.
      Supervising administrative personnel as well as the seven (7) Program Managers.

For management purposes, the Permit Division is headed by seven (7) Program Managers, three (3) Chief
Inspectors, one (1) Planner and two (2) Office Supervisors.
              Responding to inquiries related to permit requirements
              Processing permit and applications
              Planchecking of plans supporting permit or license applications
              Preparing permit documents
              Collecting and accounting of fees paid for permits, inspections and other services

The Planning Section is responsible for:
              The processing of preliminary and final plats
              The recordation of plats
              Changes of Street Names
                The processing of applications for the abandonment and/or exchange of County property
                Miscellaneous planning responsibilities.

                                           PROGRAM MANAGERS
The Program Managers are responsible for the following sections:
                Residential
                Commercial
                Planning
                Wastewater
                Fire Code
                Storm Water
                Records
                Compliance

The Residential, Commercial, Wastewater, Fire Code and Storm Water sections are involved in the following
                Responding to inquiries related to permit requirements
                Processing permit applications
                Plan review of plans supporting permit applications

The Records Section is responsible for the storage, maintenance and conversion of any and all records generated
by the Permit Group’s daily activities. Retrieval of records is also a primary function of the Records Section
since all sections of the Group are dependent on their operations.

The Chief Inspectors are responsible for
                Subdivision Inspection
                Private Development
                Right-of-way Construction
                Storm Water Quality
Their duties include:
   1.   Conducting all inspections required by the regulations
   2.   Recording the results of all inspections
   3. Patrolling the unincorporated areas of Harris County for any violations to the regulations
   4.   Initiating enforcement or compliance actions in the field
   5. Investigating all complaints in the field

The Office Supervisors are responsible for clerical support throughout the office.

The Compliance Group pursues via local Justice of the Peace Courts or Civil Courts the compliance of our
Regulations. After each responsible section has exhausted the pursuit of a property owner, the Program
Manager forwards the file to the appropriate legal authority.


                                                      //s// Jack McCown

                                                      Jack R. McCown, C.P.M.
                                                      Purchasing Agent


                                                      Bidder's Signature


                                                      Company Name

                                                                                                                                         MANAGER OF                                EXECUTIVE
                                                                                                                                           PERMITS                                 SECRETARY

                                              PROGRAM                                        INTERAGENCY                                 MANAGER OF                                     PROGRAM                                               ENGINEER IV
                                              MANAGER                                        COORDINATOR                                  PLANNING &                                    MANAGER
                                            (COMMERCIAL)                                                                                 DEVELOPMENT                                  (STORMWATER)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Harris County Public Infrastructure Department
                                                                                                                                                                         INSPECTOR                   ENGINEER I
            CHIEF INSPECTOR              ENGINEER I               ENGINEERING                ENGINEERING           ENGINEERING                                                                                                 CLERK III
                                                                  TECHNICIAN II              TECHNICIAN I          TECHNICIAN I
                                                                                                                                                                         INSPECTOR                   ENGINEERING

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Permit Group – January 2006
                                                                                                                                                                                                     TECHNICIAN I

                                               CLERK II           ENGINEERING                ENGINEERING           ENGINEERING
  SENIOR                    SENIOR                                                                                                       ASSISTANT
                                                                  TECHNICIAN II              TECHNICIAN I          TECHNICIAN I                                                                                              ENGINEERING
INSPECTOR                 INSPECTOR                                                                                                       PLANNER
                                                                                                                                                                         INSPECTOR                     CLERK I               TECHNICIAN I

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Engineering Division
                                               CLERK I            ENGINEERING                ENGINEERING                                 ENGINEERING
                                                                  TECHNICIAN II              TECHNICIAN I                                TECHNICIAN II
                                                                                                                    CLERK I
                                                                                                                                         TECHNICIAN I

                                                    CHIEF OF                                                             CHIEF OF                                     PROGRAM                            PROGRAM
                          ENGINEERING                                                OFFICE                                                                                                                                      OFFICE                     ENGINEERING         PROGRAM
                                                  DEVELOPMENT                                                      PRIVATE DEVELOPMENT                                MANAGER                            MANAGER
                          TECHNICIAN I                                            SUPERVISOR II                                                                                                                               SUPERVISOR II                  TECHNICIAN I       MANAGER
                                               PROJECTS INSPECTION                                                      INSPECTION                                  (WASTEWATER)                       (RESIDENTIAL)

                          ENGINEERING                                                                                                                                                                                                  CLERK III                                    UTILITY
                          TECHNICIAN I                                                                                                                                                                       ENGINEERING                                            CLERK III     COORDINATOR
 CLERK II                                                                                                                                                                                                    TECHNICIAN I
                                                        SENIOR                     CLERK I                  ENGINEERING                                  INSPECTOR
                                                                                                                                                         SANITARIAN I
                                                      INSPECTOR                                             TECHNICIAN I            SENIOR                                       SENIOR
                                                                                                                                  INSPECTOR                                    INSPECTOR
                                                                                                                                                                                                             ENGINEERING                   CLERK II
                                                                                                                                                                                                             TECHNICIAN I
                                                        SENIOR                                                                                                                                                                                                      CLERK I         CLERK I
                                                      INSPECTOR                    CLERK I
                                                                                                                                                         SANITARIAN I
                                                                                                                                                                                 SENIOR                      ENGINEERING               CLERK I
                                                                                                                                                                               INSPECTOR                     TECHNICIAN I
                                                      INSPECTOR                                             INSPECTOR
                                                                                                                                                                                                             TECHNICIAN I              CLERK I
                                                      INSPECTOR                                             INSPECTOR                                    ENGINEER I
                                                                                                                                  INSPECTOR                                    INSPECTOR
                                                                                                                                                                                                             TECHNICIAN I
                                                                                                            INSPECTOR                                                                                                                  CLERK I
                                                                                                                                                         SANITARIAN I
                                                                                                                                                                                   CLERK II                   ENGINEERING
                                                                                                                                                                                                              TECHNICIAN I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       CLERK I
                               MANAGER OF IT

                                               SYSTEMS SUPPORT
              PERMITTING DBA

SYSTEMS         SYSTEMS          SYSTEMS            SYSTEMS
ANALYST                          ANALYST                         PROGRAMMER
             ADMINISTRATOR                       ADMINISTRATOR

          Harris County Public Infrastructure Department
                        Engineering Division
                  Information Technology Section
                         Proposed for 2006

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