Minnesota report 2006 by Ame17Vm8


									                                 Minnesota 2005-06 Summary

Facilitator / Coordinator: Jennifer Bloom, Executive Director, Learning Law and Democracy
Foundation, 651-772-4276, jbloom@civicallyspeaking.org.

Minnesota Civics Coalition Membership, past and present
Justice Paul Anderson, Minnesota Supreme Court
Jim Greenwalt, Director of Senate Information and Administrative Services, Minnesota State
Senate, Past Chair of NCSL
Eldon Kaul, Chair, Civic Education Committee, Minnesota State Bar Association
Dianne Miller, Chair, Education Initiatives Committee, Minnesota City County Managers
Juanita Peterson, 1st Vice President, League of Women Voters Minnesota
Rick Theisen, Past President, National Council for the Social Studies
Jennifer Bloom, Learning Law and Democracy Foundation
Dana Carmichael, Director of Staff Development, Bloomington Public Schools
Representative Jim Davnie
Senator Steve Kelley
Charles Skemp, Social Studies Specialist Department of Education
Mary Ann Van Houten, Assistant Commissioner Department of Education
Lisa Wilde, Minnesota Bar Association

Efforts to expand the coalition during 2005-06 included adding the following:

   1. Minnesota Court System, including the Minnesota Trial Courts, the Minnesota Court of
      Appeals, and the Minnesota Supreme Court, recognizes the need for improved civic
      education with special emphasis on increasing the public understanding of the importance
      of an independent judiciary, and has joined the effort to increase the awareness of the
      need for comprehensive civic education.

   2. Minnesota City/County Managers Association, representing local government agencies,
      has created a civic education committee which has developed standards based civic
      education materials on local government and made them available on a new web page.

   3. Minnesota Bar Association recently launched a new civic education committee which has
      been charged with the task of reviewing the programs sponsored by bar associations
      throughout the country and making recommendations to the Minnesota State Bar
      Association for future programming activity.

The Minnesota State Bar Association Civic Education Committee will be hosting the first
Minnesota Civic Education Summit within the next three months. The goal of the summit is to
bring together all civic education sponsors and interested organizations to increase awareness of
program opportunities and explore potential efforts to increase quality and quantity of civic
education programs in the state. Among the potential future activities being considered include
implementing a civics survey/index to help communities and schools understand the quality of
their civics instruction and engagement and develop plans for improvement and creating a
resource rich web page that will promote civic education and link sponsoring organizations.

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